Alleged leak of Apple ‘iWatch’ component drawings and specs surface online

“A set of images have appeared online today (via Reddit) allegedly showing CAD drawings for various components of Apple’s yet to be announced wearable product,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9ti5Mac.

“The images, which include a watermark from one of Apple’s longtime manufacturing partners Quanta, show various mic and speaker components that look to be right for a watch-like device, but the poster adds more details in a description of the photos,” Kahn reports. “According to the leak, Apple’s wearable will have a mic, speaker, Siri, and a ‘flexible, multi-touch screen will add a new dimension to the UI.'”

Kahn reports, “The source of the images adds that the device will be waterproof to approximately 20 meters, have battery life that lasts a day, and won’t include any Lightning connector or “ports”, which is yet another hint at a wireless charging solution.”

Alleged Apple iWatch component drawings and specs
Alleged Apple iWatch component drawings and specs

More info and images in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Looks like they’re keeping a square screen format, instead of going circular like Android Wear allows. Interesting choice.

    I used to wear an iPod Nano on my wrist as a watch and music player, and it was great, so I’m excited to see what a more powerful, iOS 8 – powered, smarter device is capable of.

    1. Not interesting at all in the sense that the only watches that go circular are those going for style or tradition over substance. They simply are not practical . Even Motorola’s latest attempt has an ugly clipped screen because they couldn’t make it completely round not something Apple would find at all acceptable. Purity of form for the digital age means rectangular over circular at least until a screen isn’t required at all.

  2. Having multiple bio-sensors on the iWatch trumps the need for fingerprint sensor. Walking reveals arm length and forearm length plus heart rate and pulse markers taken together determine personal ID as good or better than single fingerprint.

  3. Hmmm… if the “iWatch” itself has a curved format, it could fit along the inside curve of one’s wrist, rather than the “top” – easier to see, access, and somewhat more protected.
    (Also much easier to wipe those greasy fingerprints off on your shirt.)

  4. Hmm. Nothing on the illustrations actually referring to Apple or final design. While it could be the iWatch, it could just as easily be (a) an outdated prototype, (b) not the iWatch, (c) a fake drawn up to get clicks/attention/laughs, or (d) a red herring distributed by Apple just in case actual designs do leak, so nobody would know which was real.

    In short, we really don’t know anything more now than we knew a few hours ago.

  5. I may have said this here before, but for style, I hope Apple goes for something like the Rado Ceramica line. They just need to stay away from that top end $24,000+ price point.

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