U2: No iPhone 6 deal with Apple

“U2 has quashed rumours it has struck a deal with Apple to pre-load their new album on to the iPhone 6,” The Independent reports.

“A spokeswoman for the band said Bono and co have not struck a deal with Apple to release their upcoming album on its next,” The Independent reports. “‘They are not releasing their album on the iPhone, and they are not performing at the iPhone launch,’ she said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Nonexistent crisis averted.

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    1. No surprise at all. This ruckus started with a *tip* of a *possible* conflation and even the original article said that it *seems to be mostly speculation at this point*. Naturally, people went nuts about it.

  1. I believe this and the celebgate should be investigate very deeply because may be another company is behind all this.
    They spread rumors about extremely great features just to make people disappointed when the real deal is presented and have no such features even if the new iThing is more spectacular than all other phones.
    Also, they add into the mix the “bad rumors” so in case they do present those features, at least people will have their trust on apple damage.
    Apple should locate a lot of resources to end this now and also to bring down those un ethics companies.

  2. U2 and Celine Dion tracks are usually considered too embarrassing for a normal smartphone playlist. In my experience they’re usually just used for annoying pranks like rickroll etc.

  3. Wow. Why all the U2 hate? They haven’t been what they were in the Joshua Tree days, or live at Red Rocks, but they’ve been a favorite of mine for 30 years. The Zooropa period was total trash. Even they admit that now.

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