IT Enquirer reviews Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac: ‘It’s a lot faster’

“Parallels announced the tenth version of Parallels Desktop for the Mac. The new version goes further where version 9 stopped,” IT Enquirer reports. “There is more integration with OS X, almost completely blurring the line between the two with a ‘Reveal in Windows’ context menu option, the ability to share with Mac native sharing features and ‘iMessage’ from within Windows and have the Mac Dock show an ‘unread email’ indicator for the Windows version of Microsoft Outlook.”

“When running Windows 8 virtual machines, the integration between the two systems is as seamless as it will get,” IT Enquirer reports. “For example, Windows 8’s Launchpad will show up on your Mac desktop in Coherence mode with the same care for design as OS X’s Launchpad, including the blurred background and all.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yuck. Alternate title: “How to ruin a perfectly good Mac.”

“As usual, Parallels has made the virtual machine experience faster. Windows documents open about 48% faster than with Parallels Desktop 9,” IT Enquirer reports. “Snapshots are 60% faster and running Office 2013 should be 50% faster. I can’t tell if the figures are true, but it’s a lot faster all right. Battery life on portable computers should also be better with 30% longer battery life.”

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    1. Also in a school setting, especially if pursuing anything in IT or engineering.
      It’s handy to be able to set up and run Wndows server, windows client and Linux in virtual machines when learning about metasploit in a security class.

  1. Parallels is a necessary evil. I hate their upgrade “strong-arming”. Basically I pay them $50 a year so I can have the pleasure of using the Windows OS that I paid $199 for so I can run the $3,000 Geo program that only works in Windows. I look forward to the day when I can cut Paralles lose but I have to say it is easy to use and works great on my Mac.

    1. Same Boat! We run a 100% mac platform except for one program that has no mac alternative so we use parallels to run that single program. it does a great job.

  2. I remember when Parallels first came out, and thinking, “Wow, this is almost as fast as running Windows in BootCamp!” Now here we are at version 10, with required paid upgrades to match OS updates for both OS X and Windows, and somehow each version keeps getting “up to 50% faster”!

    1. Retarded OS which Apple copies with every update. Windows is a far superior OS for advanced tech and is certainly best suited for people who want access to 5 million software titles.

  3. Love the ability to enjoy both platforms and NEED it so that my MBP 15 can be used in real world business. Just this week, we tried to replace a D Link Router with an AirPort Extreme and as usual issues! The Office prodcution centre printer will no allow anything but routers that run 19. … … … IP address.

    Apple fans can bash on Android all day long but hard to pooh pooh on MSFT when the business world runs on it. Listen, just look at robust iPad sales suggesting that Apple does very well selling to it’s fan base but still having a tuff time selling to a new user and clearly the same appears to be happening in the PC space. They sell truck loads of gadgets to existing users who upgrade at the drop of a pin but are stalled in moving folks who are fans of MSFT and Android.

    1. What so you mean by 19. … … …? Do you mean 192.168.#.# addresses? Are you,saying the Apple router can’t be set to use 192.168 addresses? And what do you mean by the Office production centre printer…? The printer can only use 192.168 addresses? I don’t understand the problem. Can you clarify it?

  4. Using Parallels means that I can use a mac in an environment where if I had to choose pc or mac the pc would have to win because of compatibility. I first used parallels 7 and found it slow and my mac was always hot so I stopped using it. When version 9 was released a friend persuaded me to try it again and I was pleasantly surprised, and version 10 is proving just as good, Excel docs open quicker than they do on my pc. Personally I am happy to pay £35 per year not to have to use the mac version of office.

  5. So, you’re just copying and pasting text from a “review” that is only a slight paraphrase of the Parallels press release? Wow, that’s some serious journalism.

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