Carl Icahn to send ‘interesting’ letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook

“Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn revealed on Twitter that he plans to send an open letter to Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook on Thursday,” Steven Russolillo reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“He didn’t divulge many details, only saying ‘it will be interesting,'” Russolillo reports. “Apple shares rose 1.7% to $100.43 on the news, climbing back above $100 for the first time this month.”

Russolillo reports, “Mr. Icahn’s letter will come a month after Apple introduced two new iPhones, smartwatches and a payments system.”

Read more in the full article here.


        1. How is saying “that has nothing to do with Obama” supporting Obama? If it rains, and someone blames Obama and I say that’s ludicrous, is that supporting Obama? Or is it just saying “Stop being an idiot and linking everything to Obama, because blaming him for everything just makes people less likely to listen to the real things he does that are wrong”?

          Now, auramac could have been nicer about it, but that’s the essence of what he or she was saying.

          1. The way I read it is O does need to do more work to fix all the problems in the USA instead of skipping school and playing golf. No blame intended.

            The joke about Icahn RELIEF is just that. Libs need to lighten up.

            1. I feel really sad for you. And sadder for anyone who has to associate with you.

              It’s pathetic that your worldview is so clouded by political bullshit that you can’t accept that people can both not be fans of a political figure and NOT blame him for all the world’s woes and drag him into every conversation

            2. well, I don’t feel sorry for anyone so self-deluded that their pretentious “worldview” is to continue to defend a traitor of the people and Constitution of the United States. I take freedom and liberty seriously, it’s not the movie-of-the-week that you treat it as. Unlike 1933 Germany, there is no America to run to. We are IT.

            3. I fail to see how saying a topic that has nothing to do with Obama has nothing to do with Obama is DEFENDING OBAMA! And bitching about your personal boogeyman on an Apple website isn’t “defending liberty”—it’s turning people off from any valid point you could possibly make about Obama because it’s wrapped up in your paranoid delusions!

        2. The Monster was George Bush who stole 16.5 trillion to arm the Islamic State. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Rice are mass murders who allowed 9/11 to happen so they could sell America to Halliburton.
          Obama is saving America from the Bush Depression and Bush Treason.

          1. And it’s also manifest in a modern GOP that can’t win on ideas so it tries to gerrymander and suppress the vote in order to keep a grip on power. After all, America made a huge mistake voting for Obama, so their votes need to be removed.

      1. As one who is utterly tired of the mentally deranged Obama and his incessant whining blaming George Bush on EVERYTHING anytime he can except when to take credit or to use policies and programs that as Senator, Obama disavowed, showing his ignorance and JayVee-ness, I agree!

      2. Gee, I was just thinking “utterly ignorant and mentally deranged” fits you perfectly, Auramac.

        The guy is the worst president in the history of the USA. CNN this afternoon spent an hour throwing him under the bus after the NY Times published the following piece:

        Three unwise monkeys Auramac: Hear, Speak, See no Evil. Really sorry your BLIND DEVOTION blocks you from coming to grips with reality …

    1. Right !!! Blame Obama, Worship Bush who spent 80% of his presidency hiding on his rented ranch while spending $16.5 Trillion dollars arming The Islamic State!
      Obama does more work in one day than Bush did in eight years.

      1. Take another toke …

        Because inside your head thoughts are not REAL, not even close to a fictional movie.

        DUBYA was a great president in some ways. DECISIVE leader after the 911 attacks and puts the current phony in the White House to SHAME who is on year six of wrecking the US economy, expanding the welfare state and throwing more people into poverty in the history of the country.

        Scandal and high level resignations also don’t seem to bother you. Even Carter threw O under the bus today for responding too late and changing policy too many times to deal with ISIS.

        And all you got is BLAME BUSH?

        Pity …

        1. Ditto, ditto, ditto.

          Well, I can tell BO man is getting less popular on MDN or the BO supporters are keeping quiet, just a few who still have their “blinders” on.

          Carter criticizing BO man POT-US make BO man absolutely the worse Muslim President (and hopefully the last) that will get into office. However, his biological attacks on the U.S. is going to take it’s toll. Two years is “way too long”.

          1. I don’t know if O supporters have gotten quiet or just realized a two time support vote is difficult to reconcile against present day reality.

            They bought into the SLICK sloganeering, media adulation and low information voter lazy homework.

            Now reality has hit them right between the eyes. Rather than admit folly and cleanse their sins … crickets. OK, I certainly understand.

            Election Day 2014 is on track to mirror the Republican takeover of both houses of Congress in 1994.

            We the people …

          2. BO. Smart double meaning.

            Reminds me of funny skits in classic Bugs Bunny cartoons.

            Unfortunately, the PC crowd controlling television 2014 is denying current generations access to the smartest cartoons ever made. Ditto for Disney cartoons in the 1930s and 40s. Silly Symphonies, anyone?

            PC condemnation coming in 3… 2… 1…

      1. Geez David, could you be any more wrong. Next you’ll be spouting some business school nonsense like ‘the sole purpose for a corporation is to increase shareholder value’.
        The only reason for a business to exist is to provide the best product, good or service. Period!
        This is what Apple continually proves (and teaches) every day. Only those that produce the best, wind up giving and in return getting ‘VALUE’
        So the only real reason for owning a stock is faith in a companies ability to provide the best products and services.

  1. I don’t have a problem with Carl Icahn. He’s invested in Apple. He wants AAPL to go UP. What he has done in the past, such as push for more stock buyback, has helped AAPL go UP. It does not matter if Apple’s leadership has taken his advice or ignored him. And Icahn himself probably does not care if his specific advice is taken or ignored, as long as AAPL goes UP.

  2. This is just going to be trouble for Apple in the long run. Ichan will become a worm in Apple”s apple. That is all he ever becomes! He was marginalized by Tim Cook once when announcing the stock split like Ichan wanted but he will be back for more and say it is the stockholders best interest (but mostly his) and it will get worse just watch.

    1. Hey, if Ichan gets rich, I will get rich. Ichan’s interest is my, and should be your, interest, too. i’m not complaining about a $2+ increase in the stock price yesterday. Why are you?

  3. Gotta worry when a media whore starts his media whoring again to make sure people think he is relavent and thats the only relevance he has that people think that he is. Terrible when your whole economy is at the beck and call of such twats.

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