Sony eyeing Michael Fassbender to star in ‘Steve Jobs’ biopic

“I’m hearing that Michael Fassbender is the actor who’s currently being eyed to play Steve Jobs in the Aaron Sorkin-scripted picture that Danny Boyle will direct for Sony Pictures,” Mike Fleming Jr. reports for Deadline.

“I don’t want to get carried away here, after all the heated press speculation about past courtship of other actors Christian Bale (twice) and Leonardo DiCaprio,” Fleming Jr. reports. “But the filmmakers like this and it does look like space can be made in Fassbender’s X-Men schedule…”

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    1. Agree; but his eyes are more “evil” than Jobs’. Even more blatant “evil genius” scheme than cardboard portrayal in Isaacson’s book.

      So maybe Sony wants to compete with Apple this way, not being able to do much on mobile phone market? ;))

    1. Yeah we don’t need another “Fassbendergate.”

      Seriously they should cast a talented unknown. You always have to get past a known actor’s familiar persona which I find a hindrance or mental block to acceptance. Another young Daniel Day Lewis type would be nice.

  1. This film just went from being possibly pretty good with Christian Bale rumoured for a short time, to probably outstanding with Michael Fassbender now being considered. Sorkin script & Boyle directing. Wow!

  2. So Christian Bale who went to extremes to lose massive amounts of weight to be in The Machinist and Rescue Dawn is potentially replaced by the other guy to make headlines losing a lot of weight for Hunger. Apparently they want an actor who can drop a lot of weight to play Jobs during his final years. Next Matthew McConaughey will be on the short list with fellow Dallas Buyers club star Jared Leto.

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