An Apple Watch flop would put CEO Tim Cook on the hot seat

“At the moment, the only new and relatively novel product we have from Apple during Tim Cook’s reign is the forthcoming Apple Watch,” Rocco Pendola writes for Seeking Alpha. “While you can sanely credit Cook with giving the green light on the larger screen iPhone 6, it’s a stretch to call the Plus his own. Any iPhone-related success ultimately furthers Steve Jobs’ legacy with Cook riding shotgun.”

“So, for now, the Apple Watch makes up the early and most meaningful foundation of Cook’s legacy. Given this reality, I’m not sure how any serious Apple observer – fanboy or otherwise – can chide or otherwise ignore discussions about Cook’s job security,” Pendola writes. “He’s a seemingly entrenched CEO and on the hot seat all at the same time. The line between the two scenarios is drawn in shifting sand. Cook could last a few years or a couple of decades at Apple – neither duration would come as a huge surprise.”

“f Apple’s new wearable device doesn’t disrupt everything that’s on the market today (the way iPod did the Walkman/MP3 players, the way iPhone did the BlackBerry, the way iPad/Mac did some PC laptops) and produce unit sales proportionately commensurate with iPod, iPhone and/or iPad, it will go down as something less than a success and quite possibly a failure… [then we’ll see] everything from questioning to calls for Tim Cook’s head will heat up,” Pendola writes. “While that’s reason for concern, it also makes me think Cook isn’t dumb enough to put all of his eggs in the wearable basket. He has something else up his sleeve that’s disruptive. And it’s probably not the early-2015 introduction or late-2015 refresh of the watch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Pay is also Tim Cook’s. Not only will it be a smashing success, it will also drive significant Apple Watch sales.

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    1. You’re absolutely right! If it doesn’t match and exceed sales of other Apple products – the analysts will declare it a complete flop, regardless of how many more they sell than their competitors.

      1. Which products? iPhone? iPad? iPod touch? TV? iMac?

        Baloney. Watch will FAR outsell any so-called smart watch or fitness band, and probably will sell more than all other “competitors” combined.

    2. Talk about a clueless Seeking Alpha article… Rocco Pendola leaves the interpretation door wide open with this statement:

      “…produce unit sales proportionately commensurate with iPod, iPhone and/or iPad…”

      Those three devices have substantially different unit sales numbers. Does Rocco’s Modern Life believe that the Apple Watch has to sell like the iPhone to be considered a success. If so, that is a very high bar to cross. Frankly, I would be very pleased if 1-in-10 iPhone owners purchased an Apple Watch and reasonably satisfied at a ratio of 1-in-20.

    1. Agreed! Tim Cook probably had very little to do with the design of the Apple Watch. If the Apple Watch is a failure it will be a failure of the Apple Team and not just one person.

      For those who think it will be a failure and therefore will not buy one, I say “Good for you and thank you very much.” This will allow those of use who are going to buy one have a better chance of doing so.

  1. Think I would lose the will to live reading tosh like this. Did he say the iPod would be a game changer, or the iPhone or the iPad, no one did at the time beyond a few ‘deluded fools’ apparently. Things that Cook is introducing now will game change but not necessarily in the Mardi Gras fashion that SJ specialised in. Those sort of opportunities are few and far between these days and Apple has to be far more nuanced in what it is doing. Apple Pay and services like it will be the biggest opportunity but hardly blow the mind even probably when they are an everyday thing after all there is no flashy gadget to parade around on stage but connected services are going to be the future for the Apple eco system and whether people get it or not its going to have a far bigger impact than the iPod or even perhaps the iPad have or will have. Such devices will simply become part of the bigger picture such services provide.

  2. What a waste of ink. Just the curiosity factor alone will drive sales into the millions. Pesonaly I’ll stand in line for one. This is incredible technology done right and by the only company on the planet that has the soul to do it. Will it be perfect in its first release maybe not. Will every banger find something to complain about? Absolutely! Come one come all to scratch-gate, wristband-gate…whatever gate will mean it’s a success. Critics will spend every waking hour trying to bash it and in return do the oposite by creating even more curiosity!

  3. Rocco Pendola is back! Quickly, protect your garbage cans. He has been calling for the end of Tim Cook’s job from the get-go. He has been spectacularly WRONG for a long, long time. He started his sewer campaign at Seeking Alpha, where he lied about his portfolio. We should call him, “Rocco NEVER RIGHT” Pendola. Please do not print any of his drivel. Thank you.

  4. this article is total, utter BS, because the pre-order for the apple watch alone will be around the 2015 revenue of all luxury swiss watchmakers combined. The profit from just the apple watch pre-sales will smash the profits that the privately held swiss watch companies do not divulge.

    1. I don’t wish his ilk to even get close to poor defenseless symbols with a stick !-)

      (also, it is “$#!+” in case you want to use symbols to convey that one again, another freebie, no need to give credit !-)

        1. You got me, it’s true, $#!+ is used to grow and make healthy all manner of vegetation, your suggestion works better since in quantity it would kill animals, vegetable, and some minerals


  5. Tim Cook is probably one of history’s greatest logisticians to ever manage anything. The idea that his job is somehow in jeopardy is complete hogwash. We are lucky to have him managing Apple’s incredibly complex ecosystem.

  6. One can never be sure, but if were a betting man the money would be on a lukewarm reception for the overpriced waste of silicon that answers a question nobody is asking.

    The primary reason nobody wears a watch anymore is that we all have a cell phone with a time display. The Ive Watch requires an iPhone to function fully. The Ive watch is grossly overpriced. The Ive watch is a solution in search of a problem.

    The wannabes and sheeple may buy it, that’s why Burberry Gal was brought in- to sell overpriced stuff to the sheeple.

    1. I’d iCal that, but it’s not worth bothering. I’ll just invite you to comment again, six months after the Apple Watch goes on sale. Let us know how it’s doing at that point.

  7. Tim Cook isn’t Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Reed Hastings or Elon Musk, so Tim will stay on the hot seat and possibly even on the electric chair if Apple doesn’t perform to investor’s impossible expectations. Apple is the wealthiest company on the planet and yet you’ve got jacktards like Pendola, who in fact can’t do one damn useful thing for anyone else, judging Tim Cook who’s in charge of tens of thousands of employees.

    Almost anyone can sit at home saying how they can do a better job than the person already in the position. Pendola is all BS talk and that’s all he’ll ever be. He’s a talker, not a doer or he’d have started his own business by now and made his own fortune. As a shareholder I have no problems at all with Tim Cook. I’m not looking for him to double Apple’s revenue and try to fire him if he doesn’t. I’ll be perfectly satisfied if he can keep Apple right where it is amidst all the a**holes trying to take down the company calling it a company past its prime.

  8. I swear to God that some business “journalists” get a bonus based on Tim Cook bashing. If the new Apple Watch had miraculous powers and Tim Cook said “The watch will bring the dead back to life and here’s Steve Jobs to tell you more”, Cnet and Seeking Alpha would still beat the crap out of the Apple Watch and Tim Cook.

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