ALERT: Do not install Apple’s iOS 8.0.1; breaks cellular connectivity, Touch ID support for ‘large number of users’

“Following the release of iOS 8.0.1 on Wednesday, many users began experiencing issues with the maintenance and software update, finding that their handset could no longer establish a cellular connection or recognize their fingerprint upon installing,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Users who have not yet installed iOS 8.0.1 are advised to hold off, as the problems presented by the update appear to affect a large number of users,” Hughes reports. “Initial reports suggest that the update causes issues for a variety of different iPhone models, including the newest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Carrier connectivity issues are occurring across the board.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup, even the world’s most valuable company can look like a Microsoftian clusterfsck at times.

To paraphrase Steve Jobs: Can anyone tell us what iOS 8.0.1 is supposed to do? So why the fsck doesn’t it do that?

Hopefully, iOS 8.0.2 will be arriving shortly.

MacDailyNews Note: UPDATE: 2:34pm EDT: Apple has pulled iOS 8.0.1.

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    1. It appears that Apple has removed the update from the developer site and from OTA delivery, essentially its gone for now.. it will of course re-appear when fixed. The question is will they roll the revision, the build will of course be changed.

      1. Same here. Low battery stopped the update. I’ve no reason to believe that 8.0.1 would kill my particular cellular connection, but I would rather not find out.

        Not your finest hour Apple.

      2. That’s what saved me as well. And thanks to the tip from Backlash above, I was able to delete it off my iPhone 6 entirely. Now since Apple pulled iOS 8.0.1 it says my phone is up to date.

    1. Dude, quit dreaming.

      iOS 8.02 isn’t going to replace your iPhone 4s’ A5 SoC with an A8.

      You need a new iPhone. It’s past time for an upgrade.

      (Brought to you by Carls’ Jr.)

      1. With respect, I disagree. My 4S is hardly steam-powered technology, but the lag is marked under iOS 8. Resetting helped a little, but it would be better if Apple either limited iOS8 to iPhone 5 and above, or tweaked it sufficiently to make it more usable on a 4 or 4S

        1. Actually, iOS 7.1 has made operation on iPhone 4 signifnicantly faster than what was possible with iOS 7.0.

          So Mark has to wait for few months for that. None of 8.0.* releases will improve speed on iPhone 4S/iPad 2, only 8.1 will.

      2. Bullshit. The iPhone 4s is still one of the best smartphones after all these years. They’re selling new Android phones today that can’t even measure up. He doesn’t need a new phone.

        1. Never mind music library, some update in the pre-10.5 days wiped the entire hard drive if the drive name started with a space character, which mine did (a habit held over from the pre-OSX and pre-Quick Look days, where clicking to desktop and hitting space let you quickly select the hard drive without seeing it).

          I was *very* lucky because at the time I was still installing Mac updates the day they came out, but I wasn’t home the day/weekend it was released (IIRC it was released Friday, problem wasn’t widely known until Saturday/Sunday).

          Sure that’s a more obscure bug than dropped calls, but its effects were far more devastating. That was enough to break the “update trust” though, and I never again installed anything the first day it was released.

  1. My wonderful new iPhone 6 is busted. On O2 in the UK. No cellular, no touch ID.

    This is not good for Apple. In using their products for over 25 years, nothing like this has ever happened to me.


  2. Might I suggest that instead of Timmy giving the whole company an extra week of vacation time in November, coercing them to march in Gay Pride parades, and wallowing in global warming groupthink get togethers, perhaps he should embark on weeding out the brain-dead losers who are doing nothing but destroying Apple’s brand equity and investor value and work to get some competent employees in there who can do their fscking jobs for a change?

  3. Yep, screwed my phone. No cellular connectivity, no touch ID. I know have a worthless product. They better roll out a fix REAL quick. Apple seems to be screwing up an awful lot lately.

    1. A couple of weeks ago they rolled out iTunes 11.4 with only 64 bit kexts in it. They disabled syncing for all 32 bit Macs that were running Mac OSX 10.6.8. I found a work around on that, that required manually removing about 20 different kext files, deleting 11.4, finding 11.3.1 online and installing that in 11.4’s place. Now when I check for an iTunes update on that old Mac it says that 11.3.1 is the most up to date version of iTunes available for that machine … hmmm.

  4. Just checked my iPad that did not get updated yet – it is saying “iOS 8.0 Your Software is up to date.”

    Looks like Apple knows they screwed up and pulled the 8.0.1 update already.

  5. Ios8 has been the buggiest POS update of all time. Not only am I having problems with the os, but most of my apps crash randomly now too. These guys need to pull their heads out of their asses.

      1. Sorry but this is totally BS. A company like the fruit called apple has some responsibility. You cannot just throw some garbage to the customers and then blame the app developers for this epic fail. I am not an android guy or apple hater, I am just a coder who is totally passed that some alpha release has been published. Apple was for the people who do not give a s)) @$&t how thinks work. It may worked. Now the very same customer has to deal with complicated downgrade procedures. Are you kidding me.
        Don’t find excuses guys fix the dawn thing.

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