GT Advanced Technologies Inc. suspended by Nasdaq

“GT Advanced Technologies Inc. stock is going over to the pink sheets after shares plummeted in the wake of the company’s bankruptcy filing earlier this month,” Michelle Jones reports for Seeking Alpha. “The new stock ticker symbol will be (OTCPK:GTATQ) at the over-the-counter market.”

“Thursday’s move comes as no surprise, as the Apple Inc. supplier’s stock plunged below $1 a share and shows no signs of returning above that level. GT said today that it will not fight the NASDAQ’s decision to remove its shares from the exchange,” Jones reports. “The suspension on the NASDAQ was effective today at the opening of the markets.”

“The judge [Henry Boroff] said that the deal between GT Advanced and Apple was a bit strange and certainly complex. He basically said that it seems as if Apple is guilty of continuing to change the specs on the sapphire glass it wanted from GT, making it difficult for the company to comply with Apple’s many demands,” Jones reports. “GT wants to shut down its sapphire manufacturing facility because of the cash burn at the facility, which it said was because of Apple’s demands.”

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  1. There you go: Apple should just be nicer to it’s business partners and ignore quality contra; for it” customers and become like the rest of the corporate world-presto zingo

    1. *DING* The constant DRUMMING for Apple to become corrupt, customer abusing and deadly mediocre like the vast numbers of biznizz bozoz the drove the world economy into the ground in 2007. No thank you! Carry on Apple!

      He basically said that it seems as if Apple…. FACTS PLEASE! We’re technicians, not grubby rumor mongering rag readers.

    1. Not necessarily so, if Apple had asked or told the US company that the sapphire was for war, torture or crimes against humanity devices then I’m sure GT Advanced Technologies would have been up to meeting those demands as it would have been the patriotic act thing to do.

  2. This comes across to me as GT Advavanced Technology did realise a company putting up over 1/2 billion dollars would be so demanding. That said I think Apple is going to end up on the hook for a lot of this and may even have to pump more money in to fix it.

  3. What this looks like is Apple agreed to buy a given product with given specs in volume on a given date.

    But then Apple’s engineering came up with additional changes, which may or may not be able to be achieved quickly.

    If the new specs represent changes that go beyond the core physical properties of thin aluminum oxide, then it may never be possible to comply with Apple’s changes.

    1. That may have been the case. But I would still fault GT for not immediately going back to Apple and saying that this was not what we originally agreed to and we will need more funding to go forward. GT didn’t do that. Which begs the question as no why they didn’t.

  4. This is R&D – trying to make product work for applications.
    In Apple’s eyes the sapphire product would need to work in real world situations. So if the product was too weak to stand up to the abuse in a phone scenario then that is a big problem.
    Apple go to these lengths and often will abandon the path when it appears it is not feasible yet.
    We all assume that the sapphire product was already up to the requirements Apple needed. We also assume that Apple knows all the answers right away. That clearly is not the case. They learn from their experiences and sometimes change the specifications because they realize they need a higher quality product.
    GTAT problem is that they ran out of money. Maybe if they needed more they should have asked Apple for it because the specifications had changed.

  5. Any time you make changes to specs, you have to make changes to delivery times. It’s almost a renegotiation of terms.

    However with that said, maybe GTAT said, “we are the experts, and this is how you do it.” Apple’s samples, came back and weren’t what they they were told they would be. IE: Not flexible enough, not thin enough, etc. So Apple offered some ideas maybe compromised on their request to make it easier. However GTAT still wasn’t able to deliver.

    Being that Apple relaxed their request, the terms of delivery wouldn’t change. But if Apple tightened their specs, then the terms of delivery certainly could change.

    At some point though, Apple had to abandon the notion that sapphire displays were not going to work in 2014. Until GTAT can get their act together, they won’t get the final payment.

    Then everything fell apart.

    GTAT is trying to make Apple the bad guy, but in fact GTAT doesn’t have the knowhow to meet Apple’s needs, even though they said they did.

  6. I can believe that GTAT contracted with Apple for something they thought they could deliver, but when the deadlines hit the result wasn’t there. I was ready to give them the benefit of the doubt if they needed a bailout. But their surprise BK filing tells me they knew a long time ago that they couldn’t perform. I think at some point this turned into a naked con job by GTAT. Their actions and complaints since their announcements reinforce that assessment.


    ‘Has GT AD gone off its meds? Has it become suicidal? Can anyone save it??? Will its friend Suzy come back from her Moroccan vacation in time to talk GT AD off the ledge? Or will we be treated to a swift and gory leap into oblivion? Tune in tomorrow for more of ‘The Edge Of Sapphire’.’

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