Will iPhone 6 shipping delays leave you phone-less?

“You may have to wait until October to get your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Could that spell trouble for consumers who plan to — or have already arranged to — trade in their old phones?” Catey Hill wonders for MarketWatch.

“Apple Inc. announced on Monday that it had sold a ‘record’ number of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones, which it says could lead to shipping delays,” Hill reports. “For the many consumers who plan to trade in their old iPhones for an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, we asked the major carriers that have trade-in programs, as well as some major resale sites, for advice about what to do.”

Hill reports, “Here’s what we uncovered; we will be updating this story as other carriers and sites get back to us with more detail.”

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  1. uh, ok. maybe it’s smarter to get your new phone first before you sell your old one. I think you lose your right to bitch if you go the counter logical route and do it the other way round…

  2. I ordered thru AT&T. I will never do this again. I’ve purchased every iPhone that ever came out with the exception of the 5. All of those except for the original were on the initial launch day. I’ve never seen an expected wait like I am this time. I ordered within the first 30 minutes it was possible to online and initially my ship date was 10/31 to 11/11. Now it’s better (but still not good) at 10/13 to 10/22. Needless to say, very frustrating. I spoke with two people at AT&T and one told me that these dates very well may get better. Ultimately it sounds like they have no idea what they will have for initial availability. Anyways, if I have to wait till October I am going to be pissed.

    1. “I ordered within the first 30 minutes it was possible to online”

      Just a little heads up.. a LARGE number of people could have ordered before you in that 30 minutes.

      I had 2 iPhones to order through AT&T (separate orders) both done in the first 10 minutes, the first just prior to midnight.. both the text and email from AT&T came at midnight. (The AT&T page refreshed 3 minutes to midnight and I was able to log in and order)
      Thats when the site started becoming slow… took a few minutes to get mine ordered.

      From what I heard the Apple store website was screwed for almost 2 hours.. you had to go through the App to get one ordered.

      1. I went through the app. I was constantly refreshing on 3 app devices until one went through. This was about an hour and half before the website came online. Still my order is October 1 – October 6. This is for a 128GB Space Gray AT&T iPhone 6 Plus.

  3. I completed my order before midnight. My order date actually says September 11 (Pacific Time) and my confirmation email is even time stamped at exactly 3:00am Eastern Time. So, I ordered mine at the exact moment AT&T started preorders, and my iPhone 6 Plus is still not shipping until October 2 to 13.

    I reserved a price for trade in with Gazelle and am getting 350 for my 64GB iPhone 5s. They have already dropped their price, why not lock in that price? It’s valid until October 15 as long as they receive it by then, so it’s no issue of selling the device before you get your new one. Nearly a whole month should be plenty of time.

    Regardless, I didn’t want to wait to send in my phone OR to have the new phone in hand. AT&T already confirmed over the phone that they will not have the iPhone 6 Plus in any stores near where I live on opening day, and Apple stores have enormous lines that I do not want to wait in. So I also ordered an iPhone 6 delivering on 9/19. I will not be phoneless, and in fact I will not even be iPhone 6-less. I will have a phone on opening day, even if I have to wait for the Plus to come a few weeks later.

    1. Also, some may argue that I can still get that price on eBay. However, eBay has fees, and so does PayPal. You get double stacked fees when you sell on eBay, and it would have to sell for at least 390+shipping to end up with the same 350 result. 64gb iPhone 5s’s on auction on eBay right now are barely going for 390. Even if they were going for a fractional amount more, it’s not worth it for the hassle, and even if you miss Gazelle’s expiration date, they’ll still take your phone for the highest price they can offer you on the date they receive it (although it may be slightly lower than what you expected).

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