Analysts giddy as Apple’s new iPhone 6/Plus set new all-time smartphone sales record

“The strong performance of Apple’s new iPhone over the weekend has some analysts giddy, with Global Equities Research going so far as to say this marked ‘the beginning of a new era’ for the company,” Tomi Kilgore reports for MarketWatch.

“Apple shares advanced 0.7% in premarket trade Monday, amid reports that the iPhone 6 Plus was sold out by Sunday morning, and that a bulk of the iPhone 6 models, particularly the gold version, were out of stock,” Kilgore reports. “The average rating on Apple’s stock is overweight, and the average price target is $108.81, which is 7.8% above current levels. The highest is $135, from Alex Gauna at JMP Securities, according to FactSet.”

“Apple said Monday that it sold 10 million new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices over the weekend, a new record,” Kilgore reports. “Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White said if the demand didn’t outstrip supply so quickly, those sales numbers could have been much higher.”

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    1. They usually compare performance to their predictions (pulling a number out of a hat). I’m sure there is some analyst out there who will say the sales are “disappointing” because they didn’t sell six billion iPhones (one for each human being on Earth) in one weekend.

    2. It does appear Apple stock is heading towards negative territory, so only the analysts are giddy and not investors. However, the entire Dow is bleeding so I guess it’s to be expected. Apple is doing better than most of the market.

  1. Plus demand for iPhone 6 Plus models was severely muted by early Friday morning news stories that they were already sold out or were never delivered to the vast majority of non-Apple Store outlets. And Apple Store queues were so gigantic as to render any hope of finding one for sale to anyone who hadn’t camped out since Wednesday September 17 mute – especially unlocked GSM models. Am I right or did I give up too soon? I feel like I was a quitter. 😱

  2. For all the giddiness, the stock is bouncing around the same range as Friday.
    As if anyone says that the market has already priced in the 10M sales volume I will nutt them.

  3. We are still in the mid-years of feature creep, advances in UI and performance and sensors.

    These sell-outs on opening day are going to continue for many years.

    A personal guess is that ‘ubiquitous computing’ centered on what is commanded from a personal device is going to be a staple of life for virtually everyone who is an active member of society, very soon, which means the 7 billion number is a real number we will reach.

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