Apple seeds developers with iOS 8.2 beta 2

“Apple has just released the second beta of iOS 8.2 to developers, for testing, as an over-the-air update,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“The beta can also be downloaded from Apple’s developer site. iOS 8.2 includes WatchKit, so developers can create apps and Glances for Apple Watch,” Mayo reports. “As 8.2 revolves around developer toolkit support for Apple Watch, there is unlikely to be any significant user-facing changes to iOS itself, aside from the obligatory roll out of bug fixes and performance improvements.”

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  1. Whatever else, we really need the bug fixes. Something every day.

    Today its: make a calendar event on my iPhone, it will not show up, however the same calendar event shows up immediately on my iPad and my Mac Mini. Ah well, the price of “perfection”

    1. This. iOS 8 is, by far, the buggiest Apple OS I’ve ever used. Things that happen regularly to me:

      – Sound effects stop working (ringtone still works). Only solution is to reboot
      – Keyboard in Message app doesn’t rotate with the rest of the screen. Have to hide/show it again to fix.
      – Rotating the screen while in Messages app causes the Voice message prompt to start
      – Rotating the screen while in the Message app causes all the messages to get stuck at the top of the screen. Have to scroll to get it fixed
      – Control Center on the Lock Screen gets stuck half-way up/down. Have to use the sleep/wake button to resolve
      – Sound effects, like when receiving a text, play twice

  2. Hopefully performance improvements to 4s and ipad2 will take priority too. Now that both hardware are on their last year of getting ios update they should strip off the functionality that works better with newer hardware. Things will be a lot smoother then for the users.

  3. They need to fix the ultra slow key response when typing on the third generation iPad. It’s almost unusable. Many of us have been complaint about this for some time now. Come on Apple, please. Every single Apple device I own is great, and I have quite a few, except my iPad. Please please fix the typing. Now it’s really starting to bother me. This is something that should have been fixed a while ago. I’ve posted this, along with countless others all over your forums. I’ve paid good money for something that is almost useless when it comes to typing. It’s not that old of a device for you to keep ignoring it with all these updates. It will be passed down to my wife at Christmas when I get my iPad Air 2. I don’t want to give her a bricked machine. I have to live with here. Sorry honey.

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