Netflix 7.0 released for iOS, adds 1080p video playback for iPhone 6 Plus

“Netflix updated its iPhone and iPad app to version 7.0 today adding optimization for the larger displays on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus introduced in September,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“The updated version of Netflix shows more content like titles and genres as well as previews of movies and TV shows when browsing for something to watch,” Hall reports. “In addition to optimizing the Netflix app for iPhone 6 users, Netflix says the new version of its app will now offer video playback in 1080p, full HD, for users with the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.”

“Netflix for iPhone and iPad is available for free on the App Store for subscribers to the streaming service,” Hall reports. “Plans start at $7.99/month.”

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  1. The repeal of Net Neutrality makes this a moot point. Boehner and gang will give Comcast the ability to choke any Cable competitor right out of business. How you like them apples?

    1. Net Neutrality requires companies like Comcast to NOT throttle companies like Netflix. Netflix is in favor of Net Neutrality because it will save them money. Prior to their agreement with the cable companies to pay them money, they throttled Netflix’s traffic to slow it down. They basically extorted money from them. Most Internet companies are in favor of Net Neutrality because it treats companies equally when it comes to Internet traffic. This is GOOD for business, unless you are Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T and Verizon. Companies like Apple has stayed silent because Apple has been building its own content delivery network and wants the fast lanes, but knows that its a touchy topic for some of its customers. Google has changed their stance and is now in favor of net neutrality.

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    1. Absurdist nonsense! He prolonged the great depression (which was caused by a 50% contraction of the money supply by the stupid and unconstitutional FED, after they inflated the $ supply throughout the roaring 20’s) by his misguided policies. He created the onerous Social Security system which mandates participation and gives nothing to the families of someone who dies before they receive any payback. The SS number is now a national ID number for harassing citizens and stealing their hard earned $ through the IRS (another unconstitutional mess.) Welfare state mentality began under FDR. He lured Japan into the Pearl Harbor attack to overcome Americans’ refusal to get involved in another foreigners’ war. Read the real history.

        1. Ignorance is as ignorance does…

          I’ve seen and read the cables FDR and the State Dep’t. were sending prior to WWII and spoken with the now deceased author who uncovered them back in the early 1990’s. You haven’t. Sure, western civilization was under threat in 1941, sure, if Hitler had defeated Great Britain and taken command of their navy and shipping resources the USA would have had to step in, but YOU, my dear uninformed friend, know not whereof you speak (write.) Don’t strut your ignorant mind-pabulum before us as if you have anything more than opinions based on Marxist professors and slanted journalism.

        2. Oh, “just one more thing…”
          Your response follows the typical libtard/socialist M.O., mock the person but never engage in any meaningful refutation of the actual facts or ideas presented. Because YOU CAN’T! Truth is its own protector. Go chant your slogans and wave your banners on the street like Che, Mao and the boys. You are very useful to the “progressive” movement. Until you aren’t. Then, you are expendable.

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