News organizations fight to release Steve Jobs deposition video

“Some of the last video footage taken of the late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs shown in antitrust court last week may see the light of day after lawyers representing the Associated Press, Bloomberg and CNN filed a motion with the court to have it released,” Nick Statt reports for CNET.

“‘Given the substantial public interest in the rare posthumous appearance of Steve Jobs in this trial, there simply is no interest that justifies restricting the public’s access to his video deposition,’ attorney Thomas Burke, who is representing all three media organizations, wrote in the filing Monday,” Statt reports. “The plaintiff’s lawyers in the case were asked by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, on Apple’s request, to treat the video as ‘regular testimony,’ meaning it can be viewed and reported by those attending court but cannot be shown elsewhere. Judge Rogers did not ‘seal’ the evidence, however, leaving open the possibility it may be made available at a later date.”

“The transcript of the video has already been available,” Statt reports. “The two-hour video deposition, filmed in April of 2011, six months before Jobs died to complications related to pancreatic cancer, was a key moment in the trial when 30 minutes of it were shown Friday. The testimony from other witnesses may have been more germane to the case, but the never-before-seen video footage of the late executive has grabbed the spotlight and, Burke argues, deserves to be shown to the public because it is ‘far more compelling and accurate than any transcript could ever be.'”

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    1. While I have to agree, I can’t help but thing that practically everyone on this forum would immediately click the link to that video and watch breathlessly.

      That Steve Jobs was a legend far beyond just Apple fan base is now clear. To be able to actually see a recording of him from the final months of his life would be of great interest to very many ordinary people. News media is just doing what they always do: recognising news worthiness of a piece of video and trying to find a way to report on it. Obviously, not for some altruistic reasons; such video is a guaranteed ratings booster.

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