iPhone users and Android settlers raid reviews of CurrentC payments app

“Many retailers have been less than responsive to the Apple Pay mobile payments system. Rather than accept fees that banks charge for making the transactions, Walmart, Best Buy, and others disabled NFC in their stores, preventing customers from using Apple’s system (along with other forms of payment),” Colin Lecher reports for The Verge. “The retailers’ solution is a payment system called ‘CurrentC,’ and it’s an idea that some NFC users aren’t so excited about.”

“CurrentC, a QR code-based app planning to launch next year (meaning reviewers haven’t actually used it in stores yet), appears to be the target of a semi-organized campaign for one-star reviews,” Lecher reports. “As of writing, the reviews breakdown on the App Store looked like this: 17 five-star ratings, zero four-star ratings, three three-star ratings, four two-star ratings, and 2,153 one-star ratings.”

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MacDailyNews Take: MCX retailers should learn a lesson from the Market Basket saga post haste.

You do not have the power. The consumer has the power. In many forms. And we will use them all.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “buddabob” for the heads up.]

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  1. “You are relevant only if your customers love you” — Tim Cook

    Exactly which of the CurrentC consortium members can actually say their customers actually love them?

    Uh, I’ll give you time to think about it. Take as much time as you need…

    1. If we revolt or if we can revolt against our activity being products, then the CC consortium members will be very sad and MCX will be in trouble.

      MCX should try to solve their problem, not by pissing off the people, but by embracing the protocol the people want, and today that is Apple Pay. They embrace it and add value to it through their non-competing ecosystem. I don’t think loyalty programs are incompatible with Apple Pay. MCX is basing their existence on this feature, but is hung up on the financial transaction.

      Anyway, No Rite-Aid or CVS until CC members remove their collective heads out of their collective butts.

  2. Message to MCX

    If you truly believe you have a better system then you have nothing to fear….
    Dont force your retailors Into an exclusiveity contract.

    Lets see if the consumer will choose your system over Apple.

    Blocking other payment systens is a loud cry of fear .. Cry that says no one will choose to use your cumbersom system if they have an option to use another !

    MCX the more you drag this bs on the more credibility u lose!

    1. I don’t know about Zune. These retailers can also decide not to accept any other forms of payment. Most people have smartphones, so they can easily install and use the app. There will be people that will boycott, but some like me have few options. The only grocery store within miles of me is a Publix which, unfortunately, is a CurrentC member.

      The fact that many popular retailers are colluding to stifle payment competition is very troubling. Are they colluding on product pricing too? Is that the reason why my groceries are so freaking expense? $8 for bacon, are you fu@#!€ kidding me? And now that they are all tied into the same payment system there probably will be even more product pricing collision. Where is the justice?

  3. The ironic thing is, if CVS and RiteAid didn’t publicly disable their NFC function, no one would even know about CurrentC and news of them being hacked would barely register a blip.

  4. Yes, spamming a company by posting reviews of something you have never used based on stuff you read on the Internet about the product is a really great way to go about doing things. It reflects well on you and your brethren.

    1. It is not spaming … It is sending a message as DocW said!

      Plus these thugs can easly leave the retailors alone and allow the consumer to choose their prefered system.
      If they are blocking me from my prefered choice.. Then i go where my choice is respected and welcomed !
      Clear enough MCX?..
      U act like a thug u will have unpleasent reaction from the public!

    2. So wait: You’re okay with them putting out an app for a service that isn’t ready yet while they merrily disable functionality that was working in their terminals?

      They are able to “review” Pay by disabling it and we’re not able “review” their competing service?

      1. How do YOU know it’s not ready? From reading MDN? Do you really think these spammers actually know what they are talking about, or are they just part of a mindless mob that read something somewhere, got a bug up their asses, had plenty of time to kill during their day of “job searching,” and decided WTH, “why not go on the site and post a negative review about something I don’t know jack shit about?” This is very intelligent behavior.

        And just because some idiots are doing the same thing about Apple Pay on the App Store, this somehow makes it acceptable? What is this, kindergarten?

        I don’t know about this system and could care less about it. I’m more interested in fair play and adult behavior.

        1. “How do YOU know it’s not ready?”

          Research. And not very deep research even.

          [emphasis mine]
          “Within the last 36 hours, we learned that unauthorized third parties obtained the e-mail addresses of some of our CurrentC pilot program participants and individuals who had expressed interest in the app,” Linda Walsh, a spokeswoman for Merchant Customer Exchange, told ABC News in a statement.

          So get off your high horse and act like an adult.

        2. MCX will be eliminated and Walmart will have to take like an adult. Instead of crying about their profit and creating a system that should never have been green lit begin with.

  5. Whenever the reason for something seems just completely out-of-whack with the customers’ priorities, you can be sure money is at the heart of it. If the merchant is choosing CurrentC over ApplePay, it’s motivated purely by their assumption that they will make more money on every transaction, at the expense of the privacy and security of their customers. It’s quite clear that they are willing to risk a security breakdown in the future for the money today. And given how much smarter the hackers and thieves are getting compared to the merchant developed systems, it’s only a matter of time. All we can do is write their corporate offices (which I have done – and received answers, some canned, some not). And we can vote with our wallets who we buy from and how we’ll pay.

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