Apple’s CarPlay looks to solve the hassle of ‘hands free’ car tech

“Someday, cars may drive themselves,” Joseph B. White reports for The Wall Street Journal. “But first car makers must convince consumers their automobiles can handle simpler tasks on their own—like changing the radio station or making a phone call.”

“A technology originally seen as making driving safer is now under scrutiny for the troubles it is causing. Voice-activated command systems and their software often are badly outdated or unreliable, leading to a tide of customer complaints and research questioning how safe they really are,” White reports. “A recent study conducted by the University of Utah found some voice command systems could be four times more distracting than simply driving.”

“Auto makers are looking to bypass their multiyear product cycles by making it easier for drivers to use the speech command systems already on their phones,” White reports. “Hyundai Motor Co., for example, plans to offer Apple Inc.’s CarPlay system on its 2015 Sonata sedan, allowing drivers to interact with familiar apps and features, such as Siri’s voice command system… ‘CarPlay and Siri Eyes Free intuitively use your vehicle’s native controls so you don’t need to pick-up and look at your phone while driving. These experiences are tailored so you only have access to iPhone apps that are optimized for the car and make sense for an in-vehicle experience,’ Apple says.”

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    1. I have similar problems living here in Japan.

      While Siri can understand and speak several languages, she ISN’T multilingual.

      Apple needs to make her capable of understand multiple (at least 2) languages simultaneously. As I have my phone set up in English, Siri (generally) understands my speaking. But if I ask to send a text message to my wife Siri always says to me “What would you like to say to ‘ ‘? I’m not leaving that space blank because I don’t want to enter my wife’s name. That is exactly how she says it. I have a similar problem when using Maps. Siri can give me wonderful directions…. when to turn, how many meters before I turn….. but she can ‘read’ Japanese so some of the directions she gives are like “Turn right onto
      ‘ ‘ in 75 meters.

      Come on Apple, let Siri be the genius she truly can be.

    1. Driving has always been dangerous. Turning on the radio, noisy bored passengers, not knowing where you are going, looking down at a map while driving, or even discussing directions with a passenger are distracting. Some of these technologies aim to make necessary distractions a less so. The driver remains responsible for their level of attentiveness and people mostly manage the task fine.

    1. That is funny. What NEW cars. All year long I have been trying to buy a NEW car and get CarPlay in it. I gave up Saturday and leased a Lincoln Navigator with that MicroSoft crap in it. If in 3 years, I can’t find a new car with CarPlay, I will void the warranty on a new car or buy an old one and install an after market unit. Apple, is this because you want to sell a iOS iPod car radio and revive the iPod line up? If not, what is your problem. Either the car manufacturers start offering Apple CarPlay now or take them off the list.

      This will cost me several thousand buy the time I fix this issue. Try asking ANY sales person at any dealership for a car with Apple CarPlay. They have know idea what you are talking about. In the Windows world, we called it vapor ware. I expected much more from Apple!

  1. I got to see that CarPlay in a Hyundai Sonata in action at the LA car show this weekend. Made me very dissatisfied with all the other “navigation” systems in all the other cars.

  2. I just bought a fully loaded 2015 Subaru Forester XT Touring model for cash (thanks Apple!) and immediately headed from the dealer to a local car audio place to have the top of the line Pioneer 8000NEX CarPlay unit put in (swapping out the Harman Kardon nav unit it came with). It’s fantastic!

    Plus the car itself gets close to self-driving further with it’s top rated Eyesight anti-collision system. The Adaptive Cruise Control itself is a leap of driving faith since once you set the speed all you do is steer. The car speeds up and slows down based on the traffic in front of you.

    So both CarPlay and Eyesight are technologies that go hand in hand and more “hands-free”. Next years Subaru’s will have built-in CarPlay but I didn’t want to wait another year. Though based on recent upward Apple stock moves maybe I should have!

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