Pixelmator gets even better with Limestone upgrade for OS X Yosemite

“Pixelmator has long been my graphics editing program of choice. The app has only gotten better with the recently released version 3.3, the ‘Limestone’ edition for Mac OS X Yosemite,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple Daily Report.

“The upgrade features complete OS X Yosemite feature and technology support and embraces new Continuity features as well as iCloud Drive support. Support for OS X Extensions offers an advanced-technology Repair Tool in apps like Mail or TextEdit,” Sellers writes. “You can now remove objects and repair images right in the app you are using, without even having to open Pixelmator. Just add your picture to the message or document and use the extension tool to enhance it.”

“Pixelmator Sandstone adds a Repair Tool, 16-bits per channel support, and Lock Layers feature. It also includes a new Convert Selection into Shape option. This allows you to create all kinds of shapes from any selection,” Sellers writes. “So who needs Photoshop?”

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  1. Pixelmator has proved to be a fantastic alternative to Photoshop for many users.

    Does anybody make an illustration app based on vector graphics ( like Freehand and Illustrator ) that is similarly capable and sensibly priced ?

  2. Have been using Pixelmator since my old version of Photoshop Elements was obsoleted by Mavericks, and the trial periods for PSE ran out.

    Pixelmator is quite good. If PSE went away, I’d never miss is.

    I do miss something PSE did. They made it very easy to embed © information into the data for the photo. There was that big box with “Powered by XMP” which made seeing information quite easy.

    Pixelmator isn’t quite there regarding ©, but the rest of the application is quite good.

  3. I’m still running Mavericks, and each time I check Software Update it tells me there’s a Pixelmator update awaiting.

    So far I’ve downloaded Pixelmator 3.3 four times in trying to get Apple’s database to acknowledge the screwup, and the app is listed four times, one under the other, in the inventory of software I’ve downloaded in the previous 30 days.

    How the mighty have fallen.

    1. Is your Applications folder still on the boot drive? If so, is Pixelmator located in there?

      I’ve noticed that Software Update (Mavericks and Yosemite) can get completely confused if you move the app elsewhere: It’s like Software Update can see that you have it on your machine, but doesn’t know how to install to the place you moved it. iWork updates were really annoying this way. Even OS X Yosemite betas were doing this!

  4. Pixelmator could be nice, but the layers management and selection is just really really bad!

    If you’re working with hundreds of layers, you have no simple way to select a layer under your pointer. We could use the right-click in the early version, but not anymore. Which developer in the world remove features from their software after an update _without_ proposing any alternative solution?? Pretty lame in my book!

    This is very sad because everything else is quite good, and sometimes even better than Photoshop. But if you can’t be efficient and select quickly a layer, then select another one amongst the hundreds you’re working on… all other features become just useless!

    1. Have you given them that feedback? I’ve given them feedback and gotten nice responses, some were “We’re thinking about that” and others were “That’s not where want to take the app” or some such equivalent.

      1. Actually, I did… 3 years ago, right after they change it with the Cherry update (if I recall the name right). And they said; “Well, we will think about it”.
        Then again 2 years ago after a new update without any change in that domain. And a reply: “Well, we’re thinking about it and let try to find a solution”.
        Then again 1 year ago, when I was even suggesting how to make it happen with a little mockup that wouldn’t disturb current users and will satisfy the first users that can work on some project with couple hundreds of layers… and then they say: “Well, at this point, we can’t promise anything”.

        So yeah, now, I’m just tired to wait for any update. I would even have paid for an update to include this feature, but at this point, I still have the old 2.1.4 Cherry running when I need to open some old projects with tons of layers, I have the new update but I don’t use it and I’m going back to Photoshop because I can easily select the layer I want to work on… (I’m keeping an eye on the new Pixelmator updates, but with no real hope from this company anymore).

        I obviously won’t support a company that either doesn’t know how to fix a mistake, doesn’t know how to implement customer request, doesn’t know where they are going, or doesn’t have the balls to say things clearly and honestly!

        I’ve been a customer for 4 or 5 years now… long before Pixelmator was getting famous as a potential Photoshop replacement. And it became possible because of people like me, that not only did support them, but also did some great advertising for them… But not anymore!

        But now I’m sure they can easily live without my contribution… Therefor I’m learning to live without them!

  5. Here I go again.

    Parallel construction example comparing Numbers to Excel.

    Pixelmator is not on par with pro apps like Photoshop.

    And that works out mighty fine for most folks because 99% of users are not PROS.

    But don’t assume it is the end all be all, certainly not yet. I wish it was because I loathe Adobe and Microsoft.

    1. 99% are not pro’s? Where did you get that number?

      Most of us that build artwork for our projects that we sell ARE pro’s. Just because we don’t use photoshop doesn’t mean we are amateurs.

      We know there are alternatives that meet our objectives that don’t cost $$$’s.

      I like photoshop. But I like where affinity designer and pixelmator are headed.

      For the $’s, I will use the alternatives to photoshop. But don’t call me an amateur.

      I would suspect that 80% of users are pro’s. This isn’t the 80’s where you would have 99% hackers download it for free to have it just to say they have it and 1% of those that have it actually paid for it and use it.

      For the non pro… They do everything in something like Pages and download/steal graphics from Google images queries.

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