It’s official, Apple confirms October 16th special event: ‘It’s been way too long’

It’s official: Apple’s invitation to media outlets has confirmed they will be holding a special media event on Thursday, October 16, 2014.

No word, yet, on whether Apple will attempt a live streaming broadcast of the event. If so, hopefully, it’ll go better than their last attempt.

Rumors and speculation call for new iPads, including a svelte new A8-powered iPad Air with Touch ID, and new Macs, including the possibility of a new 27-inch iMac with Retina display and maybe even a new Mac mini.

Also expected is the public release of OS X Yosemite, so we all finally get some Continuity into our lives between our Macs and iPhones, iPad, and iPod touches.

And, as always, the possibility of “one more thing” looms.

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Apple's invitation to the media for their October 16, 2014 special event
Apple’s invitation to the media for their October 16, 2014 special event


        1. Yes, I agree. “It’s been way too long” since since the “TV watching experience” got an upgrade. What else could it be? 🙂

          And it’s MORE than just a new version of the Apple TV box… My guess is a partnership of some sort. Apple’s “core competency” is not in creating a new competing service that provides its own TV content. Apple does hardware and user interfaces. So, get a partner who already has all the TV content, but needs help in making that TV content accessible to customers. That partner can provide a subsidy to its service customers for the Apple hardware (Apple TV box “free with contract”), also allowing the complete Apple “Smart TV” to become a viable reality.

          1. This certainly seems to be a new take on something else than upgrades, it’s hardly complimentary to say those products are effectively long in the tooth is it. So it seems a distinct possibility of another new entry and yes after years of calling it a hobby it makes real sense that the Apple TV comes of age. The Apple loks like a hint of a wave form too. What a year this is turning out to be. The opposition must be crying into its FUD generators.

          1. Sign me up for a Mac Pro Plus with a 4K display!

            I see Macuser’s point. Apple had dragged several products past their reasonable expiration date. People who work in audio and video need more than Apple currently offers. Why should longtime Mac users have to look elsewhere for the latest workstations and displays? Apparently contratian doesn’t understand the needs of pros. I do, and Macuser seems to as well.

  1. I think the title refers to Mac refreshes, hopefully including the Mac mini.

    That said, does anyone else think it’s strange that there has been no mention by Apple about updates to Siri or Maps in iOS 8 or Yosemite. Very little was said at WWDC and even less since. Maybe in 2 weeks?

    1. I’m guessing it has to do with touch technology. That top of the Apple logo graphic looks like a finger touching a pleasure sensitive surface. Either that or my vivid imagination. Do we really ever know what Apple has up its sleeve?

    2. Who’s going to admit it’s too long since their last refreshes? If so surely the teaser should have been sorry about the delay folks with an Apple being pushed up a hill. If you are going to suggest incompetence best to make a joke of it.

    1. Certainly a possibility, but I’d be very surprised if that is what “It’s been way too long” is actually referring to. So, while it could happen, I don’t expect it to be the big “You’ve waited long enough for it” item.

    2. Ten years ago, iPad was the driver of Apple’s revenue and profit growth. Today, it is a prime candidate to be killed. The main question is whether it sells better or worse than the Mac Pro (or Mac mini, for that matter). These two are marginal Macs, which are there mostly for the loyal fans, not so much for the profit they generate. At this point, the iPod business has declined to the point that it is in a similar boat, not really bringing in that much cash, but still there for the fans.

      Apple never makes a product unless they make reasonable money on it, but there comes a point when investment in resources isn’t worth the little profit the product line makes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the iPad line gets shut down rather soon.

  2. The tag, to me, says one (or more!) of these three: Mini, TV, MacPad. Likelihood in that order, from very likely to very possible to … well, it *could* happen, but I think it is still too soon on that one. 🙂

      1. Yet how long have some talked about such a hybrid? Since before the Surface did it so poorly, to be sure, which could make it “way too long” ago. I agree, though – not likely.

        Similarly, the maxiPad could happen, but as you said, and as I said in my reply about the iPod above, that, to me, wouldn’t be worthy of “you’ve waited long enough”.

        1. I named 3 products with 3 different levels of likelihood, and also 3 possibly distinctly different interpretations of “It’s been way too long”. Those are:

          1. Mac mini – Very likely – It’s been too long since a refresh.
          2. TV – Very possible – and as a new Television set, it has been rumored, but not yet a real product, for way too long.
          3. MacBook – well, it *could* happen, i.e. not very likely at all, imo – as above, the surface showed how *not* to do it, and we have waited long enough for Apple to show the way.

          Interpreting the tag doesn’t necessarily limit us to existing products.

          1. Well, I’m not sure Apple’s “it’s been way too long” refers to a rumor. They are never involved in rumors, they don’t really like them that much (especially since many are based on leaks), and they prefer to discourage them. To refer to them in the invitation to the event? I don’t think so. This has more likely to do with an existing product that hasn’t seen much improvement in a (long) while.

            1. You’re right, of course. So take out just that bit about the rumors, and it is still completely valid. Since the television was invented in the early 1900’s, it has needed this new Apple touch. Hasn’t that been way too long?

        2. Wow. I guess someone thought the Surface was a great product and so downvoted me. Everything else on this whole page is speculation and opinion, and this is no different. Whatever.

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