GT Advanced confidentiality hearing with Apple delayed

“Apple Inc. supplier GT Advanced Technologies Inc. has delayed a challenge to a court order cloaking information about the troubles believed to be responsible for the sapphire producer’s bankruptcy,” Joseph Checkler and Peg Brickley report for The Wall Street Journal.

“With nearly 900 jobs and $1.3 billion worth of liabilities on the line in the bankruptcy case, GT said it couldn’t detail its troubles with Apple publicly without risking having to pay $50 million in damages for violating confidentiality agreements,” Checkler and Brickley report. “However, the company said it is closing its Arizona and Massachusetts factories and seeking court permission to walk away from ‘oppressive and burdensome’ contracts with Apple.”

“Dow Jones & Co. Inc., the publisher of The Wall Street Journal, has moved to challenge the secrecy in the case, as have U.S. Trustee William Harrington, a Justice Department employee who oversees the bankruptcy courts, and New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster,” Checkler and Brickley report. “Wednesday, just hours before the matter was set to be heard, GT, Apple and the newly appointed official committee of GT’s unsecured creditors agreed to delay the substantive parts of the secrecy challenge to Oct. 21.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Apple should buy an island and form their own nation, call the spaceship headquarters their embassy and be done with this stupid government. Instead of currency they have ApplePAY, and their passports are just an app.

      1. Well, MR.D, who says the island would need a defence or an army? Against what? The Americans or the Russians?

        Well, the idea is not so stupid as it sounds, or is it?
        In fact, there is such an island in existence. Located in the middle of the Atlantic. In it’s native language it’s name is Island and in english Iceland. No army, though a Nato country.
        It went through one of the biggest bank crashes in the world in 2008, with very few Android fans, but known Apple fanatics and many of them are said to believe in alien spaceships, especially Apple’s 🙂 Should expect them to be interested in Apple moving in with some of their money 🙂

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