Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster: Apple Television quite possible in 2016

“In an investor note released late Tuesday, analyst Gene Munster returned to his mantra of an Apple television set,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET. “”

“The analyst has been forecasting such a product for the past few years, but so far Apple has yet to produce one,” Whitney reports. “‘Given how many times we have predicted a television and have yet to see one launch, it may be easy to dismiss our insistence of the television,’ Munster said. “‘However, as recently as 9/12 on Charlie Rose, CEO Tim Cook said that the TV is a category in which Apple has great interest in, given the experience is ‘stuck in the 70s.’ Cook also noted that Apple has ‘taken a stab’ at TV with Apple TV and claimed that it is an area Apple continues to look at. We also note that in Steve Jobs’ biography in 2011, Jobs stated that he felt he finally cracked the TV. We believe the evidence remains that something is there, the question remains when.'”

Whitney reports, “‘It would seem that an Apple television is unlikely in 2015 and quite possible in 2016,’ Munster said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We have some recommended reading for Gene.

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  1. MDN- …..cried wolf…..LOL…..

    Message for Gene et al-
    It’s about the CONTENT DELIVERED BY THE “BOX”; not the television set itself………
    There is NO MONEY in the television set per se as they keep coming down in price.

    Besides, what do you think Apple would built a 80″ LED tv for the current market???? $25-30K?? Not gonna buy it since I can simply hook up my Apple TV hockey puck via HDMI and watch what I need….!! it’s CONTENT GENE!!

    1. In another report, Gene Munster predicted that Apple will release the Car, which will revolutionize driving by letting people steer via Siri and swiping, in 2017. Because, well, it seems like a good idea?

      1. And in an update to that report, iOS 8 is causing cars to run off the highway. 300 people were killed today just in California. As usual, fanboys are blaming aliens from outer space for the software fiasco. Standby for a fix!

  2. MDN… Hahaha… hilarious! But I do think Apple has been trying to crack the content issue for years. Hollywood is fearful of Apple and have held tight to their content. Netflix and Amazon have resorted to creating their own studios to combat the stalemate. When and if Apple cracks this nut, they will release a TV. Perhaps Steve could have bullied them into it or come up with an alternate plan — who knows. But the landscape of film and TV is changing so it may happen one day. 2016? 2017? 2020? Who knows. But, long before then, everyone stopped listening to Gene!

  3. This man refuses to give up. I remember when he was hung up on a mini-iPhone that would take immense amounts of market share from Android. He finally gave up on that one. Now all he talks about is some AIO AppleTV which will likely never happen. I figured Apple would have already come out with a special Apple cable box if it hadn’t been for the Comcast/TimeWarner merger. I’m certain everything came to a standstill at that point.

    It appears 3D TVs are at the end of the line as the programming dried up and consumers hated wearing those 3D glasses.

    1. …or if you jump up and down, arch and scream loudly enough, long enough, and threaten Apple with downgrades, maybe, just maybe, your silly analyst fantasy might come true.

      Why exactly would Apple want to sell a large screen TV? Unless Apple could reinvent TV as we know it (and I’m talking about flat screen TVs, not the little Apple TV device), it means nothing. TVs, as I have said, are a highly commoditized, low-margin, low-turnover business, which is exactly the type of business in which Apple chooses not to compete. And for good reason. Just ask Sony.

      That Munster is so stubbornly thick-skulled about this remains a mystery.

  4. Gene Munster was one of the early Apple bulls. He was ahead of his time and I applaud him for that. As I recall, he was very positive about the Apple iPhone …and look at us now. Some of his predictions may have been wrong (or, at least, early?), but (1) his opinions are original, and (2) one never knows what could have, or might have, been …if not for reality — and/or perhaps decision-makers who lie outside of Apple’s control — taking unexpected turns. Gene is still heads above most brain-dead, negative analysts, in my opinion.

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