MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘Wish We Could Say More’ special event

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives — hopefully large portions of which will be led by the excellent presenter Craig Federighi — will be holding their much-anticipated “Wish We Could Say More” special media event today, September 9th, at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT.

The special event will take place at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts and in a three-story mystery building Apple has built adjacent to the facility in Cupertino, California.

It is widely expected that next-gen iPhones with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays will be unveiled today along with the possibility of a new mobile payments system and potentially accompanied by the announcement of a wearable device, and maybe even some more surprise(s)!’

The event will be webcast live by Apple here. MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Tim Cook and company’s special media event presentation right here on this page. So, just bookmark this page, open both the webcast and this page, so you can watch and comment live, and we’ll see you here!

Apple’s ‘Wish We Could Say More’ special event live notes:

• End of event.

• AAPL: $98.82 Up $ 0.46(0.47%) @ 3:01PM EDT

• Cook: For the press and guests, we have the most amazing hands-on experience (big white building, a mystery no longer.)

• Cook and Bono: U2’s new album “Songs of Innocence” will be free to half a billion people via Apple’s iTunes right now.

• AAPL: $99.28 Up $0.92 (0.94%) @ 2:47PM EDT

• U2 performance.

• Cook: It is an incredible honor for us to have U2 join us on stage and perform.
• U2 has agreed to perform for you today. U2 has won more Grammy’s than any other band in history
• Cook: We’ve built a deep relationship with music industry and artists. One of the best bands of all time is U2.
• Cook: We celebrate our love for music with iTunes Festival. It is going on as we speak at London’d Roundhouse.
• Cook: I’d like to talk now about our love for music

• Cook reviews today’s announcements: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay, Apple Watch
• Apple Pay works with Apple Watch

• Apple Watch starts at $349 and will be available “early next year and it will be worth the wait.”

• Apple Watch is simple to charge at night. Simple and elegant inductive charging.
• A watch you can use to send customised emojis, your heartbeat or drawings to your friends.
• iWatch seamlessly works with your iPhone. Handoff with Apple Watch works with all iPhone back to iPhone 5 (over 200 million people already can use Apple Watch)
• Apple Watch is so much more: Viewfinder for iPhone camera, control Apple TV – wait until developers get ahold of it!

• AAPL: $100.44 Up $2.08 (2.11%) @ 2:39PM EDT

• Over time, Apple Watch gets to know you, like your own personal trainer. Will suggest achievable goals customized for you.
• Dedicated workout app: The Workout app shows real-time stats such as calories, time, distance, and pace for your workouts. Set goals, chart your progress, and earn awards as you track specific workouts, such as running, walking, and cycling.
• Apple Watch can measure total body movement, intensity, distance, quality of movement (measures calories burned, brisk activity (brisk walk or above), standing to help you sit less.
• Fitness app and Workout app for Apple Watch: Built by an incredible team…
• Apple Watch help anyone live a better day
• Apple Watch can help you improve your health by motivation people to be more active
• Tim Cook: Health and fitness. A very important area for me and for Apple.

• Home automation can adjust lights, much more
• BMW will show you charge level in electric cars and where you parked
• American Airlines – from check-in to baggage claim. Starwood hotels – check-in and door keys
• Apple WatchKit – create rich, actionable Notifications, Glances, and apps that appear on the Home Screen
• Third-party developers can extend their Notifications to Apple Watch
• Users can send heartbeat (their actual heartbeat) to others.
• Digital Touch: Press button below Digital Crown and you get a list of friends. You can draw back and forth, you can tap people on their wrist.
• Maps provides directions. Watch gives you Taptic feedback with each turn. Taptic feedback is even different for left or right turn.
• Maps included on Apple Watch. Digital Crown zooms in and out on maps
• Apple Watch is also like a little locket of photos. Carries hundreds of photos on your wrist. All of the photos you favorite who up on iWatch by default.
• Siri built into Apple Watch

• New animated emoji created specifically for Apple Watch
• Text analyzed from message and possible replies are provided by Apple Watch
• Raise wrist to see the Notification
• Watch taps you on your wrist very subtly when Notifications you desire arrive
• Swipe down to exit Glances
• Glances: Swipe up from bottom of Watch face and see current important info. Can control music on iPhone, on Mac, and on Apple Watch itself
• Astronomy watch face demoed
• How Watch faces can be customized is being demoed
• Rotate Digital Crown to zoom out to see all apps
• Apple iPhone is required with Apple Watch
• Apple’s Kevin Lynch gives live demo of Apple Watch
• Cook retakes stage: We’ve been working on Apple Watch… (interrupted by applause) We’ve been working on Apple Watch a long time and we assembled an amazing team to do so.

• Apple Watch enables millions of unique design
• Three distinct collections: Polished custom alloy of Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum case, 18K gold up to twice as hard as standard gold
• Two sizes of Apple Watch with matching smaller straps
• Apple has designed six different straps
• Range of watch faces for Apple Watch. You can personalize both the their appearance and their capability
• Apple Watch is accurate to +- 50 milliseconds
• Inductive charging via MagSafe technology
• Pluse rate detectors, gyroscope, accelerometer – track bimoetrics
• (So-called competitors currently stringing up netting outside high rise executive suites. – MDN Ed.)
• Touch sensitive and FORCE sensitive display
• Flexible Retina Display. Sapphire screen
• Digital Crown is a remarkable input device – enables nimble, precise adjustment
• The Watch senses that you’re raising your wrist and activates the display
• Jony Ive video explains Apple Watch design
• Apple Watch has an amazing and rich design story
• Apple Watch is as much about technology as it is about taste
• Apple Watch has a “digital crown.” Like on a regular old watch. Turn the digital crown to zoom in and out. When it’s a list, scroll thru the list. And, critically, its operation does not block the screen. Press it and return to Home Screen.
• Apple Watch is not the iPhone UI shrunk and strapped to your wrist. The display size requires an new UI.
• Mac, iPod, iPhone – all new User Interfaces created and pioneered by Apple
• New User Interface required
• Apple Watch took extremely deep thinking
• Works seamlessly with iPhone and also a comprehensive health and fitness device
• An intimate way to connect and communicate
• Incredibly customizable
• Apple Watch is the most personal device Apple has ever created
• Sustained applause.
• Standing ovation…

• Apple Watch.

• Cook: I am so excited and so proud to show you the next chapter in Apple’s story…
• Cook: We;ve been working incredibly hard for a very long time on an entirely new product

• Cook: We have “One more thing.” Large applause. (We miss you, Steve! – MDN Ed.)

• Cook retakes stage

• Apple Pay launches in the US next month. Apple working hard to bring Apple Pay to more countries
• Uber adding Apple Pay, so is MLB, Panera Bread, Open Table, Starbucks, Staples…
• Groupon adding Apple Pay into their app
• Works with more than 220,000 merchant locations that accept contactless payment
• Apple Pay works with the top bank issuers that handle 83% of the credit card purchase volume
• Disney adding Apple Pay to Disney World in time for Christmas
• Apple Pay teamed with may, many retailers. McDonalds adds Apple Pay to its drive thrus
• Cashiers don’t see your name, your card number, or your security code.
• Apple doesn’t know what you bought, where you bought it, or how much you paid for it
• Device-only storage in the secure enclave encrypted on the device. Find My iPhone can immediately suspend all the cards. No more calling in a panic, etc.
• Eddy Cue: NFC in new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Take photos of your cards and they get integrated into Passbook
• Eddy Cue takes stage to demo Apple Pay.

• Apple Pay. To pay, you hold the TouchID button and the payment is done. Period. Cook: “That’s it. It is so cool!”
• Cook: Most people who’ve tried a digital system focus on their business interests, not the customer experience
• Cook: Credit cards are outdated. Magnetic stripe is 5 decades old. Too easy to lose and have compromised
• Video shows current arduous payment process with credit card, driver’s license ID, etc.
• Apple going to start by focusing on payments – 200 million daily U.S. credit/debit card transactions
• Cook: Entirely new category of service and it’s all about the wallet. We’re going to replace this.

• Cook: “So, that is iPhone.”
• New iPhone 6 ads shown…
• Cook retakes stage: iPhone 6 smartphones are “Bigger than bigger.”
• Pre-order September 12th
• Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available September 19th
• iPhone 6 Plus: $299 16GB, $399 64GB, $499 128GB
• iPhone 6 $199 16GB, $299 64GB, $399 128GB

• Touch ID lets you securely and easily access content in other apps
• Apple’s new Health app gives you a detailed look at your health and fitness data

• Predictive keyboard learns your conversation style and helps you answer accordingly
• Messages now offers Audio Messages
• Messages: One-naded operation, new QuickType keyboard

• AAPL: $100.10 Up $1.74(1.77%) @ 1:37PM EDT

• Improved face detection
• All new FaceTime HD camera
• Demo of slo-mo video taken with iPhone 6
• 1080p video at 30fps or 60fps, as well as slo-mo video up to 240fps vs. 120fps on iPhone 5s
• iPhone 6 Plus camera offers something new: Optical Image Stabilization
• A8 includes image signal processor
• Focus Pixels are a technology previously found only in professional DSLR cameras
• Focus Pixels in the all-new sensor help iPhone 6 focus faster and better
• Demo photos taken from new iPhone 6
• Much faster autofocus, Next-gen tone mapping, Advanced noise reduction
• iPhone 6 camera: 8MP with True Tone flash. 1.5 micron pixels and f/2.2 aperture

• iPhone 6 supports over 200 LTE carriers around the world. Including all three in China.
• Wi-Fi calling is a new feature for making high-quality calls when cell conditions are poor.
• Wi-Fi calling available depending on carrier (T-Mobile US and EE)
• 3x faster Wi-Fi
• VoLTE: Voice Over LTE
• Next Gen M8 can provide elevation info (Barometer sensor in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus)
• iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has equal or better battery life in every metric than iPhone 5s
• Phil Schiller retakes stage

• Game demo continues…
• Versus the A7, Apple’s A8 chip has up to 25% faster processing power and up to 50% faster graphics
• Processor performance is 50 times faster than the original iPhone
• Graphics on iPhone 6 are an incredible 84 times faster than the original iPhone
• With iOS 8 and Metal, developers can put even more performance into their games
• iPhone 6 is up to 50% more energy efficient, so you can have higher sustained performance
• Stephan Sherman shows off Vain Glory
• Metal for gaming being demo’ed
• “Other” smartphones had to throttle down quickly, but Apple’s A8 can maintain high performance over time
• Higher sustained performance
• 2nd-gen 64-bit smartphone (Android still struggling to get to first gen. – MDN Ed.)
• Apple A8: 2 billion transistors, 20nm process
• These are the best phones ever made
• Developers can take advantage of new, larger screens if they desire
• All existing apps “just work” – iOS has a desktop class scaler built-in
• App Store now has over 1.3 million apps

• Complaints flooding in about Apple’s live feed not working

• One-handed mode described
• Horizontal Home Screen (rotates with device, finally!)
• iPhone 6 is 6.9mm thin, iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1mm thin
• iPhone 6 Plus = 5.5-inch display
• iPhone 6 = 4.7-inch display
• Ion-strengthened glass
• New iPhones feature next-gen Retina display: Retina Display HD
• Phil Schiller takes stage
• Camera lens slightly raised on back
• Leaks had it pegged
• Cook proud to show new iPhone…
• Video of iPhone…
• iPhone is the #1 smartphone in the world
• iPhone has 98 percent customer satisfaction
• First up: iPhone
• “We have some amazing products to share with you; a very key day for Apple.”
• “It is great to be back in the Flint Center.”
• Tim Cook takes the stage “Welcome!”
• Apple’s video feed reportedly overwhelmed.
• “Relentless Optimism.”
• Event begins with Apple video “Seeing Things Differently.”

• AAPL: $100.21 Up $1.85 (1.88%) @ 12:59PM EDT
• Carl Icahn says he has not sold Apple shares, and in fact he is adding to his position, Bloomberg‘s Trish Regan tweeted after talking with the hedge fund manager.


[protected-iframe id=”306f038c194570c877810982638f3050-17146794-18685410″ info=”//” width=”100%” height=”500″]

• AAPL: $100.02 Up $1.66 (1.68%) @ 12:54PM EDT
• 9:45am PDT: “OMG, my head’s going to explode!” – SteveJack
• AAPL: $99.71 Up $1.35 (1.37%) @ 12:14PM EDT
• Test: 9:14am PDT
• AAPL: $99.50 Up $1.14 (1.16%) @ 11:47AM EDT
• Test: 8:47am PDT
• AAPL: $99.22 Up $0.86 (0.87%) @ 9:47AM EDT
• Test: 6:45am PDT


  1. Expect the stock to drop like a rock as the announcements are made. Remember, they buy on rumour and sell on news. I am guessing it will drop below $97.50 at least briefly.

    1. The track record is a bit inconsistent on that one (in 2012, when iPhone 5 was announced, AAPL proceeded to hit an all-time high of over $100 ($700 before split) a few days later. Last year, though, it did slide a bit during the days that followed.

      I can’t quite remember exactly how the stock behaved in the hours during and immediately after the presentation, though. I may wall have dropped by 5-8% and recovered by the end of the day. Other than day-traders, I’m not sure why anyone would much care about such gyrations.

    2. And then there are times when the market blinked after new product introductions fully expecting to sell but the stock shot up higher. I have a feeling or hope that today will be such an embarrassment of riches it will be hard to find the reasons to discount the stock and sell. The smart money stays with Apple IMHO.

      Here’s to an amazing historical day at Apple. The excitement is palpable! Sad that Fandroid or Windows phone users never get to experience this level of real excitement. Heh heh.

  2. On at least one item, Tim Cook is rubbing his hands together in fiendish glee — an element of surprise is preserved, in that white box. (I suppose spies were unable to prise its purpose from the carpenters.) Even one small element of mystery is needed to fulfill our apparently unquenchable desire for novelty, and Apple is in the rabbit-and-hat business, whether or not it wanted to be.

    1. They probably wouldn’t continue to keep protecting these secrets with such vigour, if they didn’t want to be in the rabbit-and-hat business. This is obviously Steve’s legacy, and it seems to be working amazingly well for them. We have seen quite a few leaked images purporting to be the upcoming iPhone 6. And yet, I’m certain that every single one of those of us who took the time to look at these images will be closely following today’s event. In other words, the pictures were probably genuine, but we still want to get it from the source.

      Needless to say, no other company gets this amount of PR mileage from $0 investment.

  3. Here’s the lone nauseating part of a day like this: Apple will reinvent a category (iWatch) that will be mocked by Samsung and Android loyalists for the one or two features it does not have despite all of its forward thinking . . . then six months from now a copycat device (or a slew of them, actually) will appear on the scene. And then these same shortsighted fools will rewrite history and proclaim that Apple did nothing more than offer an iteration of existing technology as they buy inferior knock-offs.

    I’ve watched it for years with Mac OS and Windows.
    Then iPods with Zunes, etc.
    Then iPhones with Andoid products.
    Then iPads with awfully (as in awful) ripoffs.
    Then the MacBook Air form factor right down to the color of the case and keys . . .

    And once again, those of us who’ve recognized it for what it will delight in Apple’s vision while months later we try not to throw up in our mouths when history hits another technology loop.

    The painfully slow legal system won’t deter or reward Apple. But legions of customers like myself will, and it will push SJ’s company higher into the stratosphere . . . suddenly, nausea subsiding. Go Apple!

  4. I’m calling it now. The iWatch won’t be a music or movie player or make phone calls. It won’t be anything like a wrist-mounted smartphone or tablet.

    Cramming any of that functionality in to a watch creates a usability nightmare and Apple is too smart to try it. Clearly other companies are dumb enough, though.

    Instead, the iWatch is going to be a some kind of health/payment/iHome/things-we-haven’t-thought-of-yet-but-seem-obvious-in-hindsight accessory.

    1. lol

      Or maybe I was right in some ways, wrong in others. The Apple Watch is about health and neat things we didn’t think of but seem obvious in hindsight, but at the same time, it’s also like a wrist-mounted smartphone or tablet.

      They clearly had to do something to make the UI work on such a tiny form factor and the crown is an interesting solution. The touch will have to be insanely pinpoint accurate to accommodate the tiny UI elements, but if it is, this will be an absolutely killer product. Hell, it might be a killer product just for the health features alone.

  5. I’ll be glad when this Apple event will be over. I hate the idea of how the news media leeches off Apple and gives back nearly nothing favorable to Apple in return. It’s like they’re biting the hand that feeds them. I’m sure they can’t generate nearly the number of articles from any other company event other than Apple. The news media is always saying Apple, the company isn’t anything special but they chase after Apple with article after article like a dog after a meaty bone. It’s really kind of sickening when you think about it. Afterwards they’re all going to do their level best to nit-pick about all of Apple’s latest products and try to tear Apple apart.

    It’s so weird. Almost everyone knows about this Apple event. I’ve got a 75-year old aunt who doesn’t even use computers and she’s telling me about the white boxes where the event takes place.

    1. The U.S doesn’t know how lucky it is to have Apple company is leading edge technology which innovated and created a lots of jobs not only for the U.S but for people around the world. Americans should be PROUD of Apple!. 🙂

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