Apple’s Black Friday deals go live in the United States

Apple has debuted the company’s Black Friday deals in the United States:

Buy select Apple products today and get a gift that gives back.

Let’s make today more than the start of the shopping season. When you purchase select Apple products, you’ll receive a (PRODUCT)RED™ iTunes Gift Card to use toward anything at the iTunes Store. And we’ll automatically make a donation to the Global Fund to support the fight against AIDS.

• Today only, get a $50 (PRODUCT)RED iTunes Gift Card when you buy an iPad.*
• Today only, get a $100 (PRODUCT)RED iTunes Gift Card when you buy select Mac computers.*
• Today only, get a $50 (PRODUCT)RED iTunes Gift Card when you buy an iPhone.*
• Today only, get a $25 (PRODUCT)RED iTunes Gift Card when you buy an iPod touch or an iPod nano.*
• Today only, get a $25 (PRODUCT)RED iTunes Gift Card when you buy Apple TV.*
• Today only, get a $25 (PRODUCT)RED iTunes Gift Card when you buy Beats by Dr. Dre headphones or speakers.*

Monday, 11/24 – Sunday, 12/7, at the App Store: For two weeks, apps do even more.

Through December 7, every time you purchase a (PRODUCT)RED participating app or In-App Purchase item, 100% of the proceeds go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

*This promotion is available only for qualifying purchases made on November 28, 2014, at U.S. Apple Retail Stores and the U.S. Apple Online Store. Certain products excluded. An iPhone purchased from the Apple Online Store for $0 on carrier contracts or carrier installment plans does not qualify. Quantity limits may apply. Apple reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time. This promotion is valid while supplies last; substitutions and rain checks are not allowed. This promotion cannot be combined with other offers. If a qualifying product is returned, Apple may cancel the (PRODUCT)RED iTunes Gift Card issued or reduce your refund or exchange by the full face value of such gift card. Visit for full details.

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  1. As usual, Apple NEVER discounts their hardware. The best anyone can hope for on a Black Friday is a gift card for iTunes. That way, the money gets spent on Apple, and good part of that goes right back to Apple’s bottom line.

    1. We agree. 🙂

      I would prefer an APPLE gift card to buy anything in the Apple store, brick & mortar or Internet.

      Certainly preferable to limiting it to iTunes a place I have spent five bucks on since the launch in 2002, was it?

      Another idea. How about a gift card from a number of major retailers and offer buyers choice?

      Apple already has more money than they know what to do with. Give us a break for a change …

    2. Predrag, you know that is not true. On several Black Fridays in the past, Apple has discounted Macs and iPads and iPods. I bought two Macs, an iPad, and several iPods on past BFs, one iMac in 2007 and another in 2008. To be fair, the discount was modest, about the same as you could get via the education discount. But the discount was available to the general public.

      Apple does not have to discount its products because they are quality items that are in high demand. If you want to benefit from Apple’s profits, then I suggest that you buy AAPL.

      1. Yes, that discount was identical to the educational store discount, which is available throughout the year (and practically to everyone; they don’t need you to verify your enrolment in order to give you the discount).

        And your point is exactly correct — and not only are the products in high demand, but more importantly, Apple will never devalue the brand, even in the slightest, by offering discount pricing. No BOGO, no 20%, no 15%, not even 10% off. The education discount is never more than about 6-7%, which is essentially the amount of retail tax in most US states, so what you get is a tax-free shopping.

        I don’t think ANY other electronics maker protects their brand as vigorously as Apple.

        1. I’ll say it for you and pardon me.

          Apple is like a cheapskate we all know. The major difference is all that idle cash and no meaningful breaks, not even during holiday shopping.

          Yeah, they really do think different …

  2. Black Friday deals from Apple? Nah, not in the UK. Zero, nada, sweet Fanny Adams! Instead, lucky British shoppers get to make an involuntary contribution to Project Red, which benefits us not one single iota, but makes Apple look good as the Great Philanthropist.

    1. It’s refreshing to see that there are Brits as well as Americans who regard fighting a deadly disease killing children in Africa as left-wing posturing.

      If it makes you feel better, homosexual contact is not involved in the overwhelming majority of African HIV infections. Most of these kids were infected because their pro-life mothers had sex with their husbands within the bounds of a traditional heterosexual marriage. Because they live in some of the world’s poorest countries and aren’t free to emigrate, outside help is their only chance for survival.

      Since your opposition to Project Red isn’t rooted in homophobia, exactly why do you object to saving dark-skinned children’s lives?

      1. Where did the Brit and the American say they are against helping people FAVORED by the Apple cocktail crowd cause célèbres? Hmmm!?!

        Answer: Your assumptions absent facts are incorrect.

        The Brit is correct. The donation is forced after you buy and it does not benefit the donor one iota unless feeling good is currency.

        All the money donated does not make it 100% to cure the cause and lack of accountability for progress and accounting is troubling. But certainly I feel for the victims and efforts to help them.

        Shine your rose colored glasses and sleep easy you contributed. The reality is little will get done and problem causes rarely get solved …

        … cause we would not want to put the charity industry out if work.

        Fingers crossed they do some good. But the track record of spending billions over decades have yielded next to nothing.

        1. As I should have pointed out above, there is absolutely no forced contribution involved. The (RED) products do not divert any of Mr. Scrooge’s money. They cost him exactly what they always cost. He can continue to support the workhouses of his own choice.

          The difference is that the vendor and Apple are transferring 100% of the proceeds to African HIV/AIDS projects instead of to themselves.

          Obviously, there is administrative overhead, but that is paid for out of other revenue streams. The money from the Apple promotion is going directly to fight the mother-to-child transmission of the infection.

          I honestly can’t understand why anyone would object to that.

          1. I admire your ROOT support for the cause and agree, as well.

            But I am not convinced BIG CHARITY will spend the money wisely and affect positive change given their track record of wasting BILIONS with ZERO accountability.

            The Teflon con of the charity industry.

        2. “Fingers crossed they do some good. But the track record of spending billions over decades have yielded next to nothing.”

          Charities that push “humanitarian” resources to impoverished countries have actually made the problem worse. When you ship in free handouts, you allow an already overpopulated region with inadequate local natural resources) to reproduce and hence proliferate the problem. If you want to cure disease and famine, there are better ways to do it:
          1) allow them to emigrate to a region that has natural resources
          2) educate them so they are smart enough not to have children that they can’t support on their own.

          The continual trickle of charity is, and always will be, inadequate to solve the basic problem. Thousands of years of stupid resource management and population self-control have brought entire regions to their current state. To achieve prosperity, humans have to be smart enough to go to where the jobs/resources/opportunity is. When you breed generations of people who expect to stay put and have the free food and giveaways come to them, then you’re just increasing the misery.

          It is ironic that the same do-gooders who sponsor starving children in Africa want to put a militarized border around their own nation so no job-seeking, hard-working immigrants can come do labor for them. Hypocrisy in action.

  3. Got my 100.00 off the new iPad Air 64gig with cel. plus and additional15% at best buy for asking nice since the box was bent up and another 5% for using best buys credit card thru city bank. I won!!!!!
    I don’t go to apple stores if I don’t have to. . Thanks apple

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