Disney CFO: Apple Pay is a huge advantage

“Walt Disney has partnered with Apple to use the tech giant’s new payment system, Apple Pay, at the media company’s stores and theme parks to make life easier for guests and employees, Disney CFO James Rasulo told CNBC on Wednesday,” Michelle Fox reports for CNBC. “”

“‘We feel that guests who can with one touch on their Apple 6, their Apple 6 Plus or their new Apple Watch… make a transaction is really a huge advantage to our cast members,’ Rasulo said in an interview on Power Lunch,” Fox reports. “‘It’s going to speed those along. It’s going to make them easy for us. It’s going to make them easy for them,’ Rasulo said.”

“Apple Pay, which was introduced on Tuesday along with a new watch and iPhones, will be a one-touch payment system built into the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus,” Fox reports. “It will also work on the Apple Watch.”

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  1. This Apple Pay has or electronic wallets has the potential to replace workers. Just look at self check out. Certain organizations such as Disney instead oh having several employees taking payments for different events can have one or more lines line for this electronic wallet (Apple Pay) and another for people who don’t.

  2. And the fact that many of the persons on the board of directors of Apple are also on the board of directors of Disney has absolutely nothing to do with this wonderful collaboration. It is just a vicious rumor…. Go Apple, Go Disney… Just get it to my local grocery and gas station and I will be happy to get an iPhone 6 and an Apple Watch….

    1. Bob Iger is the only person to sit on both boards, and he comes from the Disney exec ranks. Nobody from Apple is on the Disney board. None the less, the connection is there, and they are working together for mutual advantage. That’s okay with me as long as Iger doesn’t pull a Eric “The Mole” Schmidt move and carry back Watch plans to Disney for a retooling of the Mickey Mouse watch.

      1. The real connection is that when Disney bought Pixar, Steve Jobs became Disney’s largest non-institutional shareholder.

        His widow, Laurene, now holds that distinction, and I have a feeling she still has some vested interest in seeing the two work together (partly to further Steve’s vision, partly because I’m sure she has a pretty good chunk — billions — in Apple stock, too).

  3. I can see a time when android users get told to wait in a special line for people with antiquated and highly risky payment methods. In most cases, they’ll be asked to pay in cash and directed to the nearest atm.

  4. Now, if the Apple Watch can work with the payment system without the iPhone. Then this would be a great option to carry around as one travels through airports. No need to carry a wallet, per say, and would have access to all your cards without the need to expose your card info.

    For this I would buy the Apple Watch alone.

    1. If Apple history repeats itself you won’t have to wait too long NCG598: originally the iPad was considered an accessory device, and because it required periodic cabling to a host Mac for updates and syncing, had to be manged that way too. Sooner than you think the Apple Watch will be also untethered from the iPhone.

    2. I was thinking about this, and the reality of still needing an iPhone to do the heavy lifting (imagine that, the iPhone is the high power computing device), and concluded that this is why Apple keeps going for slimmer and lighter iPhones. We’re going to have to keep them for a while yet. The bigger question for me, in terms of being able to jettison the wallet, is when will the Gov let keep a digital version of my driver’s license, insurance cards and Passport on my iPhone. I’m going to pissed if the only reason I have to carry a wallet is for my identification so a cop can write me a ticket.

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