Sprint announces ‘iPad for Life’ 24-month lease for iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3

Beginning Friday, Nov. 14, new and existing Sprint customers can acquire the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 through the industry-first, innovative Sprint iPad for Life Plan. The iPad Air 2 (16GB) will be available for only $20 per month for 24 months and the iPad Mini 3 for $17 per month for 24 months (excluding taxes and fees). With its exclusive iPad for Life Plan, Sprint gives qualified customers the best value in wireless, no out-of-pocket costs at the point of sale and a new device every 24 months.

The iPad for Life Plan is one of the most economical ways to get a new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. Both iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 are available for a 24-month lease option for qualified customers.

With our announcement of the iPad for Life Plan, Sprint is the only wireless carrier giving customers the ability to acquire an iPad Air 2 for only $20 per month or the iPad Mini 3 for only $17 per month with no out-of-pocket costs,” said Tom Roberts, senior vice president Marketing, Sprint, in a statement. “And, with the iPad for Life Plan, customers can easily upgrade their tablet every two years.”

Sprint iPad for Life

At the end of the lease agreement, customers in good standing currently have the following options to continue service:
• Turn in the current leased device and lease another device with zero down at signing
• Purchase the leased iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3
• Continue leasing on a month-to-month basis
• Or, when the lease ends the customer has the option to return the device in good working condition and terminate service

Customers can add iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3 to their Sprint Family Share Pack for an access charge of $10 per month per line. Through December 2015, Sprint will waive the $10 monthly access charge on iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 added as a new line of service to any Sprint Family Share Pack 20GB or higher2.

Sprint Family Share Pack offers the best value for families who want shared data. A family switching to Sprint with up to 10 lines can get 20GB of shared data and unlimited talk and text for only $100 a month through 2015 after the waived access charges. For a family of four, that’s a savings of $60 per month versus AT&T’s and $40 per month versus Verizon’s current pricing through 2015. 2

iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 can also be activated on one of the Sprint tablet data plans, including a special limited-time offer featuring 100MB of data for $10; other tablet data plans include 1GB for $15; 3GB for $35; 6GB for $50; 12GB for $80; and 30GB for $110 (all pricing excludes taxes and surcharges). Customers are able to view their data usage by logging into My Sprint at www.sprint.com.

The Sprint 4G LTE network serves more than 540 cities, making it easy for customers to enjoy data on their devices.

Source: Sprint


  1. Seriously, do you *need* a new iPad every 24 months?
    Still running fine with my iPad 3 and don’t see the need to upgrade yet. Yes, the iPad Air 2 is lighter, faster, thinner, has more memory, and charges faster but the ‘3’ does everything I need a tablet to do.

    I suspect that my iPad upgrades will take place on the same schedule as my Macs: about every 4-6 years. Probably about the time the latest iOS release no longer supports my tablet.

    1. My iPad 2 still does everything I need it to. I’ll upgrade when it finally runs out of space, which will probably be a few years since I mainly use it for reading, and books don’t take up all that much space on a per book basis. I haven’t found a compelling reason to upgrade as far as software is concerned, and I’m happy running iOS 7 on it.

      Sprint’s lease doesn’t seem like all that great of a deal- $480 for an iPad that has an MSRP of $629. That you can buy new from $499 from Amazon. And that after two years you either turn it in, keep leasing it for $20/month, or buy it. And I’m sure Sprint’s purchase price will be more than $19. If you just bought the iPad from Amazon, you could then sell it after two years if you felt the need for an upgrade.

      1. My ORIGINAL iPad does everything I need or want to do—Internet, research, photo enhancement, reading, news, occasional video lectures etc.
        I can easily afford to get a new one, HOWEVER, Won’t upgrade until this iPad dies of natural causes. Why? iOS7 was so damn UGLY. Thought to hold out and wait for iOS 8…thinking they’s have to improve it….GEEZ, got only a better brand of bad. Retina display would only provide an enhanced experience of ugly. Will hold my nose and get the iPhone 6 for the ApplePay feature. Jony Ive should stick to hardware IMHO.

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