Apple granted two new Liquidmetal production patents

“Apple has been granted two patents today for inventions relating to Liquidmetal. Both patents relate to a gate and a vessel for melting material and retaining molten material therein during melting,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “Their first patent [is] titled “Optimized multi-stage inductive melting of amorphous alloys” and their second patent [is] titled “Continuous amorphous feedstock skull melting.'”

Apple’s “Optimized multi-stage inductive melting of amorphous alloys” abstract reads: Described herein is a method of melting a bulk metallic glass (BMG) feedstock, comprising: heating at least a portion of the BMG feedstock to temperatures slightly below a solidus temperature of the BMG, wherein the portion remains a solid at the temperatures slightly below the solidus temperature and wherein a temperature distribution of the portion is essentially uniform; heating the portion of the BMG feedstock to temperatures above a liquidus point. More info: U.S. Patent 8,813,814

Apple’s “Continuous amorphous feedstock skull melting” abstract states: Described herein is a method of melting a bulk metallic glass (BMG) feedstock, comprising: feeding the BMG feedstock into a crucible; melting a first portion of the BMG feedstock to form molten BMG, while maintaining a second portion of the BMG feedstock solid; wherein the second portion and the crucible hold the molten BMG. More info: U.S. Patent 8,813,813

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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  1. Well, I think I understood most of the words in that piece, if not necessarily in the order they were placed.
    If it gets us an iPhone with a full Liquidmetal frame and Sapphire glass then bring it on.

  2. Hmmmm. . . Feeding a induction heated Liquidmetal stock just below liquidus (think soft and pliable) then having it go to liquid at a locus exactly when and where needed by further induction heating as it’s fed. . . I’m thinking a Liquidmetal 3D printer can be made with this approach. Make enough of them for production runs. . . on the fly instant design modification with no master mould fabrication required. Just CADCAM. Genius!

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