Forget the iPad Air 2, I’m waiting for iPad Pro

“As a self-proclaimed tablet addict, it’s easy for me to look at Apple’s recent announcement of the iPad Air 2 and get excited,” Don Reisinger writes for SlashGear. “After all, for a long time I’ve bought Apple’s slates (among others) and found some value in them each step of the way. I enjoy using my iPad mini on the road, but love to have the iPad Air in a bag when I’m traveling.”

“The [iPad Air 2] comes with enhanced components, a slimmer design, and the ability to deliver even better performance than its predecessor. It’s an open-and-shut case for a tablet addict, right?” Reisinger writes. “Think again.”

“There is one thing that’s holding me back and making me think twice about spending money on Apple’s iPad Air 2: the iPad Pro,” Reisinger writes. ” think all reliable signs point to the launch of the iPad Pro early next year, and I’m willing to wait until that happens to get my hands on the device… I love larger screens. The more screen real estate I can get my hands on, the better.”

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      1. How do you know how much it will weigh ? I am betting Apple hasn’t released it yet because they want it to weigh a little more than the Air. Or a little less than the iPad1 anyway, which should be easy considering it was 1.5 lbs (less than 700gr)

        1. You know the size, so it is easy to extrapolate weight by taking increased area into account. The thing is going to weight nearly double of iPad Air 2 — this is going to be startlingly different in usability.

          My point is that if there will be iPad Pro, then it is going to be for selected professionals, not for everyone. There are could be specific tasks where twice bigger display of iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2 will be significant advantage. But not for common users as weight is going to be serious issue.

  1. The problem that most people don’t think about is that with a big screen your arm has to go back and forth. At some point if you’re going to be using this a lot you’re to need an input device to scale the movement. Like an Apple Magic Trackpad.

  2. ‘I enjoy using my iPad mini on the road, but love to have the iPad Air in a bag when I’m traveling.” Can someone explain the difference here objectively? In fact if there is any objective difference discernible, then for me it would be the other way around, on the road (in a car I presume) i would tend to have the larger one handy while travelling (presumably light without a car) I would prefer the mini to save weight and space.

    1. I think I understand what he’s saying. He is fine using the iPad Mini for short spurts within close distance to his home base (i.e. less than a day’s travel) because of its portability. However, when he needs to do serious work while he’s traveling, he needs something larger and more powerful.

      I’m kinda the same way. If I’m going someplace overnight, I have no problem relying on my iPad Mini as my primary productivity device, which I can carry on my person or shove into a small overnight travel bag. However, if I’m going away for longer, I will pack up my work bag including my Macbook Pro.

    1. Same advice everyone was giving on this site about the 5.5″ iPhone because it didn’t exist? Ok got it! I’ll not hold my breath for this one too and instead spend my money on something that doesn’t actually meet my needs, just like I didn’t hold my breath for the iPhone 6+ and didn’t buy the iPhone 6+ because it actually met my needs.

      1. Don’t wait for the iPad Pro just get a Galaxy Tab Pro 12 inch and hate it so much you’ll jump off of a cliff before 2015 even gets here. That way you’ll never have to worry about silly iPad upgrades

      2. You can hold your breath and wait for an “iPad Pro”. Until your face turns blue. Or until ships. Whichever comes first.

        Or you can buy something that is available today. And use it. Until Apple ships “iPad Pro”. Next year. Or next decade. Or never.

        There are manufacturers who announce products and ship 3, 6, 9, 18 months later. For those, it may be reasonable to hold off buying until the product, which has been announced with a very detailed specs, and for which you have very clear expectations, ships. But for an Apple product, where you have absolutely NO WAY of knowing if a product even exists in the pipeline, it is truly foolish to defer purchase on a device indefinitely. Unless this device is for just “lifestyle” purposes (leisure, etc), you may want to buy whatever will meet your work requirements TODAY and get some use out of it while waiting for Apple to release whatever you hope they will release, that might meet the needs even better.

        There are probably people out there who are waiting for Apple to release an Apple TV set. Gene Munster has been announcing it for the past three years, and these people have been waiting to buy it for three years. If they were like you, they would have been without TV for three years by now, waiting for an unannounced, speculative product from Apple that never seems to show up. This “iPad Pro” seems to be very similar in that regard.

  3. He who hesitates is lost. Not sure about it coming at all, and by early next year? I don’t think so (IMHO). You’ll just waste year of your life disappointed because Apple didn’t make something you wanted. Your chances of being happy about it are small. Go buy a new iPad now if you think you really need a new one.

  4. I ordered my iPad2 and will decide what to do if and when pad-pro comes to be. What matters to me is not the screen size but larger RAM and on screen multi-tasking capabilities. Switching back and forth is ok when you are relaxing on a couch but does not work for me when I am in the office. My Macbook Pro is running a total of 4 screens and 9 out of 10 are different webpages some showing realtime data.

    I would be very happy to use an iPad-pro for one of my screens or even in addition to my existing screens.

  5. Early next year will be about the Apple Watch. I doubt any new iPad will be introduced until this time next year. Apple will need to salve it’s sapphire problem before any new hardware comes out. IBM will be make the iPad a Pro. Hardware wise the iPad is great for professionals. It’s the software and services that Apple has been lacking. IBM is taking the risk away from Apple. Apple is providing IBM the hardware to expand into professional portable devices. Something that is easy to cary around and use while standing up. I don’t think that is possible with a larger device.
    I think Don may be trying to plant the MS idea that a tablet needs to be big to be a pro device. A touch screen laptop, they have unsuccessfully have been trying to sell for a decade. If IBM can pull off making the iPad a widely adapted tool in some key industries, like health care, then MS will be out of the mobile market.

  6. I am looking seriously at the iPad Air 2 for outdoor photography. The glare factor is important. I use my WiFi DSLR to view instantly and upload. A Pro would be too big. Now I have an iPad 3, which with retina, is fine for slide show on my desk. I got my wife the iPad Air which, being lighter, was good for her. The Air 2 will be great for hiking with my Otterbox shoulder holder. With 128gb, I can leave home my expensive Retina MacBook (even though I have a good hiding place in my RV).

  7. Special uses aside for a larger iPad the current iPad size seems perfect for most as a maximum efficient & comfortable viewing size. Unlike the larger iPhone 6’s it’s doubtful there will be a stampede to buy an iPad Pro, but as a stockholder it’d be nice if they still sell endless iPad Pro boatloads. 🙂

  8. I already own an iPad Air Pro. It’s called a MacBook Air and even comes with an attached keyboard and a bigger screen. The convergence between these two great lines is getting blurry already.

  9. Why not your cake and eat it too?

    Buy the iPad Air 2 now and when the iPad pro or plus comes out, buy it and give your iPad Air 2 to your wife. It’s a win win win situation.
    That is what I am doing.
    Why “suffer” in deprivation when you can enjoy the latest now and the best later?

  10. This sort of reeks of FUD. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard an Apple enthusiast refer to the iPad as a slate, but Microsoft fans and financial analysts have done so for years. It’s a tell about their mindset, much as Republicans always drop the the “ic” from Democratic when it’s used as an adjective.

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