AT&T’s de la Vega: We’ve already received ‘hundreds of thousands’ of iPhone 6/Plus preorders

“AT&T Mobility has already received “hundreds of thousands’ of pre-orders for Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the few hours it has been selling the phone, according to top executive Ralph de la Vega,” Phil Goldstein reports for FierceWireless.

“De la Vega said the he woke up early this morning and found out that the carrier had already taken hundreds of thousands of orders for the new iPhones, and that was great to see ‘before you even have a cup of coffee,'” Goldstein reports. “‘It’s amazing to see the volume,’ he said, adding that the ‘systems are rocking’ and ‘everything is going well.’ He said demand for the new phones is ‘better than last year and they’re better than the prior year [before that]… Every time there is a change in [iPhone] design, there’s an uptake,’ he said. ‘I think this design is particularly good.'”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Agreed. Carriers are one of the main sources of misinformation about iPhones vs. Android phones. Manipulative salesmen that tell customers these are “better,” so they can pad their commission.

    2. its been covered many times before, it’s not exactly their fault.
      The android guys give kickbacks and incentives for them to shill their android “phones”
      Apple does not. (doesn’t need too)

      Same with the Fox/MS Surface deal. MS pays the money to have their crap shown on NFL games. For all we know every announcer owns an iPad, but is forced to use the MS crap on TV (and promote it)

      It doesn’t bother me that they promote everything else except the iPhone, it kinda proves the point that the iPhone IS better.
      Granted, those that buy into the BS do get screwed.. but then again, isn’t it their own fault?

    1. Yeah c’mon Jay, let’s hear the Dufus Prophet of Apple Doom’s take on this!! Surely you want to sound even more lame, cretinous and clueless?? I’m sure you can beat John Dvorak in the art of miscalculated cross-eyed predictions?

      1. He usually disappears for a while waiting for the first sniff of bad news even if its inability to meet the amazing demand and then lay in with his sack cook rant blah blah blah. He may be an idiot but he’s not quite a stupid idiot… well for the most part.

  1. Here’s a radical contention on how this backorder situation could quickly become a backlash. Apple has announced Continuity which will allow me to use my ipad as a phone interface to my iPhone. ios 8 which brings continuity will be released next week. Soon, Yosemite will be released and will give me the same ability on my mac. iPads and macs will also then support text messaging to non-Apple users. I contend that within the next month or two, consumers with Macs, iPads and iPhone 5 or 5S may begin to realize just how unimportant the version of your phone will be. I ordered my iPhone 6 Plus at 2:00 this morning from AT&T and woke to the news that my phone would ship between Halloween and Nov 11th. So my warning to AT&T and Apple is that they backorder these phones at their peril. Continuity was already in my mind battling my urge to upgrade. With this new wrinkle in the supply chain, both companies may soon find that Apple’s hardware is competing against its own software and could well turn the mother of all upgrades into the mother of all headaches for the company. I will wait an appropriate amount of time but this old iPhone 5 is looking better and better as it will likely be in one of two places – the charger or my pocket.

    1. I am not sure how will “Continuity” create a backlash. Back-order I can see, as many might be quite pissed for having to wait for weeks before getting their paws on the new device, but Continuity? For it to work, my understanding is that all you need is iOS 8, which you’ll get in less than a week (and to work with a Mac, you’ll need Yosemite, which should be out in a few months. Exactly how will this Continuity feature create a backlash?

      1. Backlash in respect to the time delay will give people the time to realize that the phone is really just an interface. Some gotta have it. I get that. But those of us who just need the functional, I believe, will find that functionality with an iPad and an older version iphone. The only thing i will get from an iPhone 6 that I won’t have in my mac/ipad/iPhone 5 ecosystem is Apple Pay. That’s huge, granted. But since most merchants aren’t coming online until further into calendar year 15, there’s no rush. And two of my friends at work just bought LG Flex phones over lunch because they gave up on the idea of being able to get an iPhone 6 on 9/19. So much for my iPhone 6 for my 9/11 birthday present to myself as well. Looks like it will be a Thanksgiving gift if i don’t cancel it next week.

      1. Apple Pay isn’t supported by the mass market right now so not a big deal until later in 2015. Think the supply problem might be resolved by then? Maybe when the iPhone 7 is released, there might be enough iphone 6’s to fill demand.

        Also, the thinking of “too bad they won’t be able to use Apple Pay” seems a little odd to me. You have consumers who are excited about a product and ready to purchase but the manufacturer doesn’t supply enough. And it’s too bad for the consumers??? Seems to me that in trying to penetrate the market with new Apple Pay technology, it may better be stated “too bad for APPLE that they can’t put the technology into the hands of all the users who would benefit from it. Launches like this break enthusiasm for products. Think Not quite that bad but we aren’t exactly firing on all cylinders here. A more realistic release date might have prevented the disappointment today.

  2. I wish the 5s could work with Apple Pay….

    They did add BlueTooth to the Apple TV, without telling anyone.

    It would have been cool if the 5s had NFC tucked away inside, and the secure section for Touch ID also stored CCs. (dream problems)

    1. Why is he an idiot? Steve himself told all of us how stupid a large phone was. They don’t even fit the average human hand. Apple made the perfect phone with a 3.5 inch screen.

      Now they’ve ruined perfection. I doubt there’ll be high demand at all. Who wants a large screen phone beside a couple Android dufuses?

      1. My guess is that you haven’t bothered to read any of the news coming out about the demand for the new iPhones, and you’ve forgotten that Steve often rejected ideas, and then came back later and totally contradicted himself by releasing the very product he rejected before.

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