Samsung is running scared of Apple’s hot-selling, 64-bit iPhone 6 Plus

“Last week Samsung brought forward the release date of the Galaxy Note 4, and the phablet is now on sale with three of the major South Korean mobile phone carriers (reports The Korean Times),” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “Originally scheduled for availability in October, the positive pubic [sic] reaction to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus has forced Samsung into an aggressive defensive play.”

“Setting a target of shipping 15 million Galaxy Note 4s in the first month after launch is ambitious, and I think Samsung will struggle to convert the shipped stock into sales, even with the Note 4′s SIM-free price being less than the launch price of the Note 3 and the Note 3,” Spence writes. “The 6 Plus (coupled with the 4.7 inch screened iPhone 6) has had a stellar first week of sales. Anyone buying a 6 Plus is clearly not going to be buying a Note 4 in the near future.”

Spence writes, “To react so quickly to a competitor, to bring forward a planned release data, and to apply a price cut on day zero sales, says much about Samsung’s lack of complete confidence in the Note 4.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The more pain inflicted upon Samsung, the better. Samsung is a garbage company with zero ethics.

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    1. I won’t be crowing over this just yet. I thought at first the gap was causing functional problems, but it seems to be mostly cosmetic… unless the gap leaves the internals at higher risk of contamination or damage.

  1. “Note 4′s SIM-free price being less than the launch price of the Note 3 and the Note 3”
    Yes, but what about the Note 3? Or the ubiquitous Note 3? :o)

  2. Yeah. FSCK Samsung.

    I despise hurting other people, except hurting people who hurt other people. That’s a pleasure. That’s a form of communication to these scum understand and, in their sickness, often long for. Here. It’s your’s. You can keep it.

    Now back to positive things…

  3. My partner and I were shopping this weekend at a well-known store, and they carry a lot of televisions (we bought our last one at this store). Right now they are carrying a huge number of Samsung TVs, the sales person said he and the other sales guys hate Samsung TVs because they’re the #1 product return, they just aren’t made well and don’t last long. We refuse to buy Samsung products due to their continuous IP theft, but that was an interesting additional reason.

    1. I *hate* to admit that the Samsung TV I bought in 2009 or 2010 is still running very nicely, but I am happy to say I’ll never buy another Samsung (consumer) product again. Sharp, Panasonic, LG, whatever… wins over Samsung every time going forward.

  4. Apparently Samsung execs are killing themselves in droves and most are now refusing to return to work. They’ve caught a glimpse of the future and it sure does look like a swift RIMM-stye exit for beleaguered samsung.

  5. What’s the point of a 64-bit iPhone. It is my understanding that the only difference between 32-bit and 64-bit is the amount of memory an app can consume. If using over 2 GB of memory (RAM) per app, then 64 bit is needed. Yet the iPhone doesn’t even have 2GB of Ram, so what is the point. Am I missing something? Is there some other benefit I am not aware of? Because MDN keeps pimping out the 64-bit in the title as if its the holy grail and a much needed feature on all smart phones.

    1. I guess this kind of answers my question in that there isn’t much of a point or benefit to consumers now, but that Apple has laid the framework and groundwork for the future (as they are prone to do with everything).

      1. Hey retard,

        Do you know how many iPhone/iOS users ther are out there?

        Do you know how many iOS Apps there are out there that take advantage of 64 bit?

        Do you know what an ecosystem is?

        Do you umderstand how many satisfied Apple users and Halos that number is?

        Not much of a point or benefit to consumers…???

        What was that you were saying about the future idiot boy????

      2. The articles you list are a year old. Since then more sofware has been written to take advantage of the fact that with 64 bit, twice as much data can be handled per clock cycle with very little increase in energy consumption. This is primarily an advantage in handling large data volumes like hi def video, and results in Apple being able to do better slo-motion video, and better video gaming, without brute force battery-chugging high speed processors. It’s a year later but Android is still not ready for 64 bit.

      1. Breeze, go home and kill yourself you fag. You have no idea how smart I am, but I now have a great idea of how much of a pompous ass you are. Instead of just reading my comments out of context and answering as if you are God, you should have at least read the articles I posted to see why I said what I said. Now if you would please fuck off and die, that would be greatly appreciated.

          1. Also I should point out my response was in response to that very person calling me a retard and an ignoramus. While two wrongs don’t make a right, I was merely responding in kind. I chose my words poorly, but my I do not regret the underlying message.

            1. 24 hours later and I realize as I look back I responded childishly. I obviously don’t want breeze to kill himself or to fuck off. I can’t delete my comments, so there they are. In the future, I will hold my tongue. You were 100% right Macadelic about my comments out of anger. Although I still am not fond of the way Breeze responded to me, oh well. We’ll probably never meet, so it really doesn’t matter I guess.

            2. Ben, that happens to the best of us, it’s the type of communication. Sometimes we react too fast. It takes a real man to admit he was childish, I admire that. The other problem is that it is hard to get the sentiment of our comments across correctly.
              @MDN: It would really help if we could edit our posts.

          1. I am an Apple user and have been for 10 years. I defend other Apple users and get defensive when people say that they are arrogant. Yet now I start to understand where that comes from. If someone was on the fence about switching to Apple, and posted a question here today, they would be told they aren’t smart enough or good enough for Apple. Instead of trying to help educate people and bring them into the fold, they would be met with malice and contention because they appear not to be smart enough. I am so very glad I do not simply judge someone based off a question they pose and that I would help them attempt to answer the question. I have learned a valuable lesson today, if someone wants to find out more about Apple products, one should not ask Apple fans about them, because they would not be welcome in the click.

            1. My insults are reserved only for those that read my original question and pre-judged me as not worthy to be a member of the Apple community because I apparently do not know enough. My comment was geared towards those that would respond to any question from someone who is looking for more info who would not get a warm welcome. That certainly does not apply to the entire MDN community.

            2. sorry Ben..

              much like the general population of North America, you will find that just over half are complete and utter fuck-wit, mouth breathing, ***-news-consuming douche-nozzles—the MDN populace is really no different.

              there are a lot of (but not enough) really great, super smart and quite tolerant people here. sadly, you have met very few today.

              kudos to mossman for representing what MDN should more often be.

            3. The problem is that you are a year late to the discussion. Apple users have waged a continuous battle with nausayers, trolls and meme repeaters about the 64bit advantages since the 5s launch. And along you come, asking the very same things that we thought had been put to bed and unfortunately using similar language that has been used to bait Apple and it’s users, since the release ie…it’s just marketing. Unfortunate….but still a bit dumb to be so far behind.

            4. @Gotcha. I asked this question a year ago but never got an answer. I have always assumed for various reasons that 64-bit iPhone was better. However, I got into a debate recently with my cousin, who is a software engineer for a security company who had questions I couldn’t answer, so I attempted to ask the question in a dumbed down way to get some kind of answer I could send him. But you are right, it was late, and the dumbed down version of the question probably set these people off.

              I have sent my cousin the article mossman gave me. Thanks @temprakneeoh and @Gotcha for pointing those things out. I should have just let it go, but my temper got the better of me. A day later and I am seeing this convo and just laughing at how stupid it was of me to react the way I did.

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