Apple’s next-gen 9.7-inch iPad Air to be thinner and offer Touch ID, sources say

“Supply chains are ramping up production for components used in Apple’s soon-to-be-released 9.7-inch iPad,” Sammi Huang and Alex Wolfgram report foro DigiTimes.

“Touch panel makers TPK and GIS are among some of the makers receiving orders from Apple for full-lamination units,” Huang and Wolfgram report. “Sources said the new model will remain unchanged in terms of size and resolution, but that it will be thinner, equipped with an enhanced processor, and contain improved fingerprint recognition features.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, since no iPad currently has Touch ID, even just the addition of the current version used on iPhone 5s would be an improvement.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “Dan K.” and “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. Typical Apple. Purposely hold back features that could have EASILY been included on the previous model just to be able to sell it as an “upgrade”. Touch ID could have easily been included in the original iPad Air just like the Retina Display could have easily been added to the original iPad Mini…I love Apple, but boy they are an arrogant bunch

    1. Yes, Apple could have included Touch ID in the original IPad Air, but I am glad they didn’t. Unlike iPhones, iPads are usually shared between people so Touch ID would not be as useful in my household. Yes, I could just turn the feature off, but I think Apple understands the use cases for their products very well and make decisions accordingly.

      1. So why include it this time then? We all know Apple purposely cripples it’s products in order to sell the next version as an upgrade…the original iPhone couldn’t even do picture mail for crying out loud! It’s a strategy that obviously works for them as I have owned every iPhone except the original and the 4s; but I’m fully aware of how they operate

        1. Hey know-it-all jdub. How do you “know” this? You could possibly be right, but far more likely explanations lie in production, supply chain, or other technical issues that you and I would be completely unaware of. Go right ahead with your conspiracy theories jdub, but please keep them to yourself and your loony buddies.

          1. Aaah here come the kool-aid drinkers, right on schedule. Tim Cook could be videotaped running over an elderly woman with his car and some of you kool-aid drinkers would find a way to defend it…incredible

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