Five reasons to love Apple’s flagship iPhone 6 Plus

“There’s no doubt about it, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus sales are on fire as I write this post,” Jim Lynch blogs. “The company is still having trouble keeping the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in stock around the world, and it’s already December. The demand for the larger iPhone 6 Plus has been surprisingly high, even to Apple according to a story on

“But after using an iPhone 6 Plus since shortly after it was released, I’m not surprised at all,” Lynch writes. “I was initially quite skeptical about buying a phablet. I thought they were too big, and too cumbersome to carry around during my daily routine. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

“The iPhone 6 Plus is without a doubt the best iPhone I’ve ever owned. I can’t imagine going back to a smaller screen phone now,” Lynch writes. “All you folks out there who touted your phablets were absolutely right about them.”

The five reasons why I love my iPhone 6 Plus:
5. Landscape Mode
4. Battery Life
3. Netflix
2. Games
1. eBooks

Much more, including each details for each bullet point above, in the full article here.

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    1. Brandon: do you enjoy reading PDFs on your 6+? Wouldn’t games and Netflix be even better if the screen were larger?

      I’ve always thought that Apple should erase the distinction between iPhones and the radio-equipped versions of iPads. Why force your customers to compromise? You can’t make calls on a full-sized tablet? Actually you can. I’ve made several calls with my iPad mini (using continuity), and it works great.

  1. “The five reasons why I love my iPhone 6 Plus:
    5. Landscape Mode
    4. Battery Life
    3. Netflix
    2. Games
    1. eBooks”

    An iPad-mini-sized iPhone 6 double plus would do those things even better. “Phablets are a compromise. I
    They don’t necessarily HAVE to be compromises, though. A cell-phone-sized phone and a tablet-sized Phablet, perhaps supplemented by the 5.5″ device for people who really insist on a mid-sized-neither-fair-nor-fowl compromise, would be a perfect lineup. The 4.7″ phone is pointless. The only reason people are buying it is that they want the newest and it’s their only choice if they want a phone that is even close to cell-phone-size.

    I know several people who have a 4.7” iphone 6. They all say the same thing: “I’m getting used to the larger size” in a resigned tone of voice. Since it’s their only choice, they settle.

    1. Phablets are not a compromise, they are ideal for a modern-day smartphone, where making calls is less important. The bigger screen improves the smartphone experience significantly, while still remaining portable enough to fit in a pocket and can be used one-handed (for the better designed phones). iPad mini sized phones are too big for this so could never be considered a phone.

  2. Stephan your assumption on the iPhone 6 is wrong. I bought the 6 because I also own an iPad Air 2. So the 6 is perfect for me. I usually have them both with me at all times. So if I need the bigger screen I pull out the Air. The 6 for me is the perfect size to hold in my hand and the screen is just right for the things I do on my iPhone. I can fully understand people who get the plus that do not also have or want an iPad. But a lot of us who have both don’t need the plus. Everyone is different and that is why I for one, am happy with my iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

  3. I’ve owned a 6 Plus since it was released, and I couldn’t agree more with this article. I couldn’t imagine going back to a smaller screen, everything about this device is perfection. I own an iPad, and for most everything the 6 Plus replaces it just fine, and in a much more pocketable form factor. And yes, you can read PDFs and ebooks very comfortably on the 6 Plus, I have over a thousand books on mine…

  4. I hate to say it, but I’m really considering a 6+ (or a 6s+, or whatever it will be called). I thought that size was too big, but it really is nice to look at. Not sure the one-handed mode was well thought out, though. I didn’t find it helpful when playing with it.

  5. Three out of those five for me, as I don’t play games, and have no use for Netflix.
    Otherwise, I totally agree, reading ebooks on the 6+ is so much better than my old 4/5 phones, and I love the battery life!
    I listen to a BBC radio station during the day, from 10am to 3.30pm, and music on the phone from 8-10am.
    With my iP5, I’d be down to 10% or less by the time I leave work, with the 6+ I still have 40-50%, which is fantastic.
    Looking forward to experimenting with time lapse and slomo video when the weather gets better next year, as well; should look good on that big screen.

  6. 1. It’s a small tablet that can fit inside pockets which means it is very portable
    2. Games are incredible
    3. It can be held in one hand
    4. The screen is so bright, vivid and larger than I get far fewer headaches
    5. Netflix does look fantastic
    6. The Internet is faster
    7. And the freaking thing can even make phone calls!

  7. I have a Plus and I like it, although for normal everyday use (such as discretely dealing with random texts during a business meeting) it is less than ideal. It is simply not as easy to handle as the 6 and earlier models.
    I bought it because I didn’t have a compelling need for an iPad but I liked the larger screen and I was prepared to deal with the size issues (and particularly because I could keep it in my sportscoat pocket – no other way to carry it without a huge, bulky holster. (A friend who has an Otterbox Defender says he has to remove the whole thing, including the holster because it interferes with the seat belt in his car.)
    Unless you have a serious reason for getting an iPhone 6 Plus (and not just a general craving), go for the iPhone 6. The Plus is so wide that one-handed use requires a grippy case and the need to prop the bottom edge on your little finger. Also, the sleep button is also positioned directly opposite the volume up button, which makes it difficult to press the former without also pressing the latter (This was a stupid design decision, plain and simple. The sleep button should have been an inch lower. Jobs would not have accepted it.).
    The 6 is an ideal size for just about everything and if you have an iPad, the size of the Plus is not a spectacular advantage.
    My all time favorite was the 3 series, as they had a curved back and had and absolutely perfect feel in your hand and a smooth, nearly unnoticeable presence in a pants pocket. I did not start carrying a phone in my sportscoat’s inner pocket until the square-edged 4 came out, as it was far too prominent and hard-edged for a pants pocket. (Find a 3 or earlier and try it out. You’ll see what I mean.)
    The 6 is a great phone for nearly everyone. The Plus is really best if you have a specific need for a larger size.

  8. “Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong.”
    That goes double for me.

    “All you folks out there who touted your phablets were absolutely right about them.”
    NO, not the bigger ones and not until Apple made the fine touches that made the iPhone 6 Plus size usable.

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