Macintosh leapfrogs iPad to become Apple’s second biggest-selling product line

“During a quarter marked by frenzied demand for the latest iPhones, Apple Inc. logged its biggest sales gains with a product heading into middle-age: the Mac,” Daisuke Wakabayashi and Shira Ovide report for The Wall Street Journal.

“On the 30th anniversary of the first Macintosh, a 21% jump in unit sales helped Apple’s computer line leapfrog the sagging iPad to become the company’s second biggest-selling product line, just behind the iPhone,” Wakabayashi and Ovide report. “Demand for Macs rose amid falling sales of Windows PCs, giving Apple more than 6% of the global PC market, according to the research firm IDC. That percentage is Apple’s highest market share since 1995… The Mac gained market share in 33 of the last 34 quarters, lifting its share from 2.1% in 2006, according to IDC.”

“Ali Mirza, a 21-year-old law student at the University of Edinburgh, said he bought a Lenovo Y500 laptop last year after years of owning a Mac. He thought the Lenovo would provide better value because it had higher specifications at a cheaper price. But as problems with his computer piled up, Mr. Mirza decided to go back to a Mac. He purchased a 13-inch MacBook Pro last week,” Wakabayashi and Ovide report. “‘A computer is more than the sum of its parts,’ said Mr. Mirza. ‘I could get a cheaper computer, but I probably wouldn’t get the same value out of it as I would out of a Mac.'”

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      1. I used to occasionally help out Apple with the Macs at the back of CompUSA. No, CompUSA did not care about those Macs. I heard some hilariously ignorant statements from paid CompUSA staff, far stupider than anything you’d expect to hear from someone earning a commission selling non-Apple gear. Good riddance CompUSA.

  1. If you want to run all the best Windows software like Disk Defragmenter, Spyware Destroyer, Adware Remover, Virus Scanner, Phishing Filter, then you need to get a Windows PC.

  2. I’m looking into upgrading my mid 2007 iMac for a Mac mini to be hooked up to my 60″ Sony TV. Along with my wireless keyboard and trackpad. You can’t beat the price for value on the Mac mini. I love my iMac but it’s just now getting to a point for an upgrade. Although it still performs well, I think the extra speed of a new Mac mini will be worth it. Especially on the big screen.

  3. Maybe it’s more of the fact that iPad sales are down rather than Mac sales are up. Statistics. They can be used in many different ways. Just depends on how people want to view them. With prejudice or objectively.

  4. Any article that uses IDC numbers is going to be off base to begin with. How they compare “market share” is a farce and I’m pretty sure the Mac’s market share is higher then their numbers show.

    BTW, an iPad is a personal computer. Wonder why IDC doesn’t include those numbers in the market share bull.


  5. I’m thinking about upgrading my Mac Plus to something a little more modern. Maybe upgrade the ole Imagewriter, too.

    Can’t decide between a Motorola PowerPC computer and a Pentium Pro running Windows 2000.

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