Apple iOS 8 adoption around 50%, iPhone 6 adoption sets record

“Within the first twenty-four hours, iOS 8 update appeared to be slower than its predecessors. A few weeks in, this continues to be the case says analytics firm Fiksu,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “After twelve days, both iOS 6 and iOS 7 had comfortably crossed the 50% mark for iOS usage. By contrast, iOS 8 is yet to hit the 40% mark according to Fiksu’s measurements. An independent study from Mixpanel says iOS 8 is closer to 50%, but it is still far behind iOS 7’s rate of uptake.”

“Meanwhile, iPhone 6 adoption is record-setting,” Mayo reports. “The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s followed near-identical growth path, but the iPhone 6 is more than double that rate. As of 17 days since release, the iPhone 6 has touched the 4% level. For comparison, the combined share of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c was about 3% in the same period.”

“That’s without adding in [the severed supply constrained] iPhone 6 Plus,” Mayo reports. “From this data, both models of iPhone 6 crossed 5% of total iPhone usage in under 18 days. This is roughly twice the combined uptake of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We believe some users knew they were getting an new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and therefore held off upgrading the current iPhones to iOS 8. The popularity of iPhone 6/Plus and the backorders are a contributing factor to the slower ramp for iOS 8 adoption.

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  1. You know, this continuity stuff is kinda weird. My 2 iMacs, MacBook Air, iPad Mini, iPad Air, they’re all talking amongst themselves and only myself and the MacMini are left out and we don’t really know what’s going on yet…

    I’m gonna turn off the Airport and see what they do.

    1. Yeah,
      When somebody calls either my wife’s phone or mine, both ring. That is defiantly strange. I checked all the setting, everything is set up properly. iOS 8 still buggy for sure, maybe this will all be fixed in 8.1, the bluetooth thing is pissing me off.

    1. Our app, MacDailyNews 3.2, has been updated for iOS 8+ and was submitted to Apple’s App Store early last week.

      It continues to await Apple’s approval before it can be released to users. As soon as Apple approves it, version 3.2 of our app will become available via the App Store as an update.

      Please leave the current version on your iOS devices so that you will be notified when the update goes live.

      Thank you for your patience. Apple’s App Store approval process seems to be overwhelmed currently.

    2. While waiting for the updated MDN app is frustrating.. I wouldn’t wait to upgrade due to a single app.

      At least MDN warned us of the problems, told us they are working on it, and have submitted the update.

      I have another app that notified the users in AUGUST that there was a problem with their app and iOS 8, and has not even begun to work on the app.. their forums are full of bitching, and they have not said a single word since august, when they said they would get around to fixing the app “in the coming months”

    1. the App has some good points, and a few bad ones.. that I hope MDN will address. (The “<Articles" tab/button/whatever when looking at an article, cycles through past articles instead of going back to the list. sometimes trying to get back to a certain, or newer, article you have to cycle 10+ previous articles… and then the app crashes.)

      MDN on Safari.. on an iPad it's not bad, iPhone…. ugh…

  2. I’ll tell ya why.
    A whole bunch of users that upgraded right away with iOS 7 and then could not believe how bad certain parts of it were. Then to add insult to injury, no way to downgrade.

    Many users this time around decided to wait and see what iOS 8 looked like and what did it break and read about it or see it from the others that updated right away. I know of many entire companies that have only today started giving the OK to users to update.

    I still find it sad, that one year later, Apple’s own Notes App is still less functional than iOS 6’s version. What the hell.

  3. I need a bit of info. I ordered my iphone 6 plus on the night of September 12. Not early in the morning but still on the 12th.
    My order page still says “processing item” and no email update since the original date in September. Schedule delivery date is from 13-20 October.
    Has anyone that ordered the iphone 6 plus in the afternoon or later on September 12 received their iphone?
    I am wondering if my order has gone into the internet “black hole”.

  4. We have 5 iphones, 4 iPads at home.

    1 iPhone 4, 1 iPhone 4S, 2 iphone5, 1 iPhone 6. Both iPhone 4 and 4S are not upgrade to ios8 because 4 can’t and the owner of 4S didn’t bother because she bought the iphone6.

    We also have 2 ipad 2, 1 ipad mini, 1 ipad air. only iPad air is updated to ios8. We saw that ios8 slows down the ipad2 and mini so didn’t bother upgrading them.

    so out of a total of 9 iOS devices, 3 upgraded to ios8, 1 came with it.

    1. I upgraded my iPad mini (1st gen) and my iPad Air the day the iOS update came available. The iPad mini will be replaced when the new line comes out. I also bought an iPhone 6 Plus. I haven’t noticed any slowdown on either ipad. Since I use the Mini chiefly for email, web and iBooks (primarily though not exclusively) and because it’s a 16 GB, I restored to factory before applying the update. Maybe that is the reason. Regardless, hoping for a mini with retina and Touch ID this month so I can upgrade to 32 GB. On other fronts, im doing my best to patiently wait for Yosemite so that I, like Thelonious, can experience the symphony when a call comes in. Indeed, my landline may get more use as I’ll likely call myself a few times in those first days, just for the fun of it. Now, we need apple tv to join Continuity so my three TVs can display caller ID and join the symphony as well. I’d like to see Apple work deals directly with the alphabet networks, the network families (like FOX and A&E, AMC, USA) along with the premium networks. If I could directly subscribe to the networks, picking the families that I actually watch without a cable company as a middleman, I believe I could save money. Would be nice if the channels would preserve content for a while so we can watch when we want to. This seems to me to be what Cook was talking about in his comment that TV is stuck in the 70’s. Would be nice to deal directly with the networks and letting the real market work out who survives and who doesn’t and I can only imagine the mergers that would take place in that new world.

  5. The iOS 7 adoption was less than ideal. That is what caused me to wait a little bit on iOS 8. The same problem I had with iOS 7 adoption appeared in iOS 8. Apple has yet to find a way to make your key photos in your events show up on your iPad and iPhone like they are on your iMac after the iOS 8 update. Apple’s inability to figure out their photo synchronization process through true systematic upgrades is unbelievable. If this were happening on Android, The articles about it here would be numerous and hilarious. I cannot figure out why Apple cannot get photo management right in iOS.

    1. Didn’t I hear that a new Photos app is coming in early 2015? I believe it’s purpose is to replace both Photos on iOS and iPhoto on the Mac. My presumption is that it would take care of sync issues and bring Continuity to photos. With photos in the cloud and the new app, I would expect those as minimal requirements.

  6. The adoption rate would be higher if the update wasn’t so large. My phone tells me it needs 4.7GB for the upgrade and I have just under 1GB free.
    I don’t have time to backup, reset, upgrade, and restore my phone in order to instal iOS 8.

  7. How exactly is adoption numbers determined? Are devices that come with it already installed (6/6 plus) included in those numbers? If so, with the largest ever sales the adoption rate for OS upgraded must be way down. Part of it could be caution on the user’s part after 8.0.1’s bugs.

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