Apple targets underprivileged students with $100 million for Obama admin’s program to wire up schools

“Apple Inc plans to dole out $100 million in grants to U.S. schools as part of the Obama administration’s ‘ConnectED’ program, targeting those that lack access to education technology and reliable broadband Internet,” Christina Farr reports for Reuters.

“Obama’s ConnectED initiative aims to bring stable Internet to 99 percent of U.S. students by 2017 and direct federal funds to enhance the use of technology in classrooms,” Farr reports. “Microsoft and Adobe have pledged support to the program in the form of free or discounted software.”

“Apple will divide the funds between 114 schools in 29 states, CEO Tim Cook said on Monday after being inducted into the Alabama Academy of Honor, an organization that recognizes natives of the state for their achievements,” Farr reports. “Apple said it will work with schools where the majority of students are eligible for free or reduced lunches. Ninety-two percent of the eligible students are also of Hispanic, Black, Native American, Alaskan Native or Asian heritage, it said.”

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  1. Good for Apple. Education is by far the best way for children to make the absolute best future for themselves, even more important if you’re born into an underprivileged neighbourhood. If you truly believe in the American Dream you can only support this initiative. Every child should be given opportunities to improve their lives.

  2. I’ve always applauded any person or company that does things to help children. They are our future and all children deserve the best education they can get. They did not choose their parents or neighborhood. Children grow up to be what they have been taught or subjected to by no fault of their own. An educated child is more apt to do the right things in life. It takes more than education, such as love for one, but education is a good start for our children.

    1. Turns out children aren’t our future. This is the first generation predicted to start dying before their parents due to obesity and all the ill health it brings. Apple would be better off handing the money over to us oldies. Sorry about that.

      1. I have to assume that your comment was tongue-in-cheek. Otherwise, while your may be correct about your facts, your comment is simply idiotic. Whether the next generation has a lowered life expectancy or not, they are our future. Period.

  3. There are quite a few articles saying how Apple is only spending this money as PR funding and that they’re actually doing nothing for the schools. Apple spending $100 million seems to be but a drop in the bucket to many people. To me it seems like a start, at least. It could be seen as goodwill but I suppose any good deed can be seen as tainted if you wish to view it that way.

  4. A paltry $100 million? Apple should wire up Oakland, E. St. Louis, IL, Akron, OH, fill every school with iPads, do technology courses on young students and get some of these poorer folks edjakated up! I’d like to see $100 million every year in the US, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. The should be developing their future creators and even those of the competition. This is a a good start. Now let’s see something on other continents, too. We buy plenty of Apple products in Europe. How about a little give back over here, too?

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