Open thread: Does Apple Pay support your credit /debit cards?

Apple Pay accepted a couple of our credit cards today, but not one of our preferred credit cards, a Fidelity Investment Rewards VISA card.

Apple Pay did successfully accept a Capital One VISA card and an American Express card. These cards were seldom used. They won’t be now. What’s in our wallet no longer matters, it’s what’s in our Passbook that matters now. Awaken non-Apple Pay participating banks and credit card issuers!

We made it a point to call customer service for the card that did not work with Apple Pay and ask when they would be supporting Apple Pay as we anticipated using other cards via Apple Pay more often in place of theirs due to convenience. They said they were “evaluating” the service, but appreciated our feedback.

We suggest you do the same: Contact card issuers you want to use in Passbook with Apple Pay. No sense having them wait to find out that our usage of their card decreased directly because they are not a part of Apple Pay.

Does Apple Pay support your credit /debit cards?


          1. Apple’s keynote clearly stated “later”
            Once a company starts supporting something like  Pay, they can start advertising whenever they want.
            I’d assume both the site have a “*coming at a later date.” tagline somewhere in the fine print.

          2. I just got off the phone with USAA. The first agent said they’ve supported it since September. He put me on hold to find out more and somehow I got connected with a second agent who claimed to know nothing about it. I think the first agent said too much and they switched me to the new agent to disclaim what was said. Funny!

    1. I ran out after loading my American Express and Wells Fargo cards. Both work with  Pay.

      1st try was at Walgreens… worked seamlessly.

      2nd attempt was at McDonald’s drive through. Staff was very friendly, but asked for my phone. I explained that I needed to use my fingerprint and also wasn’t going to hand over my phone even if I didn’t. She had to get a manager. They attempted to pull the NFC terminal out the window, but it was mounted to a post. They were able to pull the post out of it’s position and attempted to extend the NFC terminal (post and all) to the window. It only reached as far as the window sill.

      I reached up as far as I could and got it to register, but it didn’t work. She said inside that it said to “select card”. I am wondering if the transaction didn’t time out on their terminal since it took them so long to get this far.

      Seeing frustrated drivers behind me, I quickly gave her my traditional plastic card and completed the transaction.

      To top it off, my fries were just lukewarm!! 🙁

          1. I’m betting that many fast food companies will start having readers outside/next to the windows. Jack in the Box and a few others already have them there now.

            1. Would be better placed next to the ordering point, so you can just skip the person or they could just hand you your receipt, another thing we don’t need. Apple Pay should have a database to store all your digital receipts too.

            2. Haven’t seen these everywhere, but I’ve seen card swipe units mounted to the outside of the drive thru window at some Taco Bells. Makes sense to have an electronic payment device permanently affixed outside where it is easy to reach. Since there is no card interaction, it just needs to be a box with maybe a display showing the transaction amount. Pretty simple if you ask me. Those out today trying to use their new iPhones with Apple Pay are definitely on the bleeding edge. This transition will take time.

            3. I suppose the franchisee has to see a benefit of the additional expense to purchasing a more weather rugged NFC reader for that purpose over the current CC system they have in place. Most Fastfood drive thrus have 2 windows one for order taking/payment and the other for giving you the order. Depending on the volume of drivethru customers it may not be worth the added expense for a ‘better’ NFC reader since the first window will still have a person manning it if only to take orders.

  1. When  Pay was announced, they listed my Bank as partnered from day one, Chase. (Debit)
    My main Visa card, was not listed. They are not thinking of supporting  Pay in the near future either.

    So.. Opened a new Chase Freedom Visa account and transferred the balance from Old Visa.  Pay setup in about a minute today.

    Old Visa card.. Canceled 2 weeks ago. They wanted to know why, I told them  Pay killed your 1950’s card.

        1. Don’t change banks… Change the account/card type.

          *some* card types are not supported by Chase (for example) but other types are.

          Chase Freedom can be either Visa or Mastercard and *does* support  Pay, but the Chase Disney Premier Visa may not support  Pay.. (Honestly don’t know if it is or not, just picked it for example)
          Same with the Chase Airline miles type cards.

          You should call Chase and see what options you have to either change the card you currently have.. or maybe they will tell you when/if your current card will be supported.

    1. You should try it. I like it for airlines. Passbook will pop up your ticket when you pull up to the airport drop-off. Just get the barcode zapped on it at the counter and off you are.

      The only clunky thing is that it’s sometimes difficult to figure out how to get your pass into passbook. That all depends upon the company, though.

      1. Flaw in airport Passbook. (although perhaps it is United’s app’s fault.)

        Had United pass. But I do not carry cell plan, hence no cell connection. Went to security and app did not load the boarding pass. Luckily I had paper backup. But reader could not scan the code. So I had to go through non-express line. 🙁

        Solution: when you load the boarding pass at home, take a screenshot. Never know when you might lose your connection.

        1. Are you sure you added the pass from United’s app into Passbook? Once the boarding pass is in Passbook you can pull it up whether you have a signal or not. If you’re pulling the pass up from United’s app it may not work. I got stuck checking in with Jetblue once because I hadn’t added the card and the Jetblue app was acting up. I’ve never had an issue with a boarding pass once it is loaded into the Passbook app, signal or not.

    2. I’ve been using it since its debut, with my Starbucks card. It never really got much more support from companies or developers like I was hoping. I imagined every store would have a PassBook rewards point card, at the very least Best Buy. I found a way to make my own Best Buy card that seems to work kind of depending on the cashier, but why aren’t more stores using PassBook?

    3. Me neither. It didn’t seem to work with Virgin Airlines. I don’t travel too much so it is hard to test.
      My biggest issue is that there are no easy instructions. Simply a link to the App store. It’s hard to tell if what apps have been shown to work and then how you set it up.
      Same with Health kit. I have an app that works well and sends data like sleep etc over to the app. But then for Nike Fuel, the data is not recorded even though the running app measures it and I have logged into the Nike website.

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