In search of the missing ‘i’ in Apple Watch

“Apple Inc’s Tuesday launch was a marketing extravaganza stuffed full of gadgets, corporate hyperbole and celebrities of every stripe,” Christina Farr and Jennifer Saba report for Reuters. “One thing was missing: the ‘i’ in front of the Watch.'”

“The company that spends hundreds of millions of dollars marketing and advertising its gizmos does not do things without careful deliberation,” Farr and Saba report. “Some branding experts say Apple chose that foreshortened appellation both to distinguish its first new device in four years and send a message to the public that it was moving into new territory.”

“Marketing chief Phil Schiller once said in court that Apple’s strategy, which spends hundreds of millions of dollars on ads, is to ‘make the product the biggest and clearest thing in advertising,'” Farr and Saba report. “It is a new era,” said Ellen Leanse, a brand strategist and former senior Apple executive. ‘It was a highly confident move that signals, pardon the pun, watch us… It would have been trite to call it the iWatch. It would have been looking backwards,’ she added. ‘This could pave a new path for a product family’ like the Macintosh.”

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    1. THE people …. you got it just right

       Watch Pay TV ….

      Drop your cable TV, keep your cable Internet. Buy a digital antenna (and a digital – analog converter if you still have older TVs like me) to get the local affiliates of the Networks.

      1. Unless you are 70 miles from civilization (Hi!). Cable is still pretty important in my neck of the woods, but I’m still doing what I can to stream as much as I can to my Apple TV. (Sorry, but I also have to spell it out – Windoze at work and all.)

  1. What’s NEXT. Maybe an beats total music experience? —including doing to headphones and car/living room audio sound system what the Mac Pro did to the desktop computer—totally reinvent it all! I would ♥︎ an designed music sound system experience for my car! and I would also ♥︎ a love/heart icon the same size as the  icon— to further promote and brand ♥︎ instead of fear, hate violence and war— ‘love is all you need’/’give peace a chance’— and a peace sign. I would ♥︎  to redesign the whole pictograph alphabet (its so corny now)— but first things first.

    1. Apple could do worse than to buy up Harmon Kardon who designed and made the original clear SoundSticks and subwoofer; having a well-regarded audio manufacturer in-house, along with Beats for personal audio, combined with CarPlay, would make for an incredibly attractive combination.

  2. People seem to forget that a few months ago, a watch maker (pardon me for not recalling the name) stated that they won the trademark “iWatch” and if Apple used it then they would most certainly sue. It seems to me that Tim Cook and Apple didn’t have a choice but to name it Apple Pay. Also let’s not forget the Apple TV (Steve called it a hobby, but Tim Cook still added it to Apple’s online store..). There is possibly a logical explanation for the name, people just need to research and not jump to the first reason that sounds ‘logical’.

  3. The explanation is much simpler than that. Once Americans started pronouncing the 13th element as aluminium instead of aluminium like the rest of the world, a glut of unused letter ‘i’s started building up. Steve Jobs saw this huge pile of unused letters and decided to recycle them by adding one to every Apple product name.

    Two factors have now made this practice unnecessary. One is that around a billion letter ‘i’s have now been used up on various IOS devices and iMacs. The other is that Jony Ive is making Americans aware of how the word is pronounced when speaking true English, rather than American English.

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