China Telecom posts, then quickly pulls photo of Apple’s iPhone 6

“China Telecom, China’s third largest telecom players trailing behind China Mobile and China Unicom, announced on Monday that the version of the next-generation iPhone sold by the carrier is going to support all the wireless networks in the country,” Cyrus Lee reports for ZDNet. “”

“In a Weibo tweet posted by China Telecom’s Shanghai branch on Wednesday afternoon, the carrier said it will unlock the unreleased smartphone,” Lee reports, “meaning the upcoming iPhone 6 sold by China Telecom is going to support dual 4G network, both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE, and a variety of other networks including WCDMA, CDMA2000, GSM, and CDMA1X, according to a Sina news report.”

“The Weibo tweet also came along with a capture of next-generation iPhones in three different colors, identical to iPhone 5 which are offered in black, silver, and gold,” Lee reports. “However, China Telecom deleted the Weibo tweet subsequently, after being forwarded over 300 times by Chinese users.”

iPhone 6 - China Telecom

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    1. Why did you just pluck 2 years out of the ether? Why not 1, 3 or 4 for that matter. And out of interest if they aren’t square-ish edges this past few years what other shape than round could they be if they are to be changed and why would you presume that is the only change to the phone anyway, just seems completely pointless or were you expecting a triangular phone?

  1. Doesn’t anyone else think it’s hilarious that just as Samsung reveals a ‘new look’ for their phones featuring a flat metal band obviously copied from The iPhone, Apple moves on?

  2. Now that’s what I expect from Jony Ive. All these pictures with those wide white bands and the protruding lens make the phone look incomplete, like something from the Droid world. Let’s hope the phone in that rendering is closer to the real thing.

  3. It’s fake.. “even better” major LOL is this is the tag line. And the similar color background to the gold phone is a design accident Apple would not make.

  4. These renders look a 1000% better compared to the ginormous white-line bands, protruding camera lens, 2008 bezels, plastic lip around the top of the bezel on the TMZ Frankensteined hunk of dung.

  5. I hope the photos are fake – those phones are truly uninspiring. But if not, maybe they would look better in person…. If real, I think I will pick up a 5S before the high end versions disappear.

    The ’rounded’ lines harken back to the the 3G/3GS years

  6. Jony gets the poetry of symmetry. The leaked shots of phones with ugly white bands are not something that would ever make it out of Cupertino as a final release. Production mock for case-makers, perhaps. Final version for retail, never. If they look anything like the leaked photos, I’ll eat an AppleTV. (In bits, over time).

    1. Would you please post a time lapse video online of your AppleTV dinner for us to enjoy when Ives delivers his new ugly white-banded phone? Sorry, but don’t get your hopes up that Ives is doing any better on the next iPhone exterior than he did with the ugliness that is iOS7. Also, don’t expect superior battery life — Apple seems to think that the ideal phone must trend toward the thickness of a sheet of paper. The shape of your hand seems not to have occurred to Ives and his staff.

  7. It’s clearly not a legitimate picture. The FONT is all wrong for one. Something Apple takes very seriously. The dot on the top of the I is not perfectly round, the curve of the P is not anything like Apple’s iOS 8 era standard. None of the characters are right. Not to mention the device is actually ugly cosmetically, and contains old elements that were removed purposely with iPhone 5S (the metal rim around the camera and flash, and speaking of flash what about duel-tone flash?). IF Apple did decide to do a rounded phone like that, and it’s a strong IF.. they certainly would not have that completely insane looking ugly white panel on their gold phone, and if they did, it would be hidden behind the more ascetically pleasing colors. This image looks like complete garbage, something Apple is not (something iPhone cloners, common in China, WOULD do).

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