OS X Yosemite: 8 things you may have missed

“With OS X Yosemite, just like with politics or religion, everyone has an opinion. Some love what Jonny Ive & Company have done to the OS X look, while others loathe it,” E. Werner Reschke writes for TGAAP. “No matter the camp which your opinion resides, here are 8 items you may have missed that have changed in OS X Yosemite.”

• Safari: RSS Feeds. RSS, Atom, Article Subscription is back in Safari. It is sort of odd how you subscribe. Either click the RSS link on the web page (that’s normal) or press the Share button to add the web page to your Shared Links (sort of an odd description — why not “Subscribe to artilce”?).

Order Up In Spotlight. You can change the order of how results are returned when using Spotlight. Go to System Preferences > Spotlight.

Six more in the full article here.


    1. Where Apple blundered with Dark Mode was not taking into account already dark icons. Oops. This has forced a lot of developers to adjust and offer two different icons: One light and one dark, for each mode. At least Apple enabled switching icons.

  1. In fact, wouldn’t it make sense if most of an OS and the web was a soft black or even in a lightless state, for ease on the eyes and power conservation? Like if light were only used in detail areas of an image or text, etc, and the blank portions of the OS or the web were just unlit pixels.

    1. It might, but white text on black background can be hard on the eyes after an extended period.

      To experiment with the idea, go to Accessibility and check “Invert colors” (or press Command+option+control+8).

      1. Right, but is it hard on the eyes because the black is actually emitting bright light while tricking your brain into thinking its lightless? What if it were actually lightless? No way to test that on current machines.

  2. Pretty sure that the ability to change the order of Spotlight results isn’t new. Mavericks had it, I think….in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s been there for at least a couple of OS X releases (not @ computer to verify).

  3. I like Yosemite new look. I believe that iOS should follow the visual experience yosemite is using. It looks simpler and nicer but not flat and dull like ios7 and ios8.
    But most importantly I love the fast reboot time compared to previous OS

    1. And shutdown time.

      Going to sleep still takes a while, though, and I have hibernatemode set to 0 with pmset. Not waking up when the lid is opened is also not working. Not waking up when the power is disconnected is not working. When I get some time I’m going to see if ANY of the NVRAM settings are being listened to.

  4. These features have been discussed several times on the web. Here are the features I wish Yosemite had:

    Apple – Forget the stickers, I’d rather have the ability to customize OSX!

    Here is the customization that I am interested in:

    Ability to change Dock color, and Finder Sidebar colors if transparency is turned off.

    Ability to set which items are transparent or not.

    Option to set the default behavior of the “Green Button”. Personally I wish I could set it to open full window and not full screen. Why? Quick access to the Menu bar and the Dock are important to me. In addition, I don’t like the delay switching between full screen and non full screen.

    Option to set the default screen size upon opening an app. This option could be placed in Get Info. I suggest three options – Full Screen, Full Window, Windowed.

    It would be so nice not to have to rearrange the app each time I open it.

    Arrow Snap – Microsoft’s best contribution to graphical computing (for arranging windows side by size on the screen).

    Apple Stickers Advertisement:

  5. RSS is back? Yes! I used to use that to keep track of a few sites that I enjoyed that updated infrequently. I didn’t feel like adding another application just to track the feeds, so I dropped it.


    1. This is in Mavericks as well. Oops:
      Do Not Disturb. If you are in a class or meeting and do not want to be bothered by someone Messaging you, quickly go to Notification Center and scroll upward. There is a Do Not Disturb switch above the date.

      Make the 7 things you may have missed in Yosemite, 1 thing the author missed in Mavericks.

    2. Back to 8 things! I found something today that I’d missed in Safari 8 (which only runs on Yosemite):

      Support for Animated Portable Network Graphics, aka .APNG. It is an extension of the .PNG format to allow for FULL COLOR animated PNG images. No more 256 color animated GIFs required for this purpose.

      The format was developed and pushed as an open format from 2009 – 2013. During that time, it was natively supported by Mozilla browsers, Opera (old engine) and Chromium via an extension. Safari 8 is now part of the league. Opera (new engine) supports via the Chromium extension.

      I started studying .APNG a few years ago. Asked Apple to support it a few times. Happily, support is new here.



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