It bends! Bendgate hits Samsung’s bendable Galaxy Note 4

“Smartphones made of metal are far fancier than their plastic counterparts, but like other metallic objects, they will bend with enough force,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Android. “No, ‘Bendgate’ is not exclusive to the iPhone 6 Plus; Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 4 — its first phablet to sport a metal chassis — will bend just as easily if you’re not careful with it.”

“Lewis Hilsenteger over at Unbox Therapy has been testing the durability of a whole host of devices from different manufacturers since his iPhone 6 Plus bend test went viral, attracting more than 53 million YouTube views,” Bell reports. “So after enjoying the Note 4 for a week, Hilsenteger finally began bending it.”

Bell reports, “As expected, it will bend just as easily as the 6 Plus if you put a similar amount of effort into it.”

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 gets bent
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 gets bent

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, this is the big fat stupid period on a really big fat stupid episode of FUD.

Yes, physics happens to smartphones, too. It even happens to pretend iPhones from South Korean IP thieves.

You just know Phil Schiller has mentally composed a terrifically biting response, but he won’t tweet it because Apple, unlike the wannabes, has class.

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  1. Funny how Samsung was so quick to mock Apple through classless tweets and silly ads only to find out that their smartphone is even more bendable. The next big thing; Note 4 that bends.

    1. Did you watch a different vid? I think the end conclusion was the Note 4, yes, was bendable (and in a similar spot) but not to the same degree and was able to be bent back with no problem. If you watched his 2nd vid testing bending on 5 other phones he also reports attempting to bend the iPhone 6 plus back but it resulted in a crack in the metal.

      1. Meanwhile, I saw one bendy vid where the Samsung bent and stopped working. Whereas I’ve never seen a bendy vid where the iPhone 6+ stopped working.

        It’s all a circus show in any case. Here comes the Strong Man who can bend a smartphone with his bare hands! The crowd is awed! But what actual amount of pressure is being used in these tests? It’s all silliness without the numbers and without pointing out the pressure points the result in the bend.

        Oddly, Consumer Reports has actual, real, verifiable numbers and has provided a second, follow-up video answering people’s questions about their testing methods and results. Here you go, if you actually find this situation worth your time:

        Consumer Reports Answers iPhone Bending Questions

        Will Consumer Reports perform the same tests on the Galaxy 4? If you think that’s important, ask them! :mrgreen:

      2. If you watched ALL of this guys videos, you should have noticed that each time he “bent” the iPhone 6 Plus.. it bent faster. The 3rd video where he is desperately trying to “prove” that he’s not a fraud… he bends the 6 Plus in a second or two.. while previous “bends” have taken him quite a bit longer.

        Derek is 100% correct, even in the CR video the iPhone STILL worked.. Samesungs did not fair as well.

        1. I just watched the CR video (and the actual test) Derek referred me to . The iphones (all 3) failed at the same pressure the Galaxy Note 3 took to only deform. Since it was the only Samsung device tested in the vid I don’t see where your conclusion comes from.

          1. Scratch that.. The Samsung deformed and broke at 150lbs (shape returned till >140), the iphones deformed at lower pressures and all except the iphone5 (also >140) broke at less than that.. But that still doesn’t support your conclusion. Do you have another CR vid I can reference?

            1. I’m not finding it right away, i’ve seen so many bent phone videos in the past few weeks…
              Starting to think it was not one of the “bendgate” test videos, but in videos of bent android phones in general. (Which there are tons to search through..)

              Here’s the guys 3rd video where he gains super strength in bending the iPhone 6 Plus.. (Bends it MUCH faster than previously, not to mention lies about the iPhone being brand new… Plastic is on backwards for one, purposely never lets you see the back of the iPhone)

            2. You’re right that was hilariously fast.. Too bad the CR vid didn’t have the MotoX in the test lineup.. Would have loved to see how it compared since this makes it the 2nd time he’s ‘attempted’ to bend it.

            3. Yeah it was.
              Personally, i’m not worried about my iPhone bending. Granted I have the iPhone 6 not the Plus.. but still.

              Every time Apple makes something, someone is trying to attack them.

      3. This bend-gate crap is manufactured b.s. Meaningless. Always was. The end. This idiot on youtube needs to go bend his laptop next and donkey kick his windshield to see if they bend too.

      4. Wow! “It Bends!” is now a feature according to Xennex170. Give me a break. I mean” Give me a bend, and then a “C” and an “R” and then an “A” and “P” for C-R-A-P. CRAP!

        1. I simply replied that he had it reversed. The Note 4 bent less than the iPhone 6 Plus and could survive w/o damage the bending back. So, you’re also saying it’s a ‘better’ feature of the iPhone 6 Plus?

  2. “Has your thumb been injured bending your smartphone? Have any of your fingers undergone tissue damage as a result of testing your phone for bendability? Our firm, Bendover Flexem and Weep, is the nation’s leading injury claim legal office and we want to see the manufacturers of these injury-inducing products forced to make you whole again.”

  3. I buy my iPhone.. I carefully and delicately unwrap it from it beautiful packaging, I pick it up with the tips of my two fingers careful not to smudge it with fingerprints. I enjoy its beauty, craftsmanship and fine lines.

    This wonderful machine that I spent $2500 for where I keep notes on my life.

    then, with every ounce of strength I have.. I BEND IT!


  4. No kidding Sherlock’ it bends were did you get your first clue ….. iphone bends, SamDung pos bends whatever …..

    did you know steel will bend under pressure, just a matter of how thick steel is and how much pressure ……

    Silly rabbits!

  5. LOL

    he hardly tried bending the note 4!
    he stopped the moment there was a kink.

    In the iPhone Plus test he went at it until his fingers were purple and shaking and he kept going until failure

    These ‘reviewers’ make a lot more money with reviewing Android with dozens of devices than with Apple. Telling the truth about android (that their devices are a shitieous mess of cut corner hardware and buggy off the shelf software) and perhaps killing it (like MP3 players vs iPod) is terminally SHOOTING THEMSELVES IN THE WALLET.

    1. Titanium is more flexible than steel, and the only thing Apple ever used it for was the case of the original metal PowerBook. That was soon dropped, because Ti is much more susceptible to scratching than anodised aluminium which all subsequent PowerBooks have been cased with.
      Personally I’d rather the frame for iPhones was made from stainless steel, like the 4/4S, it’s a much more rigid material, but heavier. There may be technical reasons for aluminium to be used in preference, but I like steel.

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