Apple to unveil wearable device at September 9th special event

“Apple now plans to unveil a new wearable alongside the two next-generation iPhones we told you the company will debut on September 9,” John Paczkowski reports for Re/code.

“The new device will, predictably, make good use of Apple’s HealthKit health and fitness platform,” Paczkowski reports. “It will also — predictably — make good use of HomeKit, the company’s new framework for controlling connected devices — though it’s not clear how broadly or in what way.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Paczkowski is a very solid reporter.


    1. The deluxe Version came with Bluetooth 4.0, a 5 megapixel camera and built in flashlight. It was aimed at professional analysts to help them locate corroborating data for their tech articles.

  1. I’m a watch wearer, so I’d love for Apple to come out with one. My old Swiss Army Watch which I wear all the time is looking pretty beat up. Because the face is glass, it’s a bit scratched up. A sapphire face would be very nice. Not only will the iWatch be a useful tool, being Apple, it’ll be stylish too. Interested to see what Ives comes out with. I like his aesthetic style. iWatch is way overdue.

  2. I’ve been thinking this would debut when they’re basically giving away all the details of the iPhones. (I assume 95% of “leaks” are Apple controlled for PR and hype. For example, there was an AppleInsider article a week or two ago with pictures of the next iPad. The article was completely removed nearly INSTANTLY, but they didn’t remove the article title from their RSS feed. Seeing the title I opened the Google cache and saw the images. — THAT’S what Apple does about real leaks. They immediately kibosh it so completely that only incompetent coding can tell the world it ever even happen. So all that iPhone 6 leaking hoopla, it’s real and it’s Apple-blessed. Therefore, they’re clearing way to spend their time on something else. SOMETHING ELSE!)

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    1. I had it happen every time there for a while, but not recently. I figure it must be a random activation code embedded in one of the ads on the site. Must be hard to track down.

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  4. Doubt it!
    If iwatch is going to be as big as it is rumored or speculated to be. Apple will not dilute people attention/ focus by presenting both products in one event.

    1. I envision a device – with no name yet; a totally new category – that will attach to the top of your shoe, so that you merely have to look at your foot to see it. Excellent for watching videos with your feet up on the desk, arms folded behind your head, but probably useless for anything else, except, perhaps, dancing lessons?

  5. I have to agree with Yojimbo007 above, Apple derived 57.1% of its revenue from the iPhone 2Q 2014. It would be very unlike Apple to introduce any other new product at an iPhone event, and distract attention away from its most important product by far.

  6. If we’re wild-guessing then I want to once-again register my opinion that a forefinger ring (for the finger next to the thumb) would be extremely useful. One hand activation. Only needs a hole for a mic and a Bluetooth connection to my phone to do all the data processing necessary. You could use it to answer calls, talk to siri, control your iOS-in-the-Car, and give accurate bio-info to the iPhone about your movements. Would also work with a gyroscope (could you get one in there?) to control a pointing UI to AppleTV (with a PrimeSense sensor), and who knows what else. I’m betting $10. Who’s in?

  7. Brand New ‘Beats Bluetooth Buds’ The wearable you already wear, only smarter.

    Imagine an earbud that wirelessly reports biometrics to your device.

    Imagine your device adding fine control to your earbuds.

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