Wells Fargo brings revolutionary Apple Pay to customers and merchants

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. has announced it will offer customers the ability to use Apple Pay, the new mobile payment service from Apple, beginning in October 2014. Apple Pay will offer Wells Fargo customers the ability to conveniently make purchases by integrating Apple-designed hardware, software and services. The new service will create a unique experience for Wells Fargo’s consumer and small business Debit and Credit Card holders.

When Apple Pay is available starting in October customers can add their cards and use their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch (available in early 2015) to pay in person, without physically swiping the actual card, anywhere they see the universal contactless acceptance symbol. Customers may use Apple Pay to make online purchases in apps with participating retailers while using their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. When a customer makes a payment with Apple Pay using their Wells Fargo cards, all transactions are monitored with Wells Fargo risk and fraud detection systems.

Purchases are also protected by Zero Liability, which reimburses customers for promptly reported unauthorized transactions.

“When we review mobile wallet providers, we look for payment safety, quality of service and ease of use for our customers. Apple Pay is a strong offering in those areas and we know our customers want and need this option as they live their increasingly digital lives,” said Jim Smith, head of Virtual Channels for Wells Fargo, in a statement. “It is our priority to offer innovative technologies to meet our customers where they are – and for many, that’s on a mobile device. After all, a wallet may no longer be in your back pocket or purse – it’s in the palm of your hand alongside your GPS-enabled maps, camera, music, email, and social networks.”

Recent survey data from the Federal Reserve reinforces that consumers’ interest in mobile banking continues to grow; 33 percent of mobile phone users and 51 percent of smartphone users report taking advantage of mobile banking services. These statistics are reflected in the growth of Wells Fargo’s fastest growing channel – mobile banking – which is growing at twice the rate of its online channel.

“More than 80 percent of U.S. consumers have a mobile phone and nearly two thirds of those phones are internet-enabled,” added Smith. “Phones have enhanced the way we interact with the world around us as we connect, share and make our way through the day. Delivering an exceptional experience was critical as we worked with Apple. Giving our customers the ability to make safe and secure payments when, where and how they want is a primary focus.”

Source: Wells Fargo & Company

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    1. It is amazing to me how many card companies are backing Pay. I’m hoping that very quickly we’ll also be able to add store cards (Target, Home Depot?) to Pay as well.

      I’m hoping that the big online guys (Amazon) quickly add Pay to their APP – I would contact my credit card company and request new cards / numbers so that the stored number at Amazon was then useless.

      1. I have every intention of look and shop from vendor that support ApplePay as much as possible.

        re Amazon: Make sure to remind your CC companies not to honor req payment from old card numbers. Most CC companies would honor payment from a company you have shopped from previously. It happened to me.

        More than that I have every intention of canceling my Amazon Prime when it comes due for renewal this Dec. They are taking Apple iOS device owners for granted. That whole stupid fire phone and now I discovered that the free shipping offered is actually not free. The same product with free shipping is often available at a lower price when shipping is extra. Therefore, Prime is a discounted shopping and the discount is not worth it any more…

      2. One thing to remember though, those store cards are not issued by the store. They have an outside bank issue them.

        For example my Cabelas card is issued through “Worlds foremost bank” not sure who they are.. Or if they are going to support apple pay either, but it won’t be cabelas that makes that decision really.

        Look on the back of those store cards and see who issues them, could be one of the banks already signing onto apple pay.

  1. @ Eric T. Mole. How does it feel now that it on the outside looking in. How does it feel that ur so called Half Ass Payment System have been out for soooo long and Getting no Mileage at all and in 1 fell swoop Apple Pay, is gonna Change the World again for all of Mankind. People like u will never learn. It’s not who came to Market First, But who Executes Best. (Yeaaaaa Apple is Gonna Change the World Again) !!

  2. Ah, this is good. Although I don’t bank with any of the majors including Wells, I do have an account with USAA who, according to the Keynote, is “coming soon.” Eventually my own main bank with offer it, I’m sure. The more uptake the better.

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