Apple’s 64-bit A8-powered iPhone 6 destroys Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8) in speed test

PhoneBuff has conducted their usual speed test pitting Apple’s new second-gen 64-bit A8-powered iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (M8).

Apple, the only smartphone maker who’s not saddled with off-the-shelf processors and an off-the-shelf operating system, tailors the hardware to the software and vice versa.

The wannabes simply have no hope to match Apple’s iPhone with their mismatched, off-the-rack commodity hardware and lowest common denominator software.

The gulf between Apple’s revolutionary iPhone and the consumer-grade knockoffs only grows wider with each successive iPhone generation.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Smart users don’t settle for less than the best. With Apple’s all new, second-generation 64-bit smartphones, the gorgeous 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the stunning 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, there’s never been a better time to stop settling for chintzy imitations and move up to the real thing in beautiful anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and glass.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “mossman” for the heads up.]

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  1. If only Apple had an advertising department or a PR department to share with the world why Apple’s iOS devices, services and other products are the world’s gold standard and the only choice when looking to buy something.


    “What is your verse”

    1. Why does Apple need to do that? Samsung, HTC, etc. keep throwing FUD on the iPhone 6/Plus, and Apple sales continue to be through the roof. So how would Apple stooping to its so-called competition’s level benefit it at all?

      No, Apple’s commercials are done correctly: “Here’s all the cool things you can do with an iPhone.” That’s it. No need to bash someone else’s inferior product.

    2. I didn’t mind the ‘verse ‘ but I gave you 5 stars as I agree with the rest of what you said.

      Apple doesn’t advertise it’s ADVANTAGES like for example the big giant advantage that it builds both the OS and the hardware (allowing integration, optimization, good customer support etc). Lots of people think Samsung makes Android and that there’s no difference between Android and iOS, Windows vs OSX .

      Windows also brings the point of why doesn’t Apple advertise MACS? with win 8 floundering? Macs are a multi billion earner. (as a business it’s equal to the PC business of HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo COMBINED) Years and we get a brief ‘stickies’ Ad….

    3. One of the reason Apple doesn’t tout it’s product spec versus other manufacturers, is because Apple often doesn’t have the best specs. Apple sells itself as a style. And no one can really ever match Apple’s style.

      1. Wow, the comment section on MDN really is populated with a bunch of fanbois. I didn’t say anything negative or untrue. And I have owned every single iphone and am a staunch Apple proponent. But it’s factual that Apple products often do not have the best specs. Which is why Apple never attemps to push that as the reason to buy Apple products. We buy them for the ecosystem, “the way the products make us feel” to paraphrase Sir Jony.

      1. However, iPhone does not have customization like Android, It does not have slot for extra memory, and it does rely on iTunes, and no replaceable battery Seems to me these are thing Apple could address and/or deliver. I think customization and slot for memory would be good. The other two points don’t bother me so much but for some reason bothers others quite a bit.

        Just so we are clear, I own an iPhone and I have no desire to have or even touch an Android. But competition is good.

        1. Android devices do not have a slot to add memory.
          Memory is RAM.
          They have a slot to add storage.

          I have 128GB on my phone, what do I need with more storage space?


            It’s great that you have 128GB on your iPhone. The difference is that with the right android phone you could have spent at least $200 less for that “upgrade” from 16 to 128GB and still have more “storage”.

            Apple usually makes great products for those willing to spend significantly more for them and be boxed into apple’s walled garden. If all you want to do is smell the roses, then a walled garden is fine for you (and it’s fine more a good majority of users worldwide)

  2. besides speed…

    why we don’t buy androids:

    inferior build
    interior apps
    Malware (most android users don’t even realize they have it. One Android tech head bloggist was shocked when he scanned and found malware on his phone… ) Millions of copies of malware infected apps downloaded even from the Google Play store.

    Lag (due to the OS being a touch interface hurriedly laid over a Blackberry Keyboard OS. The android foundation itself is weak and that’s why they require all those cores to run at any speed)

    Bad Integration. OS and Hardware built by different people. . Off the shelf processors giving a lot or redundant features. Bugs. Low optimization
    (Apple designs hardware, OS, processor )

    Bad Support. Passing off buck between Google and OEM.

    Crap ware and Laggy skin interfaces like Samsung TouchWiz. The processor has to deal with a layer of shit…

    No OS updates. Fragmentation (resulting in sucky apps, bad support etc).

    OEMS who will lie through their teeth at you. The 10 hr rated Xoom tablet ran out of battery hours before the 10 hr rated iPad running the same test (done by Mossberg)

    Bad Bad Re sale Value.

    1. wut? Is your android experience limited to Eclair on a 700mhz cpu with 256MB ram?

      -inferior build // Bendgate is superior build quality?

      -inferior apps // only on apps crappily ported from iOS. in fact native Android apps automatically have the potential to be superior due to having greater abilities within the OS (look at MDM software as an example – you can remote into and control android phones to troubleshoot issues for employees running android. that is not even in the universe of possibilities on iOS)

      -lag // There’s no lag on modern android phones, especially if it’s made by anyone not named Samsung, and especially especially if it’s running ART (most arent yet)

      -Bad Integration // the fact that the CPU/APU is made by 1 single company or not isn’t very relevant. The reason iOS devices are faster despite often equal or even inferior hardware is due to the way iOS was built. Android executes apps in a virtual environment. This ensures compatibility across devices but is naturally slower. ART helps with this dramatically, but Android will never be optimized like iOS devices are since they were coded for specific, set hardware. If google had created a Google phone like Apple or Microsoft instead of an open OS and platform with the growth to run on ARM, x86, and now even from within the Chrome browser on ANY desktop OS, they would be optimized as well as Apple’s devices are. Google made a clear decision to make Android free open source, available for ANYONE, ANYWHERE to modify and distribute it. The penalty for this is running apps in a virtualized environment with little optimization. You are absolutely correct that iOS devices are more optimized than android, that has never been in dispute. It’s not how android was built.

      Regarding “bugs”… what? Didn’t apple just pull 8.0.1 because it caused 6/6+’s to lose the ability to actually be phones? (bugs exist everywhere, in all systems. Android is not exceptionally buggy, but having 4 layers of software- Android OS, device firmware/kernel, MFGer’s customizations to Android, and finally the carrier’s custom bloatware apps on top of all- versus 2 (iOS and device firmware) certainly creates the possibility of more bugs. This is actually why updates are less frequent on android phones (see later point)

      -bad support // potentially, yes, but the carrier is a good point of contact. They still provide software support and warranty the phone for 1 year (if purchased rthrough them) and will replace under the same conditions as for an iOS device. Of course there arent any Android Houses of Worship, like iOS devices have, so yes, apple has better support.

      -Crap ware and Laggy skin interfaces like Samsung TouchWiz // yes yes and yes. I don’t buy Sammy and go for stockish-based ROMs, either from the OEM/carrier or custom-made ones.

      -No OS updates // yes, but it’s gotten a lot better over the last 2 years, especially as Google has removed apps from the OS and put them up in the Play store. iOS 8 does have some nifty extra features, but mostly it upgrades all the baked in Apple apps. On Android google updates those regularly now and they are available to almost 100% of android users. We know longer have to rely on a new version of android, the OEM’s OS, or the carrier to have much of our experience upgraded. previously this was a major issue. Now it’s a slight annoyance at not being able to upgrade to the latest point release of Android right away. Also most flagship phones from the major OEMs have been getting every other android point release update, which is a huge step in the right direction.

      Fragmentation is still an issue, but it;’s not nearly as bad as it used to be since like 80% of phones are now on 4.0 or greater. Considering probably half the android devices in the world are outside the US in shitty backwards countries, that’s not bad.

      Another point here…if you have a Google Play Edition phone or any phone that ships with vanilla Android you will get updates frequently.

      -OEMS who will lie through their teeth at you // ehhh marketing IS lies. if you wanna bring up battery life….LOLOL. My LG G2 gets 40 hours of battery routinely, with all data connections on and being paired to my pebble steel all day doing what I consider normal daily usage. I charge my phone every 2 nights. If i dont use my pebble, battery life goes up to 50+ hrs. there’s nothing special on my phone and absolutely no battery management being done. this is now common with flagship android phones…even the GS5 gets 40+ hrs and it’s made by Samsung! Ditto the new HTC One.

      -bad resale value // yes

      What does a new flagship android bring to the table?

      -way way way better battery life (30-60 hrs is not uncommon)
      -apps can do more in the OS
      -device diversity – want a small screen? no problem. 7” phablet? sure. want to run an android app in your Chrome browser in Windows? It can be done now and will be mainstream soon. Want a phone with a removable battery? 192GB storage? Water/dust-proof? massively shock/drop resistant? YUP TO ALL

      Is Android better than iOS? In many ways yes. Are Android devices better than Apple’s? Some are for some people.

      I have an android phone and an iPad 2. both are great. I enjoy android because i like to tinker and not be treated like a child trying to stick his finger in an electrical socket, but my ipad gets the job done.

      I love android v apple chat, but dumbasses better be accurate with their info!

      1. I won’t even bother to answer most of your rambling nonsense as it’s a waste of time

        as can be seen from your argument that people using OFF THE SHELF OS and processors is a good as or better than a company which builds OS, Hardware, Processors in LOCKSTEP, each department knowing what they other guy is doing and optimizing it.

        if you believe THAT there’s no point arguing with you.

        as for bend gate:
        “-inferior build // Bendgate is superior build quality?”

        Apple had 9 complaints about bending iPhone from 6 days (it sold 10 million in the first weekend so it’s from more than 10 m phones)
        to put that into perspective:
        Samsung had 30% return rate for the Galaxy Gear Watch.

        PC Magazine:
        “A document leaked to the tech blog shows carrier/device rollout dates for the time piece, as well as a concerning note that the Gear’s “overall return rate” has topped 30 percent.”

        “consumers have weighed in with their opinion of the device too, and it’s not pretty: nearly a third of Galaxy Gear owners return the device.”

        That’s 3 MILLION returns from 10 m (if they sold that many!) !!!!!!!!!

        NINE vs 3 Million and you are arguing about QUALITY?

        of course android fans think 3 million vs 9 shows Apple has inferior build (Like I said NO POINT ARGUING WITH YOU GUYS… )

        (and don’t tell me Apple is lying because a public statement like that can be easily verifiable from warranty calls etc by SEC, DOJ etc)

      2. since I have a bit more time now and since you’re calling people dumbass, besides my ass kicking ABOVE about the 9 vs 3 million Galaxy gear return ratio, I’ll write a bit more:

        “bad support // potentially, yes, but the carrier is a good point of contact”
        LOL ! F@ck me, you’re saying the CARRIER like AT&T or some carrier in Nicaragua , Thailand or rural China etc (the vast bulk of the Android market share are cheapo phones in the third world) are going to give good support for complex OS issues? Like better than Apple with iOS? LOL!
        with Apple for most OS, hardware issues any where in the world you just contact the local Apple guys or Apple’s world web.

        (Actually I suspect Android users with problems just THROW their phones away. Together with NO RESALE value is why the INSTALLED base is so much closer between android and iOS than market share stats. Some time back Google said Android installed base was about 1 billion, while iOS was estimated to to be 500-600 million)

        “On Android google updates those regularly now and they are available to almost 100% of android users.”
        seriously 100% of users?
        If that’s anywhere near true why is it only a tiny fraction of Android users are on the latest OS vs the bulk on iOS are 7 or 8.

        Like I said the vast bulk of Android are cheapo phones in Asia etc (Apple’s so called flop the 5C outsells the top end androids like S4, S5, HTC for months) and those cheapo android phones don’t get updates.

        Shoot tens of millions are locked and not only can you not get updates (to protect from bugs, Malware) you CAN NOT even use stock ANDROID APPS like china O phones (they are locked to their own app store). Many cheapo phones are RELEASED with Android versions several years old (to get away from any restrictions and conditions Google might apply and so that they can run of subpar hardware ).

        It makes more money than all the androids, symbian, BB, Win phones COMBINED. Companies like HTC, Motorola (before being folded in Lenovo) regularly lost money.

        that shows that apple has the most profitable TOP of the MARKET which means that People with money (or sense) just buy iPhones while androids only sell because they are CHEAP, marketshare is gained by practically giving them away like in BOGO deals or in plastic wrap bargain bins.

        (and apple sells NOT because of marketing spend. Last year Apple spent ONE billion plus on marketing, Samsung spent 14 BILLION, and you have to count HTC, Motorola , LG, Google etc ad spend as well)

        saying malware, bug ridden , laggy (yes it’s still laggy, go do an internet search and educate yourself on original Blackberry foundation fiasco) Android is better than iOS is like ….

        … saying SHIT (android) is better than GOLD (Apple) because with shit we get a soft velvety texture which you don’t get with gold…

        1. you site galaxy gear smartwatch returns in defense of… what, exactly? It’s not a phone and it’s from arguably the worst major android handset MFG. Also a 30% return rate doesn’t mean a 30% defective rate…it means people didn’t like it. I dont like it, but I didnt buy one to return.

          Bendgate may have been started by “NINE vs 3 Million ” having their phones bend, but it’s been duplicated hundreds of times on youtube. fact is the phone has a weakness under the volume buttons/rocker that Apple’s extensive testing labs failed to find. That’s whatever. Both new iphones are the first ones in years with even remotely acceptable screen sizes. growing pains are expected in new territory. Apple has a long history of quality control, but this was a failure, however rare it may be.

          Have you even ever used a good android phone lol? half your arguments are 3 years outdated. I actually use an iOS device. i know through first hand experience the limitations and benefits of each platform. i also live with someone who manages multiple thousand iPads and i have past experience managing both android and iOS in corporate environments. iOS is super easy to support b/c of the singular environment, and because of android fragmentation and inconsistency across brands, but that’s also a strong point. Each device maker has to compete with a better phone, better OS, better GUI, better features and they HAVE to react to what consumers want way quicker than apple. It took Apple 3 years to increase the screen size from 3.5 to 4″. I’d had a 4.25″ and then a 4.7″ that whole time. Then it took another 2 years to increase it to 4.7″, while i’d had a 5.2″ for that time. Meanwhile others were buying 5.5″ phones as far back as 2012, with current models as large as 5.8″ and even larger if you look past the major brands. These ever-larger screens were entirely consumer-driven, as opposed to Apple’s brand-driven mentality (at least up until recently).

          Android fragmentation according to google’s play store developer stats:

          it’s not THAT big of a deal anymore. 80% of androids are on 4.0 or later, which is the equivalent of iOS7. 70+% are on JellyBean or KitKat, which would be iOS 8. pretty damn good considering all the cheap phones in asia and africa.

          “On Android google updates those regularly now and they are available to almost 100% of android users.”
          seriously 100% of users?
          If that’s anywhere near true why is it only a tiny fraction of Android users are on the latest OS vs the bulk on iOS are 7 or 8.

          Did u fail reading comprehension? Google removed many of the core functions of their phones from the OS so they can be updated like individual apps. google updates them when they want to and not whenever a device MFG wants to update their OS. Calendar, Play Store, Keyboard, Camera…now all update via Play Store regardless of android version.

          you also can’t compare “latest OS” of android vs iOS. Their update schedules and schemas are dramatically different. Apple does major releases yearly or almost yearly with bug fix point releases in between, while android does smaller point releases with bug fixes and feature updates/changes more frequently and major releases very rarely (5.0/L is coming later this month and the new gui is phenomenal). There’s little difference between JellyBean and KitKat, which are 70% of android devices. That is no longer a major concern for developers.

          and malware LOLOLOL. the only malware on android comes from kids pirating pay apps from shady websites and side-loading onto their phones and tablets. thats the same way half of the world gets viruses on Windows…

          u seem to think im anti-Apple…im not, im anti-dumbasses spreading outdated or malicious information.

          Steve Jobs was kind of a dick, but he was a really smart dick that usually knew what consumers wanted, or knew what they didnt know they’d want. THat type of innovation has been gone. the iphone 6/6+ releases played catch-up to android in almost every way: larger screen size. NFC + payments system. 3rd party keyboards. cross-app communication. more widget enhancements. interactive notifications. battery stats (iOS seriously didnt have battery stats? howd i not notice that before?). Almost every single feature addition or enhancement was to bring the OS up to the same functionality and quality of life that android has had since 4.0 in 2012.

          1. All the videos have proven is that if you apply so much force to an iPhone that one of your eyeballs burst, then it bends. Nine returns out ten million proves its a non-issue. Apple’s response was to demonstrate how the test the phone. Meanwhile, Samsung’s response to #Gapgate is to tell its customers that a gap between the screen and the case is normal to stop the components rubbing together! Oh, and they should also expect the gap to get wider over time …

          2. like I said no point really to argue but…

            9 vs 3 million is relevant to discussion of QUALITY and JUDGEMENT (of what is a Quality issue as you brought up ‘bend gate; when I said Apple had good quality) . It shows how Android fans blow a non issue into a big issue. REAL quality mess is like the Galaxy Gear not a iPhone nine out of 10-20 million.

            You said ‘hundreds’ of Youtube videos of bent phones … so why don’t they RETURN the phones? (which would have appeared in Apple’s return list, verifiable to the SEC etc like I said. ) Unless of course it’s B.S.

            WE COURSE KNOW THAT ANDROID OEMS WILL STOOP TO MAKING FAKE REVIEWS and HIRING ASTRO TURFERS (people who are hired by them to post false info online)
            Samsung has already Apologized publicly for that in the HTC lawsuit (Samsung had hired people to post FAKE reviews — like those Bendgate videos your touting — about HTC phones) and Samsung was FINED by the Taiwanese Govt.

            Network World:
            “Samsung has admitted its use of clandestine payments to supposedly unbiased user reviewers and apologized for the recent “unfortunate incident.

            Register UK :
            “Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission has fined Samsung 10m New Taiwan Dollars ($340,510) after the South Korean giant hired an army of commentards to diss the handsets of rival HTC and praise its own smartphones”

            LIKE I SAID and which you disagreed: ANDROID OEMS LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH . A fair chance all those bend gate stuff is flamed by them and android Apple-haters join in.

            SHOOT YOU could be a paid Samsung troll!

            more examples?
            Xiaomi besides copying Apple’s products and even Steve Jobs black turtle neck get up.. copies all kinds of stuff.

            “Xiaomi’s website was filled with what appear to be pilfered images. Many of the images shown on the Mi 3 camera roll on the website and on stage during Xiaomi’s announcement of the device were lifted and cropped. In some cases watermarks were removed. Here’s one stolen from National Geographic. And another from Flickr. Two are ripped from Getty Image users (1) (2). Xiaomi changed the images on July 29 after others noticed the infringement”

            lo lol lol This is the level of Android OEMS.

            SO DO I TRUST ALL THE APPLE HATE COMING OUT and the superiority of android … NOPE.

            As for android malware not being a serious issue:

            May 2013
            Last month a form of malware called BadNews was downloaded several million times from the Google Play store. This malware impersonated an ad network and leaked personal information from affected phones to a designated offshore server. It also prompted users to install a Trojan application (AlphaSMS) which produces expensive text charges. All in all, it wasn’t pretty.

            INFO WORLD:
            feb 19, 2014
            “The number of mobile apps infected with malware or that are conduits for spyware in Google’s Play Store nearly quadrupled between 2011 and 2013, a security vendor has reported.

            In 2011, there were about 11,000 apps in Google’s mobile marketplace that contained malicious software capable of stealing people’s data ”

            ETC those just from the Google Play Store.

            Android malware is so prevalent that Google has created detectors like Bouncer (which unfortunately at launch according to Toms guide had only a 15% detection rate… )

            Reports indicate that all big android stores: Mumayi, Baidu, AnZhi etc are infected with malware.

            So only a moron would want to deal with the plagues of android malware when the top of the line phones cost the same as iPhones. Transmission of files like text messages from friends can also infect android phones, so do you know which app stores your friends use?

            As for the OS issue : the THEORY of possible updates and reality are two different things.
            The vast majority of android phones aren’t even counted in OS versions because many android phones (like those in China) are not even linked to Google, they run Bidu and their own apps. the vast majority of Android phones never get updates.

            This is significant because OS numbers are tied to the Google Play Store.
            From Google’s own developer site: “Because this data (platform versions) is gathered from the new Google Play Store app, which supports Android 2.2 and above, devices running older versions are not included”
            (So many people besides those in china do not use the Google Play Store)

            Even if we take google stats KitKat released for more than a year has only 24% penetration.

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