A belief system: Hoping beyond hope for Apple to fail

“Get out the seltzer bottles, shaving cream pies, and slide whistles because the Forbes clown circus is coming to town and driving the car is Bert Dohmen,” The Macalope writes for Macworld.

For an investor “market share” is very important. – Bert Dohmen, “Apple: Icon, Icahn Or iGone?” – Forbes, December 10, 2014

The Macalope writes, “Further proof that the Wall Street Journal is printed with ink containing high levels of lead, mercury, and possibly a third yet-to-be-discovered element that will one day be known as Stupidium.”

Market share for other Apple products has been declining for several years. That means the competition is gaining. – Bert Dohmen

The Macalope writes, “Gaining what? Well, there’s market share and, uh… market share. They certainly aren’t gaining customer loyalty or profit share. But market share is very important because adkfjad;lkajfadf [honk-honk] [seltzer bottle spray]”

Much more in the full article here.


      1. Oxygen is a waste product from the real evolutionary lottery winners, plant life forms. May they develop sentience less insulting than we have had from primates gone wild.

  1. Stupidium? Goodness gracious, what drivel. I would have thought that it was something like TV or a mass propaganda effort well beyond the like of 1984. Whatever it is, it’s way beyond the effects of stupidity, it’s in the emotional abusive realm of fear, hate and rectal rehydration, so thick you could cut it with a knife.

    Make no mistake citizens of the civilized world, Apple may be a vision of hope, a beacon of light and freedom but surrounding it is a dark ominous force the world has not seen since the likes of Adolf Hitler and they are acting beyond any sort of logic, integrity or ethics….

    and you know what happens to those types.

    Karma is going to be such a bitch.

    I hope that some of them think, really think and feel this over Christmas cause their time is growing shorter.

    Yet for all their brouhaha, there will be peace on earth. Hope beyond hope for the world, the planet, the globe to succeed. God bless Gaia.

    1. Yes. Too many of us forget that there is pc industry, cell phone industry, music player industry and tablet industry throwing as much money as they can afford to bring Apple down.
      Some of these groups are desperate and will do anything to keep their inferior business afloat.

      A good lesson in history is how the big three auto makers destroyed any and all better autos back in the day.

      Prison is too good for some of these dregs of life.

      1. Yes, you are right, there are those that use power and control to destroy, torture, invade and belittle others to serve their own selfish self centered narcissistic needs. Prison is definitely too good for them, fortunately karma will even things out.

        Then there are others who use help empower nourish and help others. It is the latter ones that are truly great and the ones worth focusing on.

      2. Just like the way the auto industry is keeping Tesla from building showrooms to sell their electric cars. Not to mention the fear of the oil industry. We don’t need people charging their cars with the solar panels they have installed at their home. Usurping the gas powered auto and gas company’s just isn’t American.

        Now if Apple bought Tesla?

  2. Amazing, where is patriotism?. recent surveys that Chinese economy surpassed the US, but the gap is not that wide yet, Americans need to hurry up innovate/invent more, create more jobs, before the gap getting bigger and wider. The US needs many more companies like Apple to innovate, create more jobs before it is too little too late. Why those stupid morons want Apple to fail because of jealousy?, such an idiot.

    1. Apple is one of the many American companies that helped China earn this status. It’s likely that any new companies that innovate/invent will use Chinese labor (and to a large degree, their parts) to produce its products. You question, where is patriotism? Apple could easily pay more to have their products made in the US, but they choose otherwise. In the end, Apple is just as greedy as the rest.

  3. This guy is not just an idiot. He’s got his facts wrong. And when he (and everyone else) has no definitive facts he just makes things up.

    Take for example his assertion that the 1 December stock drop was due to “This is typically how big holders of a stock get out.” Absolutely NOT true. I’ve never been able to find out who, but the reality is that one significant investor dumped his/her stock to get quick cash for something else. No one — literally no one — dumps that much stock that fast if they don’t have to. “Typical” large investors getting out of a stock do it over several days or weeks so as to not negatively affect the price they can get for the stock. Need to fire sale your stock all at once? You’re going to take a significant hit in the price for which you can sell it. No one does that unless they must. That sale had absolutely noting to do with Apple or AAPL. It had to do with that seller’s unique position and needs.

    Then he gets to outright lies… “Market share for other Apple products has been declining for several years. That means the competition is gaining.”

    Let’s look at the most extreme case first: The product in the greatest sales contraction, iPod, is NOT losing market share. It is losing sales. The entire market segment for such devices is getting smaller. Why? Because smartphones do the same thing and more. Why carry both? Except in limited cases, buying both does not make sense. Apple’s market *share* is NOT declining. The whole market is shrinking.

    Then take the venerable Mac line. Apple’s market share for Macs is actually increasing. Quarter after quarter Apple reports that its sales are actually increasing for Macs while the rest of the personal computer industry is seeing decreased sales. This only further supports the real facts that Mac market share is increasing steadily.

    The initial decline of the iPad market share was do to one thing. Apple was no longer the only seller of iPad like devices. Apple’s early market share was nearly 100% because of this. Others entered the market and Apple’s iPad market share had no where to go but down. In the current quarter the iPad market share has stabilized. I see no reason why, a year from now, the iPad’s market share will be any different from what it is today.

    Then this author pulls out the calendar Q3 numbers and does a tap dance. He conveniently forgets to mention that Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad numbers almost *always* dip in that quarter. People are waiting for the new items soon to be announced (and other companies often announce things in the second or third calendar quarter to take advantage of this). However, almost every year Apple comes back stronger than ever in the fourth calendar quarter with various levels of increased sustaining sales and market sharet through the first half of the next year.

    This guy’s idiocy goes on and on and on. It has nothing to do with facts or even reality.

    1. These 2 quotes below from page 4 are proof that the guy has had an overdose of stupidium.

      “Below is the chart of the tablet market from IDC. Note the red line, Apple’s iPad, has declined over the past two years while Samsung (the blue line) has risen strongly. Note: this chart doesn’t include the surge after the release of iPhone 6.”

      [Graph of tablet shipments showing, iPad, Samsung and all other tablets have all stabilised]

      “Of course, the optimists believe that the iPhone 6 will reverse the trend for the long term. In my opinion, the bump is temporary.”

      How iPhone sales are meant to increase the market share of iPads is beyond me.

      1. It’s not stupidity.
        It’s being on the take, payola, look the other way, the $200 handshake, scratch my back, we got pictures you don’t want published, you want granny to live and, it be shame you couldn’t type with all your fingers broken.
        It is too obvious to be stupidity. One of the above or one I missed.

    2. The sale in question has now been reported to have been a fat finger trade with someone selling shares in the millions on what should have been a limit sell order (sell when the share price is about a certain point), but instead was entered as a market sell order (sell at any share price you can get). It was a mistaken trade.

  4. Sell 500 items @ $1,000 profit each.
    Sell 5,000 items at $1.00 profit each.

    I know which of the above Dohmen would choose.
    After all, 5,000 is a bigger number than 500 so it must be better!

    Remember, HE GETS PAID FOR THIS!!! – so he must know what he’s doing, …right?

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