Larry Ellison steps down as Oracle CEO

“Larry Ellison announced Thursday he has agreed to step down as CEO of Oracle, the software powerhouse he co-founded,” Jon Swartz, Matt Krantz and Brett Molina report for USA Today.

“Mark Hurd and Safra Catz, co-presidents of Oracle, will take the role as CEO,” Swartz, Krantz and Molina report. “Catz will handle all manufacturing, finance and legal functions at the company, while Hurd manages ‘sales, service and vertical global business units.’

“Ellison, 70, founded the database giant in 1977 and has turned the company into the king of high-end business-focused software,” Swartz, Krantz and Molina report. “He will remain with the company as the board’s chairman and chief technology officer.”

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  1. Is Oracle one of the few non-Apple companies to make good software and hardware. I remembered we had to take a class on how to use Solaris, and I thought it was surprisingly good to use, and was stable. It is obviously meant for computer geeks, but I do respect Oracle, and the operating systems that they make.

      1. Agreed. Their e-business ERP system is Microsoftonian to be kind. It is god awful, slow, user interface sucks, and surprisingly, I believe I read this is the erp software Apple uses.

  2. Sadly, Larry Ellison is remaining as CTO (Chief Technology Officer), which means he’ll still be overseeing the Java, gawd help us, and the Open Source projects Oracle has devoured and run onto the rocks.

    What a scallywag be Larry Ellison! Arr.

      1. Many companies successfully run Oracle software. The only stuff I bash is what Oracle has acquired from elsewhere then ruined. They turned Java into the single most dangerous software anyone can run on the Internet. This is quite a contrast to the original vision of Java as becoming the single most safe, as well as cross platform, software one could run on the Internet. Well done Oracle. Golden goose successfully road killed. 😛

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