In one week, Apple Pay already No. 1; used more than all other mobile payment systems combined

“Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple’s new mobile payment system had over 1 million activations in the first three days after it became available, and is now more widely used than any competing payment system,” Brandon Bailey reports for The Associated Press. “‘We’re already No. 1. We’re more than the total of the other guys,’ Cook boasted Monday during a tech industry conference, ‘and we’ve only been at it a week.’ He said Visa and MasterCard officials have told Apple that the Apple Pay system is already seeing more use than similar ‘contactless’ methods of paying for purchases.”

“Cook also said he plans to talk with Jack Ma, executive chairman of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, later this week about a possible partnership, although he offered no details. Ma told the same audience earlier Monday that he would be ‘very interested’ in teaming with Apple to bring Apple Pay to China,” Bailey reports. “Ma and Cook spoke during separate appearances on an outdoor stage on the opening night of a three-day tech conference organized by The Wall Street Journal.”

“He boasted that sales of Apple’s Mac computers are growing faster than the overall personal computer industry, which has struggled in recent years. He also touted the upcoming release of an Apple smartwatch and dropped broad hints about Apple’s work on a new television product, which has been rumored for years,” Bailey reports. “Today’s televisions haven’t advanced much technologically in the last 30 years, Cook said. ‘So I think there’s a lot to be done here.’ Cook didn’t offer specifics, but he said, ‘It’s an area where I’m optimistic that there is something great that can be done in the space.'”

Bailey reports, “Repeating a favorite dig at competitors such as Google and Facebook, Cook said Apple doesn’t collect user data or purchase information. ‘We don’t want to know what you buy. We’re not Big Brother; we’ll leave that to other people.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: In just one week, Apple Pay has already facilitated more transactions than all other ‘contact less’ payment methods combined! (Which shows how much of an epic faceplant Google Wallet has been; released over three years ago on September 19, 2011.)

Boycott CVS and Rite Aid and any other company that willfully turns off NFC in a effort to block the vastly more secure, much more private, and far easier-to-use Apple Pay service.

• Email complaints to CVS Customer Relations here.

• Email complaints to Rite Aid Customer Relations here.

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  1. 1M transactions is a drop in the ocean compared to credit card use but it is a very good start.
    By the end of the year there should be up to 40M iP6s in the wild with at least 2/3 of them in the US plus more retailers will be offering the ability to pay with Apple Pay.
    It will still take a while to get full traction but definitely a good start.

    1. No 1M transactions, 1M cards activated. No transaction count listed, so we don’t really know what the actual quantity is, but it is obviously a significant amount. It is certainly exciting to see it off to a great start, but I would be somewhat surprised if 1 week of usage was greater than the sum total of all prior contactless payments. I don’t know what exactly was said, but I would assume that current apple pay usage is being touted as greater than all other current contactless pay option usage.

      1. I’m sure it’s more than 1 million transactions as I’ve already used it 4 times myself in the first week. I’m sure there are others that have used it far more than I have.

    2. If we are to expect around 30 million iPhones in America, I’m pretty sure that at least 60% of those will register some credit cards on ApplePay and begin using it. Breaking down those numbers in a simple way, one in 15 Americans will be using ApplePay in as little as three months. Take it another way, one in four American families will be on ApplePay.

      Merchants, think about those numbers and the type of consumers they represent (hint: they have disposable income).

    3. You also have to consider the facts that many banks are “on board” but are not ready yet.
      I’d bet there are many people like me, set up  Pay with a credit card, but have not actually used it yet. why? haven’t had the need to buy anything at a store that uses  Pay.
      I’m not going to run out and buy something *just* to use it.. I can run up to McDonalds down the street and use it, but that would mean eating the food..

      Also there are those that are just waiting to make sure  Pay works and is safe. They will use it, they just don’t want to be a guinea pig.
      The number will only grow, it’s not going to shrink.

      MCX will not catch on, they will never have 1 million users ever..
      How many people will sign up for CurrentC, and then go through the whole stupid process every time… then witness someone using  Pay somewhere CurrentC isn’t used and see just how easy  Pay is compared to the BS CurrentC requires.

    1. The dictionary definition of “boasting” is talking with pride about someone’s achievements. I believe that is exactly what Tim Cook is doing — telling us factual statistics with great pride.

    1. You can’t give your server your phone, (s)he can’t do anything without your fingerprint. Even if (s)he were to find a way to unlock it, she’d still need your fingerprint to use ApplePay.

      If we look at the way NFC has been used elsewhere in the world, (and it has been used extensively in many places for quite some time now), the server would bring the wireless NFC terminal to your table and you would pay right there. In other words, exactly the same way you would pay with the credit card (except in America, where you still have to give your card to your server, and (s)he would walk away, out of your sight, with your card, and then do what they do with it, swipe it, whatever, then print your credit card slip, then bring both back to you).

        1. It has been working well for years with those chip&pin terminals. She brings the device and punches the total; you add the tip if you wish and it updates the total; you insert the card.

          With the NFC, you’ll probably update the total on the device before touching it with your iPhone.

  2. Prepare for MCX to be a “bag of hurt” and bad PR CVS, Rite-Aid, Walmart, Target, etc. and another lesson learned where Apple is involved.

    Love Walmart saying today “Walmart says MCX has consumers’ ‘best interests in mind’ by not accepting Apple Pay.”

    Total bamboozling & self-serving FUD BS.

  3. Good question on the restaurant payment. I can’t use Apple pay yet because Key Bank isn’t on board yet. But according to reports I’ve seen they will be in the coming months. So as soon as they are on board, so will I be. Can’t wait to start using Apple pay. Security and ease of use are going to make this big. I also think you will adventually see the ones that turned away are going to wake up as soon as they start seeing the revenue losses.

  4. That’s remarkable, considering it takes an iPhone 6 or 6+ to use Apple Pay. That just shows how pathetic all previous mobile payment systems were, before Apple Pay. No one wanted to use them.

    It looks like Apple (once again) found a market to quickly revolutionize and take over. And another reason for customers to buy an iPhone.

    1. Yep. And remember, a huge percentage of the iPhone install base refreshes phones within three years. If Apple keeps its market share steady, by 2017, we’re looking at something like 40% of the smartphones in the US capable of using Apple Pay. (Plus, given past history, I’d expect Google Wallet to evolve to essentially be a ripoff of Apple Pay.) Apple Pay and pay-alikes will be a dominant majority of the payment business.

      MCX gets this and is desperately trying to stop the flood by sticking a finger in the dike,


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