With iWatch looming, Apple boosts HealthKit’s capabilities

“Apple introduced new data types and functions in HealthKit for logging workouts earlier this month that didn’t exist in its first release,” Owen Thomas writes for ReadWrite. “HealthKit apps can now log workout type, duration, and calories burned.”

“The latest reports suggest that Apple will announce a wearable device, the so-called ‘iWatch,’ in September — earlier than previously expected,” Thomas writes. “The only clue to its function in Apple’s documentation is HealthKit’s ability to record heart-rate data from a wrist-based device.”

Thomas writes, “It’s a healthy sign…that Apple is making such rapid progress in fleshing out HealthKit, and going beyond just vital signs that a nurse might collect in a doctor’s office to the real signals of a healthy body that we produce when we work out.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Soon, as with iPhone, we will look back and see two very distinct eras: pre-iWatch and post-iWatch.


  1. I just don’t have the imagination required to figure out what Apple could do with a watch to manufacture sales of 50 million a year. I am an official fanboy but I just can’t see where this is going. Yeah, they will sell a lot more than did Samsung with their silly product. We know Apple will easily best SamDung.

  2. 1) Health as described.
    2) Instant payments, with complete records. Plus digital wallet.
    3) instant access to restricted areas including, clubs, shows, offices, hotel facilities etc, etc.
    4) flexible travel apps for any city or place giving access to travel on public transport and other facilities with updates to those services and which can all be arranged/updated prior to arrival where appropriate for visitors.
    5) Businesses providing private access/services similar to the above, offers and information for using them, ie cabs, restaurants, attractions, theatres, events all working automatically on geo location, preference information or simply user accessed.

    Oh it will tell the time too if you want it.

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