Two original iPhones currently going for $30,000 on eBay

“The original iPhone is a bit of a rarity these days thanks to its age and the number of units that have undoubtedly been smashed, dropped, or plopped into a toilet, so finding a working one will cost you,” Mike Wehner reports for TUAW.

“Finding a sealed box with one of Apple’s first smartphones inside is even harder, so you can imagine how much it will cost you if you want both in the same package,” Wehner reports. “Actually, you don’t have to imagine at all, I’ll just tell you: US$30,000.”

Wehner reports, “A pair of [8GB] iPhone 2Gs has just appeared on a single eBay listing — one ‘lightly used’ and one still sealed in its box — along with the collectible (?) iPhone gift bag that they were placed in for their trip home from the Apple Store.”

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  1. This doesn’t really mean anything. You can put any “Buy it Now” price on eBay; it doesn’t mean that you can actually sell it for that much.

    Currently, the seller is offering a $5000 discount, so now you can get it for only about $25,000 (act now!).

    Apparently quite a few people are watching the page, but I would be extremely surprised if anyone was stupid brave enough to shell out a decent new car’s worth of money for this one.

    1. You’d be surprised at someone shelling out that much $ for old Apple gear? You did see a few years ago people bidding to buy the cardboard box that original Macs or Apple II computers came in, right?
      Next up will be Steve Jobs reliquaries – fingernail clippings, etc.
      After all, William Shatner sold his gallstone for $25,000, and that was years ago. Probably reputed Jobs body parts will fetch millions.

    2. The iPhone changed the tech world like no other invention since the automobile and incandescent light.

      25K is way too low.

      If I owned it would pull it immediately and wait for two or three decades to sell.

  2. I have one. I bought it “pre-owned” on eBay and actually used it for more than two years (not as a collector’s item). It’s semi-retired now (I still use it as a “remote control” for a Mac attached to an HDTV). I now have a 32GB iPhone 3GS (also bought used for less than $80 in amazing condition).

    My “iPhone 2G” is certainly not in pristine condition, but it (mostly) works fine, plus I replaced the battery. It’s the “lowly” 4GB model. The down volume button is bad; I can still adjust using software control. It has scratches and dings, but the screen side looks pretty good. Considering how long it was in “real world” use (and I did not use a case), I’m amazed that it still functions as well as it does. Apple makes stuff that lasts…

  3. What stupid article. Follow the link to ebay, and click on the sellers other items for sale. All of his listing are fake high prices so his auctions can show up on top of highest to lowest price. How about a $42,393.75 iPod to go with those phones

    1. You can buy an original iPhone on ebay in the uk for £119 ($180)today. If someone really paid $25400, then maybe they should have shopped around they could have possibly bought 141 iPhones 2g’s for the same price. Hell for that kind of money they could have almost got themselves a brand new fully loaded Mac Pro

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