Mother of all upgrades: Huge crowds greet Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

“Apple Inc. began sales of its newest iPhones Friday with consumers in Australia becoming the first globally to get their hands on them,” Daniel Stacey and Ross Kelly report for The Wall Street Journal.

“With the appeal of a bigger screen, veterans of prior launches said the queues were the longest outside Sydney’s Apple store, highlighting strong initial demand,” Stacey and Kelly report. “The screen upgrade, along with better battery life, a faster processor, and an improved camera, is expected to drive strong demand for the new phones. In an interview last week, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said he expects the ‘mother of all upgrades’ from consumers rushing to snap up the new iPhones.”

“Apple has raised the base price for its most-expensive model by $100. The iPhone 6 starts at $649 without contract—the same price that Apple charged for the iPhone 5S when it introduced that phone a year ago. For the larger iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is charging $749 without contract, making it the most expensive iPhone that the company has ever sold,” Stacey and Kelly report. “The higher price hasn’t done much to diminish demand. The waiting time for the iPhone 6 Plus is longer, at three-to-four weeks, while customers can get an iPhone 6 within seven to 10 business days, according to the company’s online store in the U.S. Apple said it has set aside supplies for customers purchasing the phones in stores on Friday.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Virgin Mobile:

    Anyone in the USA going to use iPhone 6 with Virgin mobile? Wondering if thats a good carrier to use or not? I see they offered the 5S & 5C but didn’t find anything about iphone6

    1. Noooooooooooooo. Don’t do it! I just switch to AT&T using the Next to spread out my payments. I was on Virgin and the network is horribly slow and there are giant areas of even the Eastern US without any service or 1G. Only do it if you are super broke.

    1. I went down to the Basingstoke UK store at 8.30 this morning to be met with a queue of about 200 people while they were allowing about max 10 customers inside a very large store.
      So I went round to the local Vodafone store to have a look at the 6 & 6Plus.
      The 6 Plus feels too big and dare is say it, too thin(!) and does look like a big plate – holding it up to my head does feel a little odd. I much prefer the 6. I am used to a 5S and an iPad mini retina so perhaps it’s just the different feel of a new device.

  2. I’m fairly certain even long lines of people waiting for the iPhone 6 can be turned into a negative spin by the FUDsters. Something like, “Half of those people waiting on line were disappointed because Tim Cook didn’t arrange to have enough iPhones in stock so they left empty-handed.” It’s pretty easy to make something good seem bad.

  3. I’m still using a 4s.

    Want the 6 but can wait.

    I’ve grown out of the phase of queuing for days for an apple product, it’s fun but in a couple of months I can walk into a store and get one without the queues.

    But the apple watch, now that’s something I may queue for…

  4. Went to the AT&T store at CampCreek Plaza in Atlanta at 5:30am was the 15th person in line. At 7:45 an AT&T rep came out and told us that the store only had 2 iPhone 6 plus in stock. After looking at that huge phone I am happy with the iPhone 6.

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