Apple’s special event: Much more than just iWatch and bigger iPhone screens

“Apple is holding an enormous press event on Tuesday, September 9. This will be the largest announcement since the original Mac, and have the greatest economic effect since the iPhone,” J. M. Manness writes for Seeking Alpha. “The impact is so large that Apple has built a huge temporary extension outside the theater – most likely a demonstration module for the new products.”

“Given the reported invites to so many of the fashion press, plus all the recent watch related hires, it is clear that the long awaited iWatch (whatever its name) will be announced,” Manness writes. “This will take Apple into a whole new area, a product with repercussions not matched since the iPod, which ultimately moved Apple ‘from a computer company to a consumer electronics company.'”

“Additionally, of course, there will be the new iPhone 6, most likely in two larger sizes. Already people are queuing up to purchase them and China Mobile reportedly has 33,000 pre-orders before the phone has even been announced,” Manness writes. “But if these products are the meat of the meal, it will be all the side dishes that really will put this event over the top.”

Manness covers:
• Integration across OSes and devices
• Apple A8 Processor
• Siri (native, on-board Siri, no Internet connection required)
• New payments system
• HomeKit
• HealthKit
• Apple Quality

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    1. I think the IBM partnership will have greater repercussions than expected. I believe a new Mac will be debuted in October that runs on arm and is seeded with Mac-only business software (or has the above available). Continuity with iPhone and iPad will be seamless and it will be a whole new generation of computer as a business tool — one ties neither to Windows, nor Intel, not old fashioned paradigms.

        1. Apple wouldn’t need to drop Intel Windows-Compatible Macs immediately, so would be no forced switching.

          Most mainstream customers don’t need Windows compatibility, they just need a computer that works well. So presumably Intel Macs would become a high end option for businesses and customers that needed it, while the majority of new Macs went with Apple’s new chips.

        2. Yes even I wouldn’t trust Apple saying how they have no intension of discontinuing Intel Macs, after they have never planned to sustain two such competing platforms going long term and buyers know it. Their Intel Mac sales would tank having carefully spent years out growing the PC market. Genius business decision.

  1. From what I’m seeing the mobile industry and Wall Street seems to be taking Apple and Tim Cook very lightly as though they’re pretty certain Apple is going to fall flat on its face tomorrow or at least they’re hoping that will happen. As another commenter said, maybe no one realizes it at this time that Apple has something great to offer. I think only consumers buying Apple products will appreciate what Apple has to offer but the majority of the smartphone industry is only interested in Android’s major market share and how cheap their devices will be for the global masses to own.

    I already know how the event is going to turn out. The news media and tech pundits are going to yawn and bitch and whine about every product announced. Every year they become ever more disappointed with new Apple products, expecting some impossible features far beyond current consumer technology. It’s pretty stupid if you ask me why they even bother to attend, pretty much knowing they’re going to be disappointed.

    The news media has pretty much pimped the hell out of Apple the past couple of weeks. They ride on Apple’s coattails only to complain about how Apple is falling behind or that the company isn’t the same without Steve Jobs. They’re really just a bunch of leeches trying to suck Apple dry. Most other consumer tech company events come and go in an instant and that’s it. No way the news media is going to be able to milk HP or Microsoft’s teats for a week or two.

    I’m definitely excited and want to buy that wearable device that can do health monitoring and mobile payments. If it’s the sapphire-display bracelet with a Touch ID sensor I’ve seen in action, I want it now. The idea of mobile payments with a wrist device is something I’ve been waiting for a long time. No more pulling out my credit card for purchases.

      1. European credit cards have computer chips, not magnetic strips. In Europe, waiters bring a hand-held scanner to the table, the customer swipes his/her credit card then enters the appropriate PIN code. Voilà. Done

        Americans traveling in Europe must relinquish their credit card to the waiter, wait for the check, then sign their signature. The computer chip credit cards are much more secure. I have no idea why the US does not use computer chips in credit cards instead of magnetic strips. (The magnetic strips can also be stolen by people who brush by you in the street with a special “magnetic strip” reader.

    1. Wall Street dislikes Apple because they don’t understand the company. They don’t understand what makes it successful, they can’t predict its future, and they can’t synthesize its methods into a formula that can be be taught in business schools and commoditized by competitors.

      Steve Jobs summarized it nicely when he said “Our goal is to stand at the intersection of technology and the humanities.” As far as Wall Street is concerned, he may as well have been speaking in Martian.

    2. We have not been waiting for impossible features, just ones that others have been actually releasing. Why we have had to wait this long for bigger, better quality screens while others have been improving every release is beyond me. Same for battery life, even IOS development has fallen behind Android in many respects.

      New product lines will be a bonus if they appear and are great products. The shame is a major part of this event will be to see if the iPhone has caught up with the better Android phones.

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