Latest Apple Campus 2 drone video shows structural building has begun

“Today’s video shows that the actual building of the structure has started after the foundation had been completed last time we checked in mid October,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple Campus 2 has been called ‘Greenest in the World,'” Weintraub reports. “The controversial structure, which will house 12,000 staff in 2.8M square feet on 176 acres, is estimated to be completed in 2016.”

On October 15, 2013, the Cupertino City Council unanimously approved Apple’s plans for the new campus after a six-hour debate. Shortly thereafter, demolition work began to prepare the site for the new construction.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Open question: Since the common way to refer to the Apple Campus 2 (other than “Apple Campus 2”) has been to call it the spaceship, is there anyone else that feels calling it a donut is kind of derisive, and possibly passive aggressive?

    On a related note, does anyone else get that vibe in general from 9to5mac? That site has always felt disingenuous to me, like they can’t help but constantly make subtle jabs at Apple in a passive aggressive, douchey way.

    1. Spaceship, doughnut, ring, and many more of course. I like the idea of a torus myself. That would be one wild basement. I can imagine that the really wild stuff at Apple goes on under the main floor, but hey that’s just me.

      1. Well, a torus is basically the same as a donut, a circle turned on itself to make a ring. Apple’s building is more of a cross section of a thick-walled tube. I think “ring” is still the most accurate term.

        1. Yes, it does look like a slice of tubing but a ring does make a lot of sense for the mainstream and I’ve seen it called donut (as opposed to doughnut) by the media but that’s to be expected. I said I don’t know what kind of basement the are putting it, so maybe it’s like a round cup. Have to keep something for the imagination.

        1. That’s a good site too, lots of them out there. I must say however that the MDN headlines don’t have any political wackos either.

          Oh and if you went there, what are you doing back here?

  2. Intriguing so far: That massive ramp out of the basement into the donut hole.

    My interpretation: Build the robot dinosaurs in the basement, let them loose inside the ring for real world testing. Use the huge EM field generator created by the ring of wiring around the ceiling in the basement to create a control cage from which the MechaSaur cannot escape, should it to berserk. In emergencies, they can also haul out the gigantic EMP gun from the basement to blow out the MechaSaur’s circuitry. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. 😉

      1. 😉 I’ve been into extrapolating surrealism and absurdity out of the ordinary since I was a kid. I used to make tape recordings of the stuff when I was a kid. I think the Firesign Theatre had a lot of influence as well as Bob and Ray. In recent years I’ve been focusing on applying this approach into a series of stories I’ve plotted but not finished. The backstory turned out to be enormous, thus my recently reading about Nikola Tesla. With luck, dear goddess Hannagh will assist as editor.

  3. Ok, the first drone videos were great, you actually had time to look at whatever you wanted, this video, flash in and out, then when you try to look at something, it turns! Then flash some description like the people who are watching the video don’t know what they’re watching, like the person who made the video is trying to sell you the building. Worst video I’ve seen of the “spaceship”, period. Can someone please make a video like the first ones so we actually have a chance to look at the progress instead of short flashes of it.

      1. Well, I know you’d prefer the recent and even more charming:

        “Don’t let anyone tell you corporations and businesses create jobs.” – Hillary Clinton

        Gee, I wonder who is paying those carpenters? Can’t be Apple, ‘cuz they didn’t make that,

        Have a nice day!

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