OS X Yosemite ‘GM Candidate’ provides an early look at new Pages and Keynote for Mac

“On Tuesday Apple provided developers and beta testers with the GM build of OS X Yosemite, which will likely be the version that ships to consumers later in October (although since this is only a ‘GM candidate’ we may see another build sometime before then),” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac.

“Earlier we noted that this build includes updated videos to demonstrate the trackpad gestures in System Preferences that showed off new iWork icons,” Beasley reports. “As it turns out, those demo videos also give us a quick look at what will almost certainly be the next major version of Apple’s iWork suite.”

Beasley reports, “Another of the videos has our first look at the updated Keynote app.”

Read more, and see the screenshots, in the full article here.


  1. MDN – Where the hell is your update for iOS8? My daughters Fairy Sparkels game has been updated twice since iOS8s release. What gives. As much as you dish out about the incompetency of some of Apples mistakes, how about looking in the mirror and either fire yourself or fix your program. Alos the amount of times I get “Shockwave Flash has crashed” on the browser is embarrassing. Get your house in order.

    1. This is the SECOND time I’ve seen you post this exact message here at MDN. So here is my SECOND post of my response:

      Uh, HUH?! What does “Shockwave Flash has crashed” have to do with ANY iOS device? Nothing-at-all! What are you talking about??? Get your posts in order.

      Stop the spam spew.

      1. This is the SECOND time I’ve seen you respond post this exact message here at MDN. So here is my SECOND post of my response:

        Derek, “Shockwave Flash has crashed” was stated as a separate issue. There are two issues:
        1. MDN stated that they had submitted an update to their app over 2 weeks ago. Still nothing …
        2. The “Shockwave Flash has crashed” is specifically related to the Mac OS.

        My posts are fine, just read more carefully and I will try to be a bit more clear.

        Bottom line is that I support MDN and enjoy the community, the experience is simply horrible when my app crashes or while on my Mac I constantly have my browser lock up.

        btw two posts does not constitute a spam spew in my opinion.

        And based on 27 people strongly agreeing with my post, I doubt I am the only one feeling this way.

        But thank you Derek Currie for you response. Your passion although misplaced is admirable.

      2. DC, you teed off on RL to fast and with too much enthusiasm. I have done the same thing myself on a number of occasions. The very nature of this form of communication seems to invite those types of responses, especially when one is passionate about the topic. When I get too wound up, I try to reset my perspective and relax a little. YOLO

    2. its funny, you repeat yourself and Derrik repeats his lack of attention to your concerns (two concerns total, i was able to make out, one with iOS and one with the full desktop browser and shockwave).

      Oh well, par for the course in the neverland of online discourse i guess…..

      My suggestion: use epicbrowser and turn off flash to avoid the noise


    3. I suppose that everyone (website?) is entitled to a bit of hypocrisy? This is not the first time that MDN’s sharp tongue has flayed others while remaining quite tame with respect to its own faults.

      The last time that MDN revamped its iOS app, it took quite a while to release it. This should be a much simpler tweak to get it running on iOS 8, but I would not hold my breath, RL.

    4. It is rather amazing that the website that spends a lot of energy trying to convince us to dump Flash is filled with more Flash based advertisements than any other site I visit. I disabled Flash (as advised by MDN) and now see almost none of the ads on their site AND my browser no longer Flash crashes when MDN is loaded up.

      As for iOS app, it does suggest a bit of hypocrisy that it seemingly did not anticipate the coming of iOS8 and update app accordingly and that it has not yet been updated. However, thinking back to the last time they had an app issue, it took weeks (months?) for it to be fixed, so I’m not holding my breath. As for asking us to use the website until app is updated, it is stunning that the site is not responsive in design so that it would recognize that you are accessing from a mobile device and adjust accordingly. Difficult to work with on iPhone. Well, it IS a nice opportunity to discover other sources of Apple news!

    1. I think I may have retired before that happens.

      I used to be able to say to people, “Get a Mac. Don’t worry about your word processing; Pages is great and will do everything you need.” That is no longer remotely close to true.

      We’ll see what the next upgrade brings.

  2. MDN, They find it really easy to advise Apple on what they should do, but when it comes to their own Website and App, you get a random article saying the app is coming and their website is now SO crammed with ads, its lucky it loads at all. I think MDN should get their own house in order before they toss another rock at Apple that manages more stuff in a minute the MDN does all year…

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