AnandTech reviews Apple’s 64-bit iPhone 6 Plus: ‘Definitely a great phone’

Versus the iPhone 6, “the iPhone 6 Plus is bigger, the display has higher pixel density, the camera has optical image stabilization, and iOS 8 has new app designs to take advantage of the larger screen,” Joshua Ho writes for AnandTech. “The iPhone 6 Plus is also more expensive, with the 16GB version starting at the same price as the 64GB version of the iPhone 6.”

“For the most part, the iOS 8 experience on the iPhone 6 Plus is functionally identical to what you get on the iPhone 6. However, some aspects of the iPad software are also present. For example, it’s possible to rotate the homescreen in any direction desired, so it’s fully possible to navigate between homescreens with the phone upside down,” Ho writes. “While not quite like the iPads, there are split views in certain applications and I’m sure that this view will become common throughout applications optimized for the iPhone 6 Plus. For the most part, this really helps with taking advantage of the larger screen real estate. It definitely helps to make the iPhone 6 Plus feel like the combination of a tablet and phone.”

“Overall, the iPhone 6 Plus is definitely a great phone that builds on the foundation of the iPhone 6. Whether it’s right for you will be based upon whether you want the larger display or not,” Ho writes. “Once again, it’s pretty easy to see the strength of Apple’s integrated hardware and software approach as it’s only a matter of time before most applications take advantage of the iPhone 6 Plus’ additional screen size.”

Read more in the full review here.

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    1. Right now the S5 is ahead in the camera poll. Which is complete horsesh*t. Just look at the two sample videos provided.

      The iPhone 6 (non-plus, non-OIS) is smooth as silk, and the colors lifelike, and the wind noise reduced.

      The S5 is as shaky as someone on their 14th cup of joe, the colors over saturated, blacks crushed, sound like he’s in a wind tunnel.

  1. Apple just took my $1032.04 for my unlocked GSM iPhone 6 Plus that wasn’t promised to deliver for 2 more weeks. Order status says preparing for shipment. So looks like they’re catching up on September 12 orders sooner than they promised to begin with. Very happy about that. 😃

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